Thursday, April 21, 2011


"One of life's gifts is
 that each of us, no
 matter how tired and
 downtrodden, finds
 reason for thankfulness:
 for the crops carried in
 from the fields and the
 grapes from the vineyard."

~J. Robert Moskin

Last year it was a sad looking
stick with two pitiful little green
leaves sticking out of it's side.
This year it is taller than me,
covered in leaves with tiny fruit
growing across the trellis
I am so thankful as I plans
for both fruit and leaves. xx


  1. We have grape vines all over our yard. They're almost weeds here. They never produce fruit, though. :/

  2. I adore the photos! I also enjoy the poetry snippet or quote at each posting :)

  3. And what wonderful promises spring brings!! I don't believe my kids have ever seen budding grapes before. I am glad I can show them with your photos :).

  4. Beautiful! I love watching spring unveil itself.

  5. These photos are like promises of good things to come in the season ahead. It's still so cold where I live. I am looking forward to warm days and green growing things :-)

  6. Great photos! I bet you are looking forward to all of those lovely grapes!