Thursday, April 14, 2016


Only you can 
control your future.

~ Dr.Seuss

 Some days, some hours
and even some minutes
are hard,
and when my world becomes
a little too much for me to
handle I step back, exhale,
and try to find the quiet.
 I walk my land
and soak in all
the goodness that
surrounds me.
My Mike celebrated his
53rd trip round the sun
this past weekend. With
the passing of his mama
his days have been hard,
but he always manages
to smile.
I baked his favorite
cake, German Chocolate,
from scratch that I only
bake once a year.
 While Mike had lawyerly stuff
to do in town I slipped away and
spent a few hours at my LYS,
 And now have a new pair of
socks on the needles,
 and yarn for another pair.
Andi, I found pink yarn ;)
 I've spent some time playing
with the camera and trying
to capture Miss Bette Davis's
eyes, aren't they pretty?
My sweet Twinkie even
had a few photos taken.
 I have so much to learn about
the photography thing, but it's
fun practicing each day.
My daughter Erin, son in love John,
and my favorite girl Emerson are in
Barcelona, Spain for spring break,
staying on a boat and taking in the
sights, I love this photo so much
and wanted to share it with you.

Have a most beautiful weekend my

Much love,


  1. Beautiful photos Tracey! I've been to Barcelona once, when I was around 16. It is a beautiful city, I'm sure your family loves it there!

  2. Happy birthday to your husband!
    The yarn store looks fun!
    Spain! How exciting!

  3. Happy b-day, Mike! I'll bet that cake tasted as good as it looks. So sorry you've had to navigate some rough spots of late. Lifting you in prayer, my friend. xo. 💕

  4. Your Mike and my John were born in the same year :-) John will be 53 this August. :D
    Oh my friend ... There are times that life becomes so hard to accept that each moment is a struggle. ... But I have learned, through prayer mind you, that I just have to take it one breath at a time ... What beautiful eyes you Ms Bette Davis :-) now I'll be singing the song :-) lots of love to you sweet lady.....

  5. Ooooh that cake looks amazing!!! Belated Happy Bday to Mike and wishing you a beautiful weekend Tracey

  6. So glad you caught us up, happy birthday to mike and I too love that photo of them. I bet you miss them :)

  7. A hau'oli la hanau to Mike. What a yummy cake! I love how it oozes sweetness.

  8. Wishing you a lovely peaceful weekend...