Sunday, January 10, 2016


" Feed your soul with positive
energy so you can grow and
bloom wherever life plants you."

~ Katie Mastin

I am trying not to be disappointed
by all the snow photos I see showing
up in everyone's space, but I am just
a wee bit.

My temperature has been dropping
all day as the wind howls, but as you
can see from my photos, I have quite
a bit of color in my world, but not the
first snow flake.

It did feel good to be outside, tromping
around and just enjoying the fresh air, but
my son informed me that I need to be careful,
he came across a cottonmouth snake who is
just as confused as the plants because he
should have been hibernating.

Saturday I cleaned out the pots and pan
cupboard, donating three boxes of unused
items to those who can use it. I feel so much
lighter with each box that leaves my house.

I have started working on my garden list,
making plans to place a seed order to fill in
what I am missing. I am hoping to get my
hands in the dirt next weekend, my peas are
late already.

There has been a lot of blanket knitting,
movie watching, reading and salad eating.
It was a good weekend, how about you?

Joining Karen


  1. You are way ahead of me, planning your garden already. I haven't even thought about it yet... It was a nice and slow weekend here. Went for a 7 mile walk on Saturday morning with friends, lunch out with the hubby, a quick trip to Lowes's for paint swatches and a movie later on. Today was a cold day, so I spent most of it inside knitting away.

  2. How wonderful! Spring has arrived in your neck of the woods :0) God bless dear lady :0) mari

  3. Ahhh, watch out for that snake, Tracey. I can't believe all the flowers you have blooming there already. I hope they'll continue through the spring for you. You're smart to get started with garden planning now, it will all that much easier when it's time to go. It sounds like you had a nice weekend and I'm glad. :)

  4. you really have launched into spring, haven't you? love the blanket knitting....

  5. Wow...It looks like it's already springtime there...we've not really had much of a winter here yet either...but we did have a few flurries the other day...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. Sounds lovely - we have had a really good weekend here too and it is stretching into this evening when I will end the evening with Episode 2 of Downton Abbey and a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle (almost complete). Watch out for those snakes. Hope you get some winter snows. We have had a cold and rainy week here - perfect Phoenix winter weather!

  7. The wind is howling and the temperature is dropping but no snowflakes to be seen here either. It's been a very nice weekend, some crocheting, some relaxing, and a ton of laundry. Have a pleasant week and watch out for those snakes!

  8. Gosh it looks like spring in your neck of the woods. Here the wind is howling, and the snow is falling and blowing. Winter has finally arrived :)

    Garden planning, how exciting. I am in the dreaming stage here, planning will start soon.

    Have a wonderful start to your week Tracey.

  9. spring is about to be sprung over here too...but we still have a lot of rainy weather to get through. Your magnolias are stunning!!! Have a great week

  10. While you are wishing for some snow, we are wishing we could think about gardening by now! We have a long way to go. And if it makes you feel better, we really haven't had much snow. Only some flakes that end up melting within the hour. No real snow to speak of in the forecast either! Be careful of those cottonmouths!

  11. Such beauty. I love that first picture, just stunning. We are having a mild winter too, the daffodils are out already!

  12. Oh boy, Mother Nature is a bit confused in your area. Those magnolias (?) looked like spring was going on.

  13. ooh! gardening plans already!! I know how you feel about seeing the snow photos (but I finally got snow!). I get so envious it's painful. Love your pretty flowers, nothing but dead stuff here.