Sunday, August 23, 2015


What a wonderful thought it is
that some of the best days of
our lives haven't happened yet.

Thank you for all the anniversary
wishes, I shared them with My Mike,
We had a super day, he has been
my one and my always since I was
16 years old and I am looking forward
to a life time of memory making.

We have been having some very
impressive summer storms painting
the skies with beautiful clouds and
pretty rainbows. All this rain is really
helping the weeds grow.

I spent quite a bit of time playing in
the kitchen yesterday , listening to
Van Morrison  [ this song is one of
my favorites ] and trying to use up
the large supply of eggs the girls
have been laying recently. A huge
frittata with kale, onions, peppers,
and two cheeses, along with salad
made a nice dinner on a hot day.

Andi, of My Sister's Knitter pinned
a few recipes on Pinterest  that caught
my eye and I found myself  pulling out
butter and flour to bake this pie, using
black berries in place of strawberries
because that is what I had fresh on hand.
Very good, but a wee bit too sweet for
my taste, but all is well,  with Alex here
there is only one small piece remaining.

I talked with Emerson on the phone!!!

Sunday has been slow, and peacefulled,
I  cast on a wee little cardigan for Porter
and watched a movie, browsed Amazon
and Goodreads trying to find a new book
to's between The Silent Sister and
Ordinary Grace.

Enjoy the upcoming week, it's the last
full week of August and then my birthday
month will be here!

Joining Karen


  1. so so so happy to read you talked to E!!! That is such good news. Glad you had a good weekend and Pinterest can take up my life if I let it :)

  2. I'm glad your anniversary turned out nice! The PIE looks YUMMMY! Nice that you got to talk with Emmerson. Have a good week!

  3. Everything looks amazing, Tracey - your photography is stunning. So nice that you spoke to your girl. Do you ever facetime or skype? have a good week. xx

  4. Sounds like a good week. So nice that your anniversary was special. Hope you find a good book - I am plowing through a very boring non-fiction a friend loaned me so (she thought it more interesting than I am finding it) so I am looking forward to finishing and finding some other more appealing book to love! Enjoy the week ahead.

  5. Wow...16 years old :0) your love has been growing steadily with God's blessing upon it :0) mari

  6. The shirt in the first picture is epic, I LOVE it! I've been with my hubby since I was 18, can't imagine my life without him in it. So glad you got to talk to your granddaughter. September is my birthday month, too. :-)

  7. Your weekend sounds just perfect!

  8. How cute your husband wore that special shirt for you! True love is such a blessing. Lots of yumminess wafting from your neck of the woods. Awesome!

  9. Oh ...congratulations to you and Mike...what a wonderful powerful love you two must have for each other (those one and always are so rare these days!!!)
    Your skies are breathtaking as always and your food pics make me so hungry! Have a great week Tracey....xoxo

  10. To love someone for so many years is such a blessing. So glad you had such a special day together. I love that tee' shirt :)

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Tracey. I'm so glad for you. I make a lot of frittatas too! My hens aren't laying so well lately but when they do, we're all about the egg dishes for dinner. Hope you have a good week.

  12. Sounds like a good weekend Tracey. That cardigan looks really cute. I'm a Van Morrison fan too!

  13. sounds like a wonderful weekend <3

  14. What a wonderful weekend. So happy you got to talk to Emerson, I bet that was wonderful! Have the most wonderful week.

  15. sounds like a wonderful weekend <3

  16. I just pinned that recipe because it sounds fabulous and I love pie. I may have to buy berries since we seem to eat more than we put in the bucket!

  17. Your words and photos today are so peaceful, I feel my shoulders relax as I gaze at them : ) I hope your Emerson (and family) are having a good time and settling in well (though I'm sure you are missing them very much). xo

  18. That's funny, that same Van Morrison song was played on the radio while I was painting today - and it struck me afresh how lovely and mellow it is! (Good for painting as well as making frittatas;))

  19. What a treat to get to talk with her. Do you guys Skype? I know my daughter and her grammie in the states could not go without. :-)
    Beautiful quote by the way, truly made me smile.