Thursday, May 14, 2015


Sometimes smiling is the greatest act
of defiance, & sometimes asking for
help is the most meaningful example
of self-reliance.
Sometimes the best medicine is to
just laugh until you cry, & sometimes
the greatest wisdom comes from
accepting you will never know why.
Sometimes just going to bed is the
best antidote to trials and tribulations,
&sometimes just being blessed to
get up again and face it all, for one
more day, is worthy of celebration.

~ Pinterest

Sometimes life is just hard.
Sometimes the trust you place
in others is taken advantage of,
sometimes, even if it's very
frustrating, you just have to
let go and have faith that in
the end everything will work
out the way it is suppose to.

I have spent my week dealing with
insurance companies, doctor's that
were suppose to send referrals and
didn't,  a phone call informing me
that my doctor [the one I was
suppose to  see June 1] just up
and left the practice, and the list
goes on and on, and on.  Exhale.

Despite all the stress from outside
sources, there has been my usual
walks,  working in the garden, the
return of summer heat and humidity,
Alex finishing the last of his school
work, my knitting that brings such
comfort, and homemade lemonade.

Happy weekend to you.


1/2 honey
1 cup warm water
1 cup fresh lemon juice
   [about 6 lemon}
4 cups cold water

Stir honey and warm water
together until blended.
Add lemon juice and cold
water. Chill. Perfect after
an afternoon of garden work.


  1. Yum, thanks for the beverage recipe! It's almost the weekend, I hope you can relax and de-stress. xo Tammy

  2. Sorry this week has been so stressful for you. :-( Hope things will get better soon. We have 5 days of school left and I am ready to just be home and putter around. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a hassle for you. I'm sorry you've had these annoyances to deal with. I say treat yourself to some new yarn ;0).

  4. <3 i hope you have a lovely weekend

  5. Sorry for your stressful week Tracey, I hope the weekend brings sunshine and good time for you. Hugs. xo

  6. It sounds like it's time for a beach trip. Deep breath. Cast on something fun.

  7. I'm sorry you had a hard week...dealing with doctors and insurance can bring out the worst kind of stress. and thank goodness for coping mechanisms we've built into our daily lives (it looks like you and I have similar ones!!) Hope you have a good weekend Tracey xoxo

  8. Dealing with the medical world can really suck- for lack of a better word. I am sending you lots of love right now. Can you feel it?

  9. I am sorry to hear about your stressful and frustrating week. I hope this weekend will provide more garden and lemonade moments for you. Beautiful photos, as always.

  10. There are few things as frustrating dealing with insurance and providers. I am sorry that you are having to deal with that, Tracey.
    You are absolutely right, sometimes you have to hold on to your faith. It is never wrong.
    Thank you for the lovely honey lemonade recipe.
    Sending you love and strength.

  11. I love the quote you start this post with. I totally understand your frustrations. We are going through some "hard stuff" here too. Hope things straighten out soon in both of our worlds. I love your positive attitude. Have a great week.

  12. I've loved the way you have dealt with your week :)
    That honey lemonade looks sooo delicious, thanks!

    Happy weekend to you too!

    Lluisa xoxo

  13. Ugh. I hope your weekend goes better than your week so far. Hugs.

  14. so sorry about the doctor and the insurance company, around here the doctors up and leave all the time. My family doctor is born and raised around here and so is his wife, that is why I picked him :) Good luck my friend!!