Sunday, March 1, 2015


(n.) a lover of rain;
someone who finds
joy and peace of mind
during rainy days.

 A weekend filled with cool temperatures
and rain, misty drops for the most part,
but a few heavy downpours, along with
thunder and lightening made for quite
a show.

Other than the times I needed to venture
outside to feed animals and chase naughty
chickens who escaped their pen I have stayed
 in, warmed by the woodstove and feeling
quite happy there was no place I needed to
be.  I finished knitting a sock and cast on
it's partner since I didn't knit them side by
side this time. I read a book and watched
Jaws for what feels like the 100th time.
I ate soup three days in a row and loved
every bowl full. My Girl Scout cookies
were delivered by a sweet little Girl Scout,
along with her beautiful mom and sweet
little baby sister giving me a chance for
some female company and baby snuggles.

 I have  listened to the rain drops fall and
breathed in the calm atmosphere that is the
the weekend. Yes, now I'm ready to begin
a new week and a new month, March...already!

Tomato, Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup
Chop and sauté one onion in a little evoo
along with 3 minced garlic cloves.
Add one jar crushed tomatoes, 
one can cannellini beans
a large handful of chopped kale
and two -three cups of vegetable stock.
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.
Let simmer 20 minutes.
Serve with crushed red pepper flakes
and fresh parmesan cheese.  

Weekending with Karen


  1. That soup sounds so good and nourishing on a rainy day. I will not watch jaws again- scared me so I couldn't go swimming unless in a pool- for a year- yikes!
    Have a great week!

  2. Those photos, Tracey!!!! beautiful greys with just a hint of green :) That soup sounds so good that I think I'll just have to give it a go, thanks so much for sharing. XO

  3. Beautiful photos Tracey. We have been lucky enough to avoid the rain for the most part this weekend, although it was a little chilly yesterday. It rained late this afternoon, which meant a trip the bookstore for the little man and I...always a great stop on a rainy afternoon.

    I know there will still be some pretty cold temperatures once I get home, and I look forward to trying out your soup recipe, it will be perfect to warm us up on the last days of winter.

    Have a lovely start to your week. xo

  4. I like rain when I don't have to run around. It can be soothing. I like how you foot in female visits and cuddling.

  5. ahhhh no wonder you ate that soup all weekend....sounds delicious!!!!

  6. Oh how I love a good rainy day as well. I'm glad you got to just enjoy the week-end. That soup sounds amazing. May have to try that this week.

  7. I am not a rain lover, makes my hair go frizzy! However, I am a soup lover and our weekends are similar in that we had soup more than once. Baby snuggles!!! that is nice :)

  8. We started out pretty chilly on Saturday morning, but then it warmed up into the low 50's. I was able to work in the yard and enjoyed being outside for several hours. Yesterday the rains moved in and now they're supposed to stick around for a while. Might turn into ice rain/sleet/snow (again) by Wednesday... :-( The soup sounds fantastic, I could have eaten that several day's in a row as well.

  9. My daughter loves the rain...especially the downpours that soaks her through and through. (did you know teens these days do not like wearing raincoats?)
    Have a great week Tracey !!!

  10. your soup sounds yummy! and rain! we were promised a down pour on sunday and didn't even see a single drop. sort of disappointing, still we had a good weekend. :)

  11. Your soup sounds perfect for a rainy weekend ....& it certainly was one....I am looking forward to a little sunshine now.

  12. It turned sooo hot & humid here. I actually got a bit of a sunburn Sunday!

  13. That soup sounds yummy, I'll have to give it a try. I suspect am a little of a pluviophile, although we have been enjoying the sun lately! Have a good week.

  14. There is nothing wrong with hunkering down at home! I love those days.

  15. your soup sounds perfect for a rainy day.
    thanks for sharing the recipe!
    have a nice week,
    hugs regina

  16. Sounds delicious! Just got word that my Girl Scout cookies are being delivered tomorrow so I guess my next lunch is taken care of. Ha! I love your new profile pic. My hair is starting to go gray and I think I'll just let it go naturally. This is not the common choice, I know. Lately though (perhaps because I'm now paying attention) I've been noticing beautiful women going grey. It's inspiring to me. So thank you for your beautiful example of gorgeous, sexy hair!