Thursday, January 22, 2015


Our lives are made up of a series of moments. If you're
lucky you'll get to have hundreds, even thousands of
them. There will be small moments. Moments when
you're doing something so mundane you won't realize
you're in a moment. There will also be big moments.
Life changing ones. There ones will be in your memory
for an awfully long time. Keep them all safe.
This is a moment.

My days have been filled with
highs and lows, gut retching
emotions that have left me
feeling utterly drained.

I learned this week that the
six degrees of separation can
really be the two degrees of
separation and because of
this blog there is a dear soul
in this world that I can not
say thank you to enough.
I'm sorry I am not being more
clear, but  I can say that miracles
still happen because I lived
one this week. It really is amazing
just how close we all are to each

My ten year old baby, Twinkie,
isn't doing very well and I have
been a little worried.  He has
been dealing with terrible allergies
and now has a hacking cough,
poor baby.

I won a beautiful giveaway hosted
by the ever lovely Donna and am
looking forward to casting on this
yarn for a new pair of socks.
I also one a spot in Michellegd's
28 Moments e-course which looks
to be a lot of fun. Thank both of
you ladies very much, I am honored.

The weather has been very spring like
this week, and I even noticed the
blueberry bushes are beginning to
bud. Tomorrow rain is predicted along
with a new cold front . Crazy, crazy
weather. And while I am still wishing
for snow I did take advantage of the
warmer temperatures to sit outside in
the sunshine and knit.

Today I wish my oldest son a happy
30th birthday, it went by in a blink,
really it did.  I love you from the bottom
of my heart.

I hope you enjoy all the moments
of a beautiful weekend.

Much love,


  1. you are so right......blink and they are 30 (or 42!!!! ouch!!!!!) Feel better, Twinkie.

  2. Beautiful words and images, Tracey. Congratulations on your winnings - how fun! Sitting in the sunshine...knitting?! Sounds blissful, especially with those special projects on your needles. Hope your Twinkie feels better soon. And no kidding about time going by like a blink! My eldest just turned 21 last weekend - how could 21 feel so fast?! XO

  3. Oh Tracey...miracles are still all around us. beautiful yarn indeed :0) mari

  4. Beautiful words, beautiful images, and a lovely reminder to savor the moments. My oldest boy is about to turn 26 - time does fly indeed.

  5. Your six degrees of separation bit gave me chills...sounds like a good miracle. Hope Twinkie feels better soon. And 30, wow! Happiest of days to him, and happy birthing day to you. Enjoy your weekend Tracey. xo

  6. whirlwinds. but yay for miracles.
    can't believe you're knitting outside in sunshine!
    hope the little one feels better real soon, can be so worrying.

    have a happy weekend!

  7. I love that orange yarn! Gorgeous...warm color. Happy birthday to your son...and I am glad you were able to be a part of a miracle this week! Hugs to you, dear one.

  8. I hope your weekend will brighten things up a bit for you Tracey- no fun feeling down, it seems like it has been the season for that lately... Congrats on your giveaway- how beautiful is that. Give Twinkie a hug from me- he is adorable.
    Take care of yourself.

  9. Sounds like you had quite the week... I hope your weekend will bring you lots of good things and your baby will feel better soon. Happy birthday to your son!

  10. Continuing to pray for you and Twinkie. Happy Birthday to your son.

  11. hello twinkie I''m praying for you and your owner (tracey you are always in my prayers). I hope the days get better my friend! congrats on the winning and happy birthday!!

  12. Glad you liked your yarn! Time really does fly by doesn't it? I hope your little Twinkie is ok. A very Happy Birthday to your son!

  13. I hope your little Twinkie feels better soon and so happy that through the challenges, you were able to find some rays of light.
    I hope you have a wonderful week-end...

  14. Yes to embracing the miracles and the moments. And blueberry bushes that bud in January? To me, that seems miracle enough!

  15. How cool you experienced a miracle. I'm glad everything worked out for you. That sky shot was glorious.

  16. Lovely post full of lovely moments :)

    Happy weekend!

    Lluisa xoxo

  17. with social media and other things, I think the 6 degrees has definitely come down to 2 degrees of separation. The world is becoming so aware of our connection!!! your post is so lovely... I like the picture of you and your baby.

  18. Oh, Twinkie, feel better! I can't believe your blueberries are budding already! I am thinking of planting container blueberries this summer.

  19. Time goes by just too fast doesn't it? What a lovely looking baby and great photos as always. I have just planted a blueberry plant can't wait for it to bud. Enjoy all your moments.

  20. Our oldest will be 30 this May... He just let us know he's passed his boards for his veterinary studies and will be interning locally for the next year. A broken relationship that has been since he was 18 will, Lord willing, be provided opportunity to begin mending. :)
    My daffodils have broken ground...I'm not ready for spring and the garden, although I am planting lettuce this weekend. Like you, I am craving fresh things from the garden. xo Lisa