Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 The days may not be so bright and balmy—
yet the quiet and melancholy that linger
around them is fraught with glory. Over
everything connected with autumn there
lingers some golden spell—some unseen
influence that penetrates the soul with
its mysterious power. 

~Northern Advocate

There has been a lot of
knitting in my days which
is always a good thing.
I turned the heels on my
am working on the gussets.
I cast on to make my own
Tolt Folded Bag and hope
to line it with some pretty
fabric and add a leather
handle...I'll keep you posted.
I wanted to say thank you
for all your help to yesterday's
post. I now know that the
yarn is 3 ply, has 8 wpi and
has a stitch count of 18
stitches per four inches.
After winding up the hank
into two balls I am making
a guess that there is about
400 yards of aran weight
yarn to play with. Now to
find just the right pattern.
I am still reading What Alice Forgot
and while it started out with humor
it has now taken a darker, sadder
turn. Alice bumped her head and
has lost the last ten years of her
life, not remembering that she has
three children and is in the middle
of a nasty divorce. 
It has made me wonder how I would
react to not remembering the last
ten years of my own life, Oh dear!
a huge part of my life just gone.
Joining with Ginny


  1. So happy you have everything you need to know to make something with your new yarn. Can't wait to see what you choose. Loving your socks. Have a great day Tracey.

  2. Your knitting and pictures are always, Tracey. And I love those baskets that you have your yarn in. Glad that you were able to find out more about the yarn your friend gifted you with.

  3. Lots of happy colors in your knitting right now. :-) The self striping socks are so pretty and I really look forward to seeing your finished bag. Have a great day!

  4. Glad you were able to discover the yardage and weight of your yarn...the wpi is always helpful to me (so thankful for the yarn-friend who shared that with me). So much pretty knitting happening in your world, Tracey! Enjoy :)

  5. you are always working on the best projects!!!! (love that tolt folded bag especially....the little leather handle really takes it out of the 'homemade' category....are you using a cotton for it?)

  6. glad that you've solved the mystery of your yarn, but I knew you would! isn't it nice that the blog friends come together and figure stuff out?

  7. your projects match your that!! thanks for sharing that bag pattern that is very neat and I can not wait to see your all done!!

  8. I just love all the bright colours seen in your photos today - your socks especially, what awesome yarn! Your book sounds thought provoking, I really couldn't imagine just losing ten years of my memory, losing all recollection of the joy I experienced - how sad. Funny to think how much our self- identity today is wrapped up in our memories of yesterday. xoxo

  9. The bag is going to be a great project! Can't wait to see it finished. Oh, so many choices to come up with a pattern for your new yarn. I hope you find a great one!

  10. I love your baskets of knitting - they make me smile. What beautiful fabric! I can't wait to see how that project turns out.

  11. I can't wait to see that finished bag. I love the color. I like the idea of leather straps and fabric lining. The basketsful of knitting are so cheerful. I may have to take out some of my baskets and fill them with yarn just for decoration.

  12. those socks are amazing. i love that yarn. but i am a serious sucker for good, colorful sock yarn. :)

  13. Oh my those are some beautiful socks ….love the colors …& the photos with the pretty baskets too!

  14. Your photos are all very lovely! The socks look really pretty :)

  15. Oh Tracey I love the socks!!! I love all your knitting. I read that a few years ago and enjoyed sure does make one think that's for sure.

  16. love your socks. THey are cheerful!

  17. Beautiful yarn! I also love your pictures! :)

  18. Happy socks are perfect.
    Finding new projects to play with...bliss.