Thursday, July 10, 2014


I just want to
grow veggies,
bake bread,
and make
nice things.

~ Pinterest

I didn't mean to hint
there was anything wrong
in my last post because
life if fine, just crazy busy
which is hard on me sometimes.
I like my world quiet and stress
free. The quote above? It
works for me. :)
It's been almost two years of
extremely hard work and sacrifice,
but within the next month
my Mike is opening a new
business [more later] so now
it's crunch time with workers,
dear sons helping when they
can, inspections, and equipment
deliveries, oh dear.  
I finished the prayer shawl
I was knitting for the Church
and I hope it brings a little
I made a ginger bug, have you
ever made one? I want to
ferment some blueberry juice
and this is the first step; I'll
keep you posted on how it
It's tomato time here in the
south and since I still have
boxes filled with quarts of
canned tomatoes I decided
to just make an ice box shelf
and sauerkraut. 
Each morning I strain a batch
of homemade yogurt for the
whey, then start chopping and
mixing, filling jars, wiping counter
tops, mopping the floor and then
it's time to prepare lunch for
all the guys. Spaghetti squash
and butternut squash are also
beginning to fill the kitchen so
they are starting to see a lot
of appearances at meal times.
enough to post a recipe for her
it has been a huge hit in my home
with a promise from me to bake
another one soon.
This weekend I am planning on
doing Nothing but relaxing. I
need the beach, my knitting,
my book and a nap.
I hope you enjoy a refreshing
weekend too.



  1. So happy all is good in your world. I am so with you on the "busy" I don't much like it either and try to avoid it as much as possible.

    Enjoy your weekend Tracey. xo

  2. That ginger bug is so interesting. How fun to be a mad scientist in your own kitchen. What a fun colorway for your prayer shawl. I'm still waiting to hear back on who my swap partner is.

  3. Great plans for the weekend. I love the prayer shawl! Good luck with the new business. We are making plans along those lines too. Have a restful weekend.

  4. hope the weekend is all you are wishing for!!!

  5. I love doing all of the things mentioned in the Pinterest quote. It is a busy time of the year, isn't it? Good luck to your husband on his new adventure with the business! Looking forward to hearing more about it. Have a great weekend, Tracey.

  6. oh my girl, you are a busy woman in the kitchen! wish I could just skip on over so you could teach me some of your ways ;)

    definitely going to be making some of that cake..... yum.

  7. have fun doing nothing which is everything! I wish Mike and you great luck with the new business adventure, that is exciting :)

  8. Good luck to you and Mike with the new business venture. Can't wait to hear more about it!

    You've been on busy bee and I absolutely love all that's coming out of your kitchen.

  9. Enjoy your weekend of nothing - they are my favorite ones! Glad everything is going well. Busy is OK - but I need some quiet mixed in there too!

  10. Swoon I love your foodie pictures... the fresh red of the tomatoes- it all looks so good! Are those your boys Tracey- handsome young fellows they are. And you have such a kindred spirit knitting a shawl for someone- I know who ever will receive will feel special and comforted.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Wow, butternut squash already! You guys are literally months ahead of us. The shawl looks beautiful - so soft and warm. It sounds like your busyness is good busyness, but that still can be stressful. Enjoy a relaxing weekend. I have one week to go until vacation and I can't wait!

  12. Oh, yay and congratulations on the new business! Isn't it funny that you are harvesting so many things right now and my tomato plants are still very small. Just the difference in climates, I know, but it always strikes me as odd anyway.
    Happy Weekend.

  13. i LOOOVE lacto-fermented salsa! it's just another reason (besides the cake) for me to keep making kefir -- the whey is amazing!

  14. The pinterest quote is perfect! If I could do only those things, I'd be a happy camper. :-) We've had a (good) busy three weeks, but as of this morning things will slow down again. Maybe not exactly slow down, since I have a bunch of things I need to get caught up with... Have a happy weekend!

  15. sounds busy busy in all the right ways, friend! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. all those tomatoes already! and squash too! what bounty you're enjoying!!!
    i hope your weekend is quiet and stress-free. enjoy xo

  17. Hi Tracey! Happy to see all well in your world. I enjoy seeing more of you on FB since I don't have much time in blogland very much anymore. Your weekend sounds quite perfect to me, I hope I can accomplish as much!!