Thursday, June 19, 2014


At the beach, life is different. A day moves not
from hour to hour, but leaps from mood to
moment. We go with the currents, plan around
the tides, follow the sun.  We measure happiness
by nothing we can hold...nothing we can catch.
Everywhere life is jumping and elusive
momentously momentary.

~ Sandy Gingras

I spent the week waking before the
sun so I could walk on the shore as
it rose to greet the day.

I played with my favorite five year old
in the pool, the lazy river, the hot tub,
the beach, going back to my room each
night with pruned fingers and toes.

I had a great view from my room and
ate my dinner on the balcony listening to
the waves.

I saw a pair of mallards that reminded
me of my Lauren and Humphrey.

I played tourist in another beach town
that wasn't my own and realized I like
my quiet spot on the beach. I really don't
do crowds well.

I spent time with my daughter and
granddaughter making memories.

And now I'm home preparing for another
week with Emerson who will arrive tomorrow
morning to spend the week with me.




  1. That quote is so true Tracey :) I thought I recognized that beach...the beach of my childhood and the one I now share with Reece each spring. Such a wonderful spot and a great place for memory making.

    Looks like you had a great time. There are definitely more people on the beach this time of year then in March :)

    Have a wonderful week with Emerson. Can't wait to see what you two get up to.

  2. What a beautiful sunset. To see the waves come and go, it teaches us so much...doesn't it? Enjoy your time with Emerson :=) mari

  3. Your pictures are absolutely stunning, Tracey. Your granddaughter has such beautiful hair...and loved seeing where she is missing her sweet little tooth. :) Sweet days and nights...sweet memories. Enjoy more of the same in a different locale this coming week! :)

  4. What a lovely week. I wish I lived nearer to a beach. Enjoy another week with your granddaughter.

  5. so sweet tracey, spending time with your girls, it's the best! she is such a doll!

  6. Who will not like to spend time in beach. Wonderful pictures! Have a wonderful week again with your grands!

  7. Love that picture of the water cutting a channel through the beach - amazing! Sounds like a wonderful week - 3 ladies with their favorite two ladies! I am not a crowds person either - that beach looks a little too packed for my taste - though it is beautiful when all the people leave!

  8. Nice beach-my kids love Ocean City but it's crowded, too.

  9. what views! If you and I were together I would have been up before five am walking that beach with you!! I dislike crowds and that is what was nice about HH no crowds anywhere. When we went to myrtle beach it was North myrtle beach which was families (read no crowds) I think when you get into June though there will be people.

    I love that photo of you!!!!!

  10. I´m happy to read you had a wonderful time with your girls and the week coming up sounds great - Emerson looks like a lot of fun and sldo she looks like her grandma <3
    Amazng quote and pictures.
    Have a great weekend - sweet Tracy.

  11. Beautiful beach and your granddaughter is such a sweet little girl! I'm with you, I'd rather walk the beach early to avoid the crowds, too.

  12. looks like my kind of beach.....lots of sand and sun and surf and few people to wreck my view!!!!!! great photos! so glad you all had memory-making fun.

  13. What a lovely place to holiday at with your loves. There's something about a terrific beach that makes you feel like you're in paradise and you don't wanna leave.

  14. such stunning photos. sounds like a lovely time. <3

  15. Wow! Beautiful images- wish I was there. The light is so amazing. Your Emerson is too cute- I hope you had a wonderful time.

  16. Thank you for sharing your wonderful week with us. Beautiful images and I'm with you ... less crowded beaches work for me too.