Saturday, April 26, 2014


 My connection to the earth is reinforced
through the rhythm of the waves. 

~Mike Dolan

Spring break went by way too fast.
I spent my hours...

sitting on the shore letting the sound
of the waves touch my soul.

Knitting on my Orchid, I really like
how it is turning out and can't wait
to wear it.

celebrating  the birth of my first
baby and only daughter, Erin;
she is now 31 and just as beautiful
as ever.

Realizing that not everyone who says
they are a friend really is and having
my heart crack just a little.

Visiting my son Charlie and his wife
Ashley. Seeing how well they have
settled in to their new home and having
a chance to meet all the animals they
have adopted.  Now I want a miniature

Celebrating Earth Day by working
in the garden planting vegetables.

Picking back up The Bell Jar to read since
I never finished it the first time.

Stopping at the feed store and bringing
home two new Bantam chicks...Tyrion
[the Imp] and Daenerys [Dani] named
from characters in A Game of Thrones.

Eating strawberries every day since the
season is in full swing.


Today the sun is still shining bright,
the hammock is out and I have a book
to read before it's back to a regular
schedule on Monday. I hope the sun is
shining where you are and you are enjoying
the day.



  1. It's amazing how much you and I have so many similar experiences. I had the same hard lesson this week with someone I thought was a friend. A person's heart does crack a little each time these things happen, but that's life right. Sometimes some people have to leave our lives so a kinder, gentler, more loyal soul can enter.

    Lovely spring break pictures! You make me miss the beach so much!!! As much as I missed you this week, I'm glad you were able to get some quality time away.

  2. it sounds like it was a lovely spring break, except for the little bit of broken heart. i am so sorry about that. :(
    love those first photos of the gull and its reflection. beautiful

  3. Hi Tracie, I'm sending you a hug for a swiftly mended heart. I'm sorry you were let down by someone you considered a friend. That's always a very painful and hard landing, isn't it. Sounds to me like there were some very bright spots to your break. Love the shots of the gull and it's lovely to be able to spend time with your children, isn't it? My children are similar ages to yours; 33, 31 and 21...well, except for the 21yr old...oops, she just turned bad. :) Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one.

  4. Sounds lovely Tracey, except for the friend and the little crack in your heart. I so understand that. Hugs. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and your book. If you get a chance send some of that sun up here, it is grey and rainy.

  5. I'm sorry you were hurt. You are wonderful and don't need that crap in your life. Karma will come around.
    What animals you've met and how lovely to sit in the sun and listen to the waves and eat fruit.

  6. Lovely photos and sounds like you've had a nice time with family. Sorry to hear you have been hurt. I hope the animals and the ocean healed you alittle xxxx

  7. What beautiful pictures Tracey! I think you'd have to drag me away from the beach if I lived anywhere near it. I am ready for strawberry season, your picture made my mouth water.

  8. Friendship is a gift, but it can also hurt you deeply. Just remember that people outgrow each other...unfortunately :-( ... Happy Birthday to your daughter. Wow, 31 years old. I remember when I turned 30, I was a mama of three :-) As I see your pictures, I can almost smell the sea air and feel the breeze in my face. I come from the coast of South America, and grew up right on the beach ... I miss it quite a bit still. Enjoy your weekend Tracey :) mari

  9. I hope your many true friends help you heal the crack, Tracey ~ your spring break looks like it was blissful :)

  10. How lovely to live near the ocean. We live quite far inland, about 7 hours away from the sea and manage to visit there once a year. Your photos are beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your Erin and happy birth-day to you Tracey. I am so sorry that your heart has been hurt, this is hard especially when it's someone who is dear to you.
    I love the little chicks, they are adorable!
    Have a lovely week and may your heart heal soon.

  11. What a lovely weekend. So glad you could spend time with your children. Happy birthday to your daughter. Does it make you feel just a little ancient to have a daughter in her 30s? ;-) My oldest will be 33 next month. Have a splendid week.

  12. Great pictures Tracey! The bird is flight is fantastic! We stayed at a farm last night and saw some donkeys also - my little babe did not cry this time - an improvement! Its great that your kids are animal lovers too - you raised them right! Pretty gray chicks - don't see that color very often.

  13. the beach...the ocean...sigh. lovely! Your water week was much more relaxing than mine!!!

    Happy birthday, Erin!!!!

  14. What a great break - I am so envious. I had my flu shot before ANZAC Day and now feel like I have the flu!! Love those beachside shots.

  15. what a delightful break you had, I am looking forward to the shore-soon!! happy birthday to your daughter and glad you were able to celebrate together :) I mussed you this past week!

  16. What a great break you had! Glad you are back though - you were very missed! Sorry about the friend situation - my daughter goes through that and it just sucks. Oh those little chicks! And the names are just perfect.

  17. It sounds like a wonderful set of days, Tracey! You know how I feel about the ocean... beautiful!

  18. I'm glad that you are back safe and sound. It sounds like a wonderful time catching up with your family. Sorry to hear about the little heart crack. I hope that it has mended now. Hope you get your miniature donkey one day, too.
    lots of love