Sunday, April 6, 2014


There is no such thing in anyone's
life as an unimportant day.

~Alexander Woollcott

My weekend started on Friday with
a long drive to pick up my favorite
five year old who spent the night.
We ate pizza and hot fudge sunday's,
watched Frozen, took a long
stroll looking for fairies and gave
each other many, many hugs. She's
back home now and I miss her

Saturday I visited the local Goodwill
and came home with a little spool and
rushed seat footstool. The afternoon
was spent knitting, eating leftovers
for dinner and watching another
movie, American Hustle which I

I finally made a facebook page,
I'm still not sure what I think about

Today the sky is grey and the rain
is starting to fall. I have the sewing
machine set up, a new Sew Simple
pattern, material and I am going to
spend the day attempting to make
myself a skirt! Wish me luck ;)

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  1. We went to Goodwill yesterday too...gotta love half-price Saturdays. Good luck with your skirt. Be sure to show us the finished product. Sewing skirts is fun. I made three last summer and amazed myself that even I could do it! Enjoy the coming week.

  2. A little time with your favourite five year old, I know how much you enjoyed this. She is beautiful Tracey. Good luck on the skirt, I picked up a new skirt pattern last week, can't wait to find time to give it a go..hopefully this week.

  3. I didn't go to Goodwill, but I did go to one of my favorite thrift stores yesterday. Dropped off a few things and came home with a few. :-) It always seems to work like that for me... Good luck with the skirt!!

  4. i got my sewing machine out this weekend, too!!!! it hasn't inspired me yet to sew anything, but it's ready!!!

  5. she is adorable :) my girls are absolutely in love with that frozen movie! my oldest (7) just asked me to record her singing "let it go" (she memorized almost every word!) and post it on my facebook page :) i was so impressed with all of the encouraging comments she received... there really is still so much good in this world. good luck with the sewing!!

  6. good luck with the skirt! i am going to be making fiona a skirt today as well. a super simple one. i just love reading about your time with your granddaughter. you are such a wonderful grandma. <3

  7. She is getting so tall! my oh my! You are funny about the facebook, I'm still resisting but I hope you let me know if you like it or not.

  8. Oh you know how to have fun! I wanna spend the night too. Your backyard is the best place to look for faeries. You must watch the new Disney faeries movie with your cherub.

  9. It sounds like a lovely weekend. My daughter is crazy about Frozen, too. She did a week long 'Frozen' spring break camp recently and it was so lovely watching her group do four of the numbers from the film. They were all so enthusiastic and having such a lot of fun, it was quite infectious. One of the mums sitting behind me at the show said ' do you think this has got it out of her system now' .. fat chance!!
    Thank you for popping by and admiring my knitting, it is much appreciated. You really must make a textured shawl, you will love it!

  10. Love the red and white fabric you chose for your skirt. Good luck! Sounds like a great weekend with your granddaughter - we had our hot fudge sundaes yesterday outside of a beautiful spring day! I'm not a big fan of FB either, but I think it may be a necessary evil (?) in this day and age if you have certain plans and goals. Just started one for my blog a couple of weeks ago. I'll like you if you like me! ;)

  11. Wow - Emerson is growing so much! What a fun weekend you had with her. Frozen was cute wasn't it? And I love American Hustle. Jennifer Lawrence was my favorite. Welcome to Facebook! I like it because it helps me stay in touch with old friends. I'll send you a Friend Request!

  12. Glad you were able to enjoy Frozen with your favorite 5yo!

  13. We watched Frozen on SA night. We really liked it but then C said she like Ariel (The Little Mermaid) better. Good luck with your skirt. I wish I could sew clothes, but right now that is out of my league. I've debated FB, but while I have my own personal FB page, I'm not sure what I would do with a FB page for my blog.

  14. Oh, I look forward to days like that with Charlotte! :) I found two summer tops at the Goodwill last week; AnnaLynn and I are going today while Daniel is helping a friend do some landscaping. My 15 year old is a working man today. Sigh. Happy sewing, Tracey. Hope you'll share with us. :)

  15. That little one is getting so grown up, and is so blonde. And I love the hugs all day. How nice.

  16. I love the top photograph. It's one to frame. What a perfect weekend.

  17. What a beautiful weekend filled with precious memories!