Thursday, April 17, 2014


To live is so startling it leaves
little time for anything else.

~Emily Dickinson

This week I...

... made plans to collect every
honeysuckle I find so I can
make this.

...have plans to make this
tomorrow since the strawberries
are in full season.

...Cooked these twice, yes they
are that good.

...Watched this several times,
they really are a cute couple.

...Listened to this as I cleaned,
makes me wish I just an ounce
of musical talent...I don't, but
I sang along anyway.

...Wondered if I could do this?

I would love to try.

...Dreamed one day of knitting
this, isn't it beautiful?

I hope to head to the beach
this weekend, knit and listen
to the waves. Wishing you
a tremendously happy weekend.
Happy Easter.



  1. Have a wonderful weekend Tracey. Happy Easter!

  2. Love the quotes at the beginning of each post! And your pictures...sigh.....

  3. love that quote.
    and so many wonderful things you've linked!!!

    happy easter! xo

  4. such an amazing list. that shawl is so gauzy and delicate. that would be amazing to knit.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love the first picture with the water droplets. Are those ducks that you keep? Happy beach day!

  6. I don't believe I've ever had honeysuckle before. Dumb question here: What's it taste like? That galette looks hella good! Yum!

  7. Are those your ducks Trace? They are GORGEOUS.
    You had asked, ours are named Tulip and Poppy.

  8. Those hand carved Easter Eggs are cool. Have a peaceful and happy Easter!

  9. spring has really inspired you!!! love those lacey eggs!!! have you done the strawberry dessert yet??? I think that's what my strawberries are going to turn into this weekend, too…..i'm in a very copy-cat mood!!!

  10. I love ducks and could watch them forever.
    Great links and ideas, especially that beautiful Russian shawl!

  11. Happy Easter to you too Tracey. <3

    I enjoyed all the links and love the theme of living!

  12. I hope you had the best Easter ever! I'm playing catch up this early Morning and I think it will take me quite a while to recover from Easter weekend :)

  13. So many amazing things to do with honeysuckle. Thank you for directing us to that lovely blog. I love the Emily Dickinson quote. It sounds like a perfect weekend.

  14. I love that quote--it really captures these spring days. I find myself spending more and more time outdoors and away from my desk. I hope you will let us know how your honeysuckle cordial comes out. I do love that gossamer Russian lace shawl. That video is so cute--what a sweet couple. : ) And, those hand-carved Easter eggs: wow.

    Wonderful post and photos, Tracey!