Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat
upon your head with silver liquid drops. 
Let the rain sing you a lullaby. 

~Langston Hughes


One day it's 75 degrees and sunny,
the next it's 45 degrees and raining!

Over the weekend I had the strangest
desire to cast on and knit a sock so
I followed that desire and cast on 64
stitches on size 2 dpn's using a self
striping yarn. I've never knit a sock
without a pattern so I am curious
to see how it turns out.

Friday morning I received an email
from my LYS letting me know the
60 inch needles I ordered were in
so now I am back to slowly working
on my blanket. I plan on giving it as
a shower gift for my future daughter
in love and since the wedding isn't
until November I have plenty of time
to finish it.

My reading is still the same as  the
last few weeks; it's not the book,
I'm just so tired at night I keep
falling asleep.

I am having a little giveaway
if you would like to take a peek.

Joining Ginny


  1. Beautiful pics as usual Tracey. That one of the sky and the tip of a tree on the bottom edge is just stunning. What's the red plant? My guess is Japanese Maple.

  2. Wow those seeds are amazing, the colour is unreal. Beautiful. The shawl looks have fun things to look forward to this year. A new daughter in the family must be wonderful. Your gift is a kind thought for those with chilly fingers. We have the same problem, I had exactly the same conversation in the post day wet, next dry, one windy, next calm. it keeps us on our toes.
    The socks look great, it'll be interesting to see how they turn out.
    happy knitting.

  3. I love how you always incorporate nature and knitting. It is such a beautiful combination. Happy Knitting and I can't wait to see the blanket!

  4. Gorgeous photos Tracey. Can you let Mother Nature know we will be there soon and would prefer the 75 degree and sunny days :)

  5. Your sock looks so pretty on that branch...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. is that self striping socks or are you patterning? Love love love the socks and the striping :) The weather has been nutty here, we are having a warm up of 30 and then cold again. My skin is dry!!!

  7. Tracey, you always find the perfect backdrop to showcase your beautiful knitting! Lovely photos!!

  8. Hey there's a sock growing on your tree! I never use patterns for socks - it's my mindless knitting - lol. Your sock is going to look lovely!

  9. Tracey, I just finished socks in that exact colorway- I love the way it stripes up! You will enjoy them I think. Gorgeous photos as always.

  10. it's all just gorgeous :) you really make me want to start knitting again :)

  11. I'm a bit sock obsessed right now, too! Lovely lovely projects.

  12. Beautiful photos as always!
    I'm sure your socks will be perfect even without a pattern.

  13. Yay for casting on a sock! it is not a strange desire, but a brilliant desire. :) Your pictures are so amazing!

  14. Lovely colours on the socks. Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

  15. Hi Tracey! I just love your pictures today, especially the one of your knitting hanging on the tree branch. It is beautiful to see how the colors blend with nature. I am looking forward to seeing your socks. Sometimes it is those kinds of projects that turn out the very best. Maybe it is because we are relaxed and the knitting flows "naturally". I love it when that happens! :)

    I am about half way done with a baby sweater set I am crocheting. After that I am hoping to begin a set of color work gloves I saw on the cover of last month's Piecework magazine. I ordered the yarn special and have everything ready to go.

    I know just what you mean about the weather, goodness it was cold yesterday down our way, especially when the wind blowed. My ornamental pear trees are covered in white blossoms. I think even the plants don't know what to think with all of the confusing temperatures. Have a wonderful day ahead and happy knitting! With Love, Delisa :)

  16. I absolutely love your photography always so uplifting. Can't wait to see how the socks turned out. Interestingly enough I have had the same urge to knit socks ... maybe because our other WIP are larger items?

  17. The fickleness of the weather this time of year always makes my knitting a little odd too. Socks are perfect :).

  18. I love your pictures as always. I like self striping sock yarn, I wish they would make it for bigger projects...

  19. Ooh, I wonder if there's someone living in that hole in the tree!

  20. That red tree looks very unusual, love the new buds and the colour sensational. Great photos as usual.

  21. Those vibrant colors are gorgeous!

    This weather really has been crazy, one day the birdies sing songs while building nests, the next day they need to contemplate flying back south!

  22. Now really, how did you get your sock to match those branches and seedpods so well? Your knitting looks amazing. I want that blanket (and that basket too)! Your daughter-in-love is a lucky lady.

  23. What beautiful photos. I love your sock, such lovely colours. Looks like a lot of fun to knit

  24. If only socks grew on trees... :)

    Such beautiful knits, Tracey; your hand work and photos are inspiring! I'll bet your daughter in law to be will love her gift!

  25. Look at you! Daredevil! It will be interesting to see how your sock comes out. And man, 60" circ? Never heard of that before.

  26. How wonderful to be knitting your future daughter-in-law a blanket. My 18 year old son is getting engaged tonight and they are marrying in early June and I was thinking of crocheting them a blanket because I would never get a knitted one done in time:)

  27. You have been busy! So many beautiful knits- I bet your daughter in love will simply adore the blanket- that is really something.
    Radiant reds in your neck of the woods Tracey.

  28. Hello Tracey- I believe this is the first time I have stumbled on your blog and your photos are gorgeous! Your sock and blanket look like they will be beautiful too!
    I am jealous of your weather, even the rain- it is still cold enough for snow here!

  29. Fickle weather!! I am loving the color in your photos though and that blanket is just gorgeous! Langston Hughes is one of my favorite poets :)