Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Flowers  whisper 'Beauty' to the
world even as they fade, wilt, fall.

~ Dr. SunWolf


 My sock knitting is moving
along faster than I expected.
This past weekend I turned
the heels and knit the gussets
on both socks, and getting
close to knitting the toes.
I always knit both socks at the
same time, cuff, cuff, leg, leg,
ect. because I have heard
about second sock syndrome
[SSS] and really don't want
to experience it.

I had the idea that I would like
to have 100 pairs of socks in
my closet before I pass away
so I see a lot of sock knitting
in my future since this will
make pair four, if I don't
give them away.

I have a new book that I know
quite a few Yarn Alonger's are
reading too, The Amazing Thing
About the Way it Goes.  Stephanie
Pearl-McPhee is on book tour
right now and I am just sorry she
isn't coming anywhere close to
where I live because I would
love to listen to her in person.
Another awesome book from
a very talented writer.

Joining Ginny.



  1. Those socks are looking really good. Looking out for that book.

  2. fantastic socks! I knit mine one at a time and have never experienced sss but I think it's because I am committed to the end product! I'm on the toe shaping of my second sock :) :)

  3. I love the colors of your socks!

  4. I'm a two at a time magic loop sock knitting for the exact reason of SSS. I have a few random slippers and boot cuffs kicking around so I know I'm susceptible to it!
    I with the yarn harlot was coming near me as well, I'd love to hear her read!

  5. Love the socks! What is the yarn color called? I made a pair in the color way "sock money" once, and your's reminds me of that. I love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's books and would LOVE it if she ever came to our area!

  6. Your socks are going a long fabulously! I have a similar dream for many many many pairs of socks- I'm in the middle of pair #7. We'll both get there. :)

  7. socks are looking great!! i always do one at a time….but sometimes it remains an only child for a loooooong time before it's sibling is finished!

  8. Oh I have a feeling you will meet your goal of 100 pairs of socks! I didn't go see Yarn Harlot yesterday - I just couldn't make it happen. I do want to get the book though.

  9. Such lovely socks! Stripes make me happy. I have fear of sss too, and that combined with fear of fingering weight yarn (ffwy) has held me back. ;-)

  10. Wonderful socks!! I have always desired to knit a pair, but haven't even managed a scarf!

    I love the photo with the shadow of the needles -- so cool!

  11. I have never knit two socks at the same time and have never had SSS. Funny how every knitter approaches socks (and knitting in general) in their own unique way. :) I'm ordering that book from's in my cart as I type! Thanks for the recommendation, Tracey. We are sunny and mid 60s today!!

  12. I love the yarn in your socks. Quite pretty.

  13. Love how you captured natures colors in your pretty socks- that red flower...stunning.

  14. I know all too well about second sock syndrome. I had it for four years. Gorgeous header photo. Makes me want some spring!

  15. Such sweet socks! Love the colors!

  16. Hi Clover, I love your photos! I enjoy it when you place your knitting in a natural setting. There is something so sweet and beautiful in your photos. Your socks are really coming along. A couple of year ago I made a goal to make 7 pairs of socks for myself. It was a great feeling when I had them all done. So often I give everything away and never keep anything for myself. I thought seven socks was a big goal! :) I think making a 100 socks would be wonderful, and it would give you so much practice in all kinds of knitting. That is one of the things I love about knitting, you can practice forever and still not learn all there is to know. I also knit my socks two at a time. I do the same thing with my gloves. When I was a teenager I used to work for my Dad who had a business set up in the garage manufacturing circuit boards. I think that is where I developed the love of working intricately with my hands. Well anyway, he believed in making things just like you do. Complete one step on the first board, then move to the second board ect.. then when step one was complete on all the boards, move to step 2. Doing it this way prevents errors. And you move along at a much faster clip. You have really inspired me today Clover. My hands are itching to go pick up my yarn and start a sock! Have a lovely day and happy knitting. With Love, Delisa :) P.S. Thank you for all the sweet comments you have been leaving on my blog. I sure appreciate it and love hearing from you.

  17. Socks are looking great and your photography is beautiful as always! I too am a TAAT sock knitter. On my last pair I started out working both at the same time, then decided to finish one, it was a test, only one sock required and deadline looming ... yeah the other half is still sitting there *bows head in shame*