Friday, March 14, 2014


We all need empty hours in our
lives or we will have no time to
create or dream. 

~Robert Coles

I am still trying to get back
on track with the time change,
just leave it one way or the
other, please.
 I am knitting a basket full
of cotton dishcloths and
wash cloths so they will
be handy when I need them.
 The mail brought things I
knew were coming or had
 and wonderful surprises from
a dear friend. Look, knitting
needle ear rings! I love them.
My new afternoon snack, a smoothie
of pineapple, orange juice, and
coconut milk sprinkled with
chia seeds, perfect on a warm
I added maca powder to
my morning juice and am
waiting to see if all the hype
is true.
I spotted the first blackberry
blossoms. With all the rain
we have had I am hoping this
year we will have a good
blackberry crop.
I am giving myself time this weekend
to relax, to enjoy the day, to watch
the sunset/ sunrise, to do nothing.
I hope your weekend unfolds the
way you wish.



  1. Beautiful Tracey. I love maca. My issue of Taproot arrived this week and I have been slowly sinking into it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. maca??!! i'm missing out on something again!!!! wishing you a bumper blackberry crop! oh how i miss foraging those berries---can't seem to find any wild patches around here. :( spring is really there, isn't it?

  3. Sounds like it's going to be a good weekend. I've got some bamboo ready to start making wash clothes.
    Hope it's a good one.

  4. you've got blossoms....weep -we are still cold!! I will enjoy your beautiful spring photos while mine are still echoing winter.

  5. What cute earrings! I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  6. hmmm. i have never heard of maca powder. what is it suppose to do?
    love the earrings, what a great surprise. :)

  7. Beautiful sky shot there. Blackberry blossoms are so pretty. Have fun knitting the dishcloths.

  8. ooh dishcloths, i need to get making with some too! i'm SO looking forward to the weekend, it's been a very long week at work! i hope yours is just lovely tracey :)

  9. Enjoying my copy of Taproot as well, and loving seeing your photos of blooming things (as I sit and type we are getting yet another snowfall. Sigh).

  10. Smoothie sounds good. I wish I had that kind of weekend. The first 4 hours of it have been downright miserable with the little babe. Someone desperately needs to go back to bed and wake up on the other side.

  11. Sounds like the perfect weekend for you!

    I've been meaning to check out Taproot -- maybe I should do that now. ;)

  12. All such lovely things :) I have been quite curious about the maca myself.... Please let us know what you think!