Sunday, March 16, 2014


Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning
down the volume knob on life. Silence is
pushing the off button. Shutting it down.
All of it.  

~ Khaled Hosseini
My weekend has been quiet::

rain changing my plans to work
in the garden and green house

knitting and then pulling out
so I am right back at the start

making three batches of soap,
coffee, rosemary and lavender.
now just waiting for them to

starting a new book

watching a movie

looking at hair styles
and thinking I might
cut my hair like this,
[the girl  in black with
the sunglasses]
what do you think?

Joining with Amanda


  1. Fun!...definitely love the 20's style bob!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi Tracey, I like the haircut, I think it would be easy to keep up with a busy lifestyle. There are times when I like to curl and fuss with my hair but it feels so good to have a really great simple cut that is easy to maintain. My weekend was not quite and quiet as I had originally hoped for but it has been a nice one. We had a great deal of rain come in this afternoon. Yesterday, one of our neighbors plowed the road and got it so smooth and nice, it is a shame the rain had to come today, before we had the chance to enjoy it! We will all be bumping and bouncing along again tomorrow. :) You inspired me with your socks and I started a pair last night. They are made with a thicker worsted weight yarn because my friend wanted a pair that was really warm and more like the old fashioned knitted slippers her mother used to make her. The yarn is self striping and has all shades of blue and green. It is fun to work with, I love the anticipation of seeing what color is coming next. It never gets old! :) I am using the peacock stitch on the heel to make them a little more durable. I'm using double pointed needles too. Have a lovely sunday evening and rest well! With Love, Delisa :)

  3. So glad your weekend was peaceful, ours was drama filled with mother-in-law taking a tumble, dislocating her shoulder and breaking her arm! She was in much pain poor dear. I consoled myself with cooking some food for them to stack in their freezer and baking a St. Patrick's Day Guinness Chocolate cake which I know she will love. The hairstyle is lovely but I wouldn't cut my hair if mine looked like yours.

  4. love the hair cut.....!!!! and you are going to love snow child!

  5. I love the hair style. I"m inching my way shorter again! Have a great week!

  6. You know I'm all about the 'do. GO FOR IT! Oh that looks like a twisted book. I read the first Hunger Games book. I was riveted bait couldn't bring myself to read further. I hate the idea of kids hunting down and killing kids.

  7. well now, that is what my hair looks like but wavy and fluffy! I had seven inches off and yet the ponytail can be done. I do love it, I say cut it off, it will grow back :) My weekend was busy and full but I'm loving each and every single minute.

    Miss read your soap for soup and thought my are you eating weird soups.....

  8. Oh soap making - I really need to just take the time to make some. I have had it on the to-do list for a while now. It is so satisfying washing with soap you made yourself. How do you make your coffee soap - with an extract?

  9. i didn't realize you make soap (or i just forgot). a woman of many talents!
    that hair style would be great, from what i can tell it would suit your personality. and as karen said... it will grow back :)

  10. that hair cut would look very stylish on you, Tracey! Quiet weekends are so good, I knitted quite a bit too, it's so calming and centering! i haven't read the snow child yet but it seems everybody else has and liked it. looking forward to hear what you think of it.
    have a good week, Tracey!

  11. LOVE the haircut. Do it! I did more ripping than knitting myself so I understand that! Can't wait to see your soap. You talented woman you!

  12. i am so happy you are reading the snow child. i would love to make soap, i never have!

  13. Tracey, you will LOVE the Snow Child!!! And the haircut, YES!

  14. The Snow Child...a favourite here, I think you will love it. Yes on the cut, gorgeous!

  15. Sometimes a rainy weekend is nice. That haircut is super pretty--I think it would look great on you. A couple of years ago I had really long hair. Now it's short and I love it.