Monday, October 7, 2013


O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow,
Make the day seem to us less brief...
Retard the sun with gentle mist;
Enchant the land with amethyst...

~Robert Frost

This weekend was...

Quiet, long walks on
foggy mornings.

Knitting, lots of knitting,
I started and finished
a cowl.

Pots of honey
sweetened chia.

Allergies still giving
me a fit.

Watching this and
laughing, I'd never
seen it before now.

Getting ready to
make sweet pickles,
a lot of steps, but
they are that good.

Wishing you a peaceful
and gentle start to
your week.


  1. Ooh love that cowl pattern Tracey. Sorry to hear about your allergies they can be such a pain. I've heard lots of good things about sinus washers as a natural aid. I don't know if you've tried them?
    Thanks for the gentle wishes...I wish the same for you.

  2. Hope your allergies lessen up soon. I have never had chia. A gentle start to the week sounds good.

  3. ohhhh a cup of chai sounds so good right now.
    have a great start to your week Trace!

  4. love that cowl!!! I guess i'm just sort of into leave designs this year. Must (MUST) make it!!!! :) it's beginning to really look like fall in your neck of the woods (coast)!

  5. tracey, it made it into the 50s last night! whew! it was a lovely morning for a walk. now if we could just get rid of the 80s during the day :)

  6. Beautiful photos Tracey. I sure hope those allergies clear up soon, not fun.

  7. Feel better soon!! That is a funny movie I remember when it came out. That first photo is breathtaking and love the quite today :)

  8. Allergies can really hamper life - hope you feel better soon. Love the sound of the sweet pickle recipe, don't know if I can get alum here, will need to research to see if it is called something different. Who knew there was pickling salt!

  9. Those pickles sound amazing! I made icicle pickles last summer and it took me two weeks. They are dee-lish, but these sound easier.

  10. Love the misty photos and the cowl...

  11. I do love foggy mornings...