Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Rest is not idleness, and to
lie sometimes on the grass
on a summer day listening
to the murmur of water,
or watching the clouds
float across the sky, is
hardly a waste of time. 

~John Lubbock

Once I was Home and unpacked,
the dusting accomplished and
the marketing complete, I
grabbed my beach bag and
headed to a favorite spot for
a little knitting and reading.

I am working on Gudrun Johnston's
Sandness, which I have entitled
Heat. Heat really does seem an
appropriate name for a July summer
in the south, although I could have
gone with Humidity, but I'll save
that for another time.

The pattern is very well detailed,
it's twelve pages long, and I would
be a lot further along if I would have
paid attention and not kept dropping
stitches causing me to start over
a few times, ahem.

I am using one of my favorite yarns,
Malabrigo Sock, in Ravelry Red. I
am already thinking about casting on
another one, this time in orange or
maybe purple.

Before I left on my vacation I downloaded
Ladies Night. and I finished while listening
to the waves crash on shore. The book
was total fluff, which I like for the beach,
but truthfully this book was pretty lousy.
I have enjoyed this author in the past, but
don't think I'll be reading her again.

Joining with Ginny and all the other Yarn Alonger's.


  1. I love that colour! And that pattern is amazing, adding it to my list. Have a lovely day Tracey.

  2. Lovely shade of red-hopefully you are on your way of undropped stitches and lots and lots of knitting!!

  3. Holidays are lovely (and believe me I would love to be a holiday queen)but it is so nice to get home. The beach photos are special, shame about the book.

  4. The red is stunning against the beach backdrop. Looks like a beautiful day to be at the beach! I do agree that heat really can't encompass a southern July day.

  5. Gorgeous! That is such a great color. I'm not quite sure how you can knit at the beach. I always end up with sand everywhere and that is without knitting projects.

  6. I bet that will be a beautiful shawl- love the color- and impressive that you are diving into such a long pattern...gulp.

  7. Lovely patter n and shawl. So good to see you on the beach - just the perfect spot to be xxx

  8. I finally got to the beach this week to knit in the evening. And yes - fluff reading seems to call me along with the ocean. I'm going next week and have already found something else to read.

  9. Looks wonderful :) I love the red yarn and your quote, too.

  10. Such beautiful waves and yarn! Lovely, friend!

  11. I love to get lost in your dreamy photos. It's like your knitting is free range! That ravelry red is beyond gorgeous!

  12. Gorgeous colour for your beautiful project.
    Ahh the beach, a perfect place to sit, enjoy.

  13. Good for you on rewarding yourself with this beach excursion! That Ravelry Red is so pretty and hooray you're working on another shawl.

  14. LOVE that red. and that will be an amazing shawl. heat is a good word for AZ too. or maybe boiling. lol
    i just love your beach photos. i suggest you hit the beach weekly and post pictures for me to enjoy. LOL

  15. sandness is such a pretty pattern, enjoy the knitting and the beach tracey!

  16. love that quote!

    and your time at the beach sounds perfect :)

  17. love that red! it'll be beautiful, tracey :)

  18. hi tracy~ love the beach pictures! they make me miss sullivans island where we vacation every year~ lovely knitting!
    (over from andi's KAL)