Friday, June 21, 2013


Life is the fire that burns
and the sun that gives light. 
Life is the wind and the rain
and the thunder in the sky. 
Life is matter and is earth,
what is and what is not,
and what beyond is in Eternity. 



Life is busy and I am
enjoying every minute,
[second] of it. This week
saw the last bloom on
my day lilies, finally
being able to pick a
bucket of ripe blueberries,
pulling weeds in the
vegetable garden and
being overrun with all
the produce coming in
at once. There was a
loud thunderstorm that
came in with an orange sky
and dropped several inches
of rain in just a few hours.
I found a long sought
after cookbook while thrifting
for only two dollars, along
with an enamel bread pan
with a lid that will be perfect
for a loaf of sourdough bread.
There was a trip to my favorite
spot to listen to the waves, knit,
and get just wee bit too much
sun. I have been enjoying this
everyday on my lunch salad,
and it's really good mixed with
scrambled eggs too. And finally
there was was meeting 
the newest member of the
family, Sassy. Oh yes, her 
name definitely fits. She really
is a sweetie pie. Next week
I will introduce you to the
turkey's that call this place home.
While I am tired at the end
of this week, it is a good tired,
so much better than being ill,
and a feeling I'll take any day.
I hope you had a week filled
with activities that bring you
joy too.

Much love,


  1. Such a wonderful feeling that tiredness that comes from a days work well done. beautiful produce. is that gorgeous horse Sassy. If so lucky you. Would love one of those to do the work.

  2. I'm happy for you-tired is so much better than being ill any day. I hope you have a lovely weekend and Sassy??? I want to hear more about her.

  3. Look at all those veggies!...and you've reminded me to drag out my Moosewood cookbook too...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Gorgeous photo's Tracey. We have thunderstorms forecast today...I love them. I love your bargain buys too. The cook book sounds useful and the salad topping I have some seaweed sheets left over from sushi making so will try this.

    I hope that Sassy is the horse...I am mad about horses. She's gorgeous.

    I'm so glad that you are feeling better nothing beats a day in the fresh air and a good nights sleep.Have a lovely weekend.

  5. lovely summer rain. so glad you have had a good busy tired week tracey. xxx

  6. beautiful pictures,love seeing how much better you are feeling and how wonderful your life is. :)

  7. all that freshness from the garden must have been helped by the rain! great have so much going on around you; so glad that you've been able to keep pace! And Sassy!!!! what stories you will have to share with that one! you can tell from just the first glance!!!

  8. I am so glad you had a good week...things at my house have been way to busy. I am looking forward to a slow weekend:)

    Love to you!!!!


  9. A horse!
    My lilies didn't bloom at all this year. We had steady rain for about a week (it must have been a month ago now) that killed all my seedlings. My garden is a pretty sad looking place right now.

  10. What a great harvest you got from your garden. How fulfilling it must feel to grow one's own food. Sounds like you have a lovely week. Congrats on Sassy. I love it when baby girls have fire in their blood.

  11. Love the perspective in the photo of the horse!

  12. I also have a Moosewood it many years ago as a gift from a friend and have enjoyed many of the dishes in it. Being busy can be theraputic and good for the soul! Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Oh Tracey, I am so happy to hear about your busy week, and all the goodness in it. Tired from a full, busy week is good. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. You live in such a beautiful place Tracey and your veg garden is so bountiful. I must look for that cookbook, it sounds lovely.
    I'm glad you had a productive week.

  15. so happy to hear that you're a good tired - much, much better than being ill :)

  16. It looks perfect...all of it. I'm jealous of that produce!