Monday, April 8, 2013


Always walk through life as if
you have something new to
learn and you will.

~Vernon Howard

This weekend there was
quite a bit of new skill
learning as I knit to finish
the bonnet I was test knitting
for Liz. The pattern calls for
doing a provisional cast on,
I Cord, wrap and turn short rows
and garter stitch grafting, all
things I had never done until
now. I am amazed at just how
easy all these were to learn
and am so proud of myself
to have added them to my
knitting skills. Have I told
you just how much I love
knitting? Maybe a little too
much  ;)
I discovered berries already
on the vines along the ditch
banks which seems a little
early to me.
And I found I like decorating
with garden plants just as much
as flowers, and I think I like
tin cans much better than glass

The fig tree is starting to
leaf  which always makes
me smile since figs are my
all time favorite fruit, although
I won't see any fruit until July.

I watched Lost Horizon,
a favorite, although I have
only seen it three times and
had pancakes for dinner
[a once in awhile special

All the windows are open
and the sound of birds and
frogs are filling the air. We
are suppose to be near 80
degrees all week and I noticed
on my walk  this morning
that the sand gnats are out
so I think the hot weather
[and humidity] can't be far

I hope you had a great weekend
and are in for a great week.

Joining with Amanda.


  1. Again love your quote :) I dislike gnats immensely, why do they try to fly in your eyes?? Yay for added knitting skills and I love knitting too :)

  2. Love the tomato seedling in the tomato can!

    I've been hearing the songbirds a lot over the past few days and yesterday I spotted the first pair of robins in our yard so I think spring may be on it's way here too!

  3. Ugh...sand gnats. Congrats on your new skill set! Very impressive! Figs...gah! Love those things! Fig preserves on toast with tea...heaven.

  4. can i just say the tomato plant growing in a tomato can is perfection! i LOVE IT!
    ahhh, spring time. so wonderful.
    i am very much looking forward to the release of that pattern. it looks wonderful.

  5. I'd say that was just about a perfect weekend. Wish I was there to share some of it with you!

  6. Glad you enjoyed your weekend, Tracey - sounds perfect, except for the gnats! We have midges in Summer. Xxx

  7. we went strawberry picking week before last and the kids are already asking to go again - love us some berries!

  8. Your knowledge of your area is fantastic. What kind of figs are you growing? Did you plant most of these fruit bushes/trees or were they already on the property?
    Good for you on trying new techniques. A great pattern is such a terrific motivator for trying new ones.

  9. You are so clever - my knitting is so unadventurous. We are into autumn now - the clocks have gone back for daylight saving and I feel we have seen the best of the weather. Still that means there will be more rich winter cooking - which has to be a good thing. I love the change of seasons don't you?

  10. Enjoy your warmer weather. I am so looking forward to the cooler weather here. Love the little bonnet, and wow all those new knitting skills.Have a great week.

  11. love love love love the plant in the can. did you put a hole in the bottom? I've been wanting to do it. I guess I could just pierce the bottom with a can opener....
    And that bonnet is so freaking cute, Tracey!

  12. I have learned some new knitting skills this year as well. I had no idea there were so many things to know! Humidity kills me. I don't know how you do it!

  13. I'm test knitting the Clyde Bonnet too, and wow, it's wonderful how much it pushed me to learn new skills. Plus it has a fabulous end result! Yours is gorgeous - I love the colours.

    Your canned tomato plant made me smile. So much prettier than plain ol' pots.