Thursday, March 7, 2013


The message that underlies healing is
simple yet radical: We are already whole....
Underneath our fears and worries,
unaffected by the many layers of
our conditioning and actions, is a
peaceful core. The work of healing
is peeling away the barriers of fear
that keep us unaware of our true
nature of love, peace, and rich
interconnection with the web of
life. Healing is the rediscovery
of who we are and who we have
always been.

~Joan Borysenko

 This week has been
too many trips out and
about which is tiring for
this homebody loving soul.
Never ending dusting as
I now live in a yellow
haze of pine pollen,
 Rediscovering an old favorite,
 and a new one too.
 Finishing one project,
 and preparing for another.
 Noticing blackberry
blossoms on my walk,
and how busy the
bees are working.
 Singing along to
this over and over,
 and smiling.
I hope you take time this
weekend to notice the
beauty that surrounds
you, just look, it's there.
Happy Weekend.


  1. Beautiful images Tracey. I will be enjoying some of your beauty this weekend :) So looking forward to exploring with my little man.

  2. funny you should have a photo of a bee in your rosemary plant flowers... just this afternoon while i was outside pulling weeds to feed the chickens with i noticed a few bees in my rosemary plant and i thought of you and your blooming rosemary. :)
    that avocado salad looks heavenly, and that cake... yummy goodness.

  3. We're forecast to fall below freezing again this weekend, so it's lovely to see your sunshine photos; a reminder that Spring is on it's way (even when it doesn't feel like it!)
    Happy weekend to you!

  4. Wonderful photos Tracey the sun on the sea looks does that cake and as I haven't had any breakfast yet I'm really tempted to raid the cake tin now instead of making something!
    That Regina Spekta tune is a new one to me I hadn't heard it before ,so thanks for sharing.
    After such a full week I do hope that you have time for some peace and relaxation. I will take your advice and look for the beauty that surrounds me...I know there's plenty out there. It started off this morning with a cute little snail carrying his home on his back all the way up the window pane...
    Have a lovely one.

  5. Love the sweater. Wish I was at the beach!

  6. Well said, Miss Tracey, well said. I love that I can find serenity on your photography post after post. Thanks you for sharing them. Looking forward to seeing that Brooklyn Tweed wrap in the sumptuous Malbrigio yarn. YUm.

  7. love the upcoming project that you are about to cast on. I enjoy your signs of spring because it's gloomy here. Yes I have the birds singing but that's it. I hope the weekend is restive for you! Just taking my daughter back to her apartment wiped me out for a whole day!! Take care my friend :)

  8. so much beauty all around., so glad you're finding yours.
    you are beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful week! And that stole? Holy Cow! It's going to be gorgeous with that yarn...just stunning. I do love Jarred Flood. He is so talented. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!

  10. Beautiful post and I love that quote. :)

  11. I love that quote Tracey, It's truly what I believe (But oftentimes forget) Thanks for sharing!
    Your week looks full & lovely. I know what you mean about getting tired from too much time spent out in the hustle & bustle. It's an emotional tiredness! Hope your weekend is spent relaxing at home.

  12. This week you also calmed a troubled mom. *hugs*

    Is your malabrigo the "playa" colorway? I'm making myself a pair of fingerless gloves out of that (in worsted).

    Have a spectacular weekend, my friend!

  13. Oh Tracey that salad looks so yummy! And you know I love my some malabrigo!

  14. Beautiful post. I needed that, thanks :)

  15. Thinking of you Beautiful Tracey.
    GREAT quote.
    You're on it!

  16. Lovely words and images- so much goodness- your new project looks amazing Tracey( beautiful yarn)

  17. Your images are beautiful reflections of a life that is being well-lived.