Sunday, February 10, 2013


Take your needle, my child,
and work at your pattern;
it will come out a rose by
and by. Life is like that -
one stitch at a time taken
patiently and the pattern
will come out all right like
the embroidery. 

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I think Friday's are now
the start of the weekend,
at least they are for me.
This Friday saw take out
pizza and a movie, but the
best was Saturday. I woke
up Saturday with no headache
and my fever gone so I
was able to go to town,
walk past my favorite house,
on my favorite street [it holds
my LYS], to Tabby Studios and
attend the embroidery class
I have been looking forward
to. The owner of the studio,
Rhonda, is an amazingly talented
woman and I fell in love not
only with her, but her shop
as well. Seeing all the fabrics
and quilts really does inspire me.
Maybe a quilt class next?!
The class was taught by a
third year SCAD student who
is studying textile design and
not only was she knowledgeable,
she was patient and kind as 
I learned to make stitches, my 
 favorite being the French knot
and now I might be a little addicted.
Did you know string has a rough
and a smooth side? I didn't.
I am glad I was able to attend the
class with my daugher in love, Ashley,
and hope we can do it again.
Last night I was able to talk with
the wee one on Skype and watch
her hula hoop. Seeing that little
body whirl a weighted hula hoop
round and round was one of the
funniest things I have ever seen.
Gosh I miss her.
Today it's quiet. I am practicing
on my embroidery skills, knitting
and waiting for butter to soften
so I can bake cookies. The rest
of the day is all about relaxation.
Joining with the ever lovely Amanda.



  1. Sorry you miss your little sidekick :( But I am glad you are fever free and attended your class, how exciting!! I would have gone with you if I lived down the street!! Keep getting better!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I am glad you are feeling better and I hope your wee one can visit sooner rather than later. That fabric store looks amazing. I do like embroidery and wish I did more of it. Kudos to you for taking a class. I would love to see whatever quilt you created. I am sure it would be beautiful! It looks so warm down there.

  3. Wish I was in that class with you....

  4. Wow, all that lovely fabric made me feel a bit weak! Such beautiful embroidery too x

  5. GAH! Those cookies look delicious. Love that store and french knots are so fun. I remember learning to cross-stitch, embroider and even candlewick as a child. Loved it all. So glad you were able to visit with you DIL and your grand baby this weekend.

  6. Oh sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. And your Sunday sounds good too!

    I am in plan making mode for my trip next month Tracey, I was looking for a contact for you but can't seem to find one, can you shoot me an email kimcorrigan_oliver at hotmail dot com Would love to see if we can meet up in person while I am down your way :)

  7. it sounds lovely. I haven't done any embroidery since school but when I see all the lovely kits on Posy gets cozy I'm really tempted to have another go. Now I'm even more tempted.

    Glad you are feeling better I'm sure the skype conversation helped.

    Enjoy the cookies and relaxation too.

  8. the french knot looks fun to make, i have never learned to do that sort of thing yet. it is on my ever growing list of crafty things i wish to master at some point. and those cookies... YUM!

  9. Those cookies sound dee-lish. I'm not sure how I could go to work without video chat! The fabric store and class sound like fun!

  10. i want to be in that embroidery class with you!!!!! (i just found a 'local' embroidery guild---i'm going Tuesday night......I'll report back!)

  11. Dreamy! All except the fever part, but I'm glad you were feeling better and got to go to that class. Being sick is NO fun (says me who was sick for nearly a month!). I just drool over the yarns and fabrics and embroidery floss when it looks all pretty like that in the shops. We just got a ton more snow. I'm guessing though it's warming up a bit down by you. Hope you got to bake your cookies!


  12. i'm so glad to hear you were able to attend your class tracey! it looks like so much fun, and to spend the time with your dil, bliss! like heather, i learned how to embroider, x stich, needlepoint as a child too. it is addicting like knitting, all those beautiful colors!

  13. I like that, "daughter in love". I'm assuming its not a typo!
    All that embroidery looks really neat. I do love embroidery on clothes; it adds such an elegant touch and I'd love to learn it someday. So glad that you were feeling well enough to make it to your class Tracey!
    I know what you mean about laughing at the hilarity of what those little bodies can do; small children are such wonderful entertainment.

  14. I am so glad you were able to get to the class! Your post makes me want to get out my needles & thread and start a project! After I finish the sweaters I'm making myself & Ree for Easter! I need to focus! I'm so glad you were able to Skype with the wee one. I'm laughing thinking of her hula hooping! So cute!

  15. I am glad you didin't have a headache- that is so hard to even think of starting the day off like that. The setting and the architecture of the house is simply beautiful- lovely neighborhood.
    I am envisioning your little white swirl of a grandaughter :)
    Have a wonderful week.

  16. So glad you are feeling better! That house?!?! Oh my gosh...want it! The shop and your class look lovely. And now I want peanut butter cookies...a fav of ours. I had a friend that use to make peanut butter and I'd use her's in my cookies...HOLY COW! Glad you got to "see" your wee one. How's our house hunting going? I don't need anything big ;)

  17. beautiful photos. I love fabric. I homeschool my girls and my mom teaches them sewing and needlework on Mondays--they are with her right now actually!

  18. sounds like a perfect way to start the weekend! restored health, time with your daughter in love, learning a new craft...lucky you tracey :)

  19. What a beautiful way to spend the weekend! I am so glad you are well. That fabric store is so cute and the stitchery looks fabulous and lots of fun.

  20. All of that stitching is just beautiful! I am itching to get back to embroidery/crewel work but other forms of needlework are calling me at the moment.