Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In some mysterious way woods
have never seemed to me to be
static things. In physical terms,
I move through them; yet in
metaphysical ones, they seem
to move through me.

~John Fowles

I completed my Clover Poncho
and am now wearing it every
chance I can, even over my pajamas!
It is perfect for my southern winter.
This is hands down my most favorite
knit to wear. While knitting 50 inches
of stockinette stitch can get pretty
boring, it is perfect for movie watching
or keeping your hands busy while
waiting up for teenagers to get home.
I am already thinking of what colors
I should knit the next one, grey and
I have been practice the
so I could cast on a
Leaves of Grass, although
I am so far behind now 
I am not sure I will join
the KAL or not.  Do you
see the oatmeal colored
blob above? That cast on
took me four hours to
finally get correct and
after that I didn't have the
heart to pull it out so I
just kept going and decided
to knit a PI Shawl. ; if nothing
else it will be a great start
on my 2013 Christmas gift
giving list.
I forgot to photograph my
book, but I am still reading
Trail of Tears with a hankie
in hand.
*Hat is from here.
Joining with Ginny.



  1. that is a sweeeet hat!
    and the poncho looks great. i think a gray one would be very nice. 4 hours to cast on... man oh man!

  2. Your poncho is beautiful Tracey. I'm sure it would be perfect for our winters also. Love the colours you have chosen.

  3. PS Thought it looked like an Aussie hat!

  4. Hello Lovely Lady! I love your poncho - such a lovely colour xxx

  5. Great poncho and I love your hat too!

  6. Beautiful photos and I am loving seeing you in the pictures!! The poncho is gorgeous...a grey & lavender one would be beautiful!

  7. oh, no ~ it's not too late, really!
    new people are just getting started...please join us ;)

  8. You look fabulous in your trendy poncho and hat!! Lovely knitwear and it looks like a professional photo shoot-really!

  9. You make a wonderful,love the poncho!!! You look great in the hat....


  10. I never thought of myself as a poncho kind of gal----but I really LOVE that one; and's now queued!!! (enabler, you!!!!) And the hat is PERFECT with it!!!!

  11. YAY!!!! I knew I would see it finished today. It is AWESOME, and that rancher's hat my dear, I want. Congrats lovely lady, you are an inspiration!!

  12. Do join the knit along! I am not the far ahead and there is no time limit. Plus if you are already making a pi shawl...and that poncho is beautiful. I can see why you are wearing it all the time. I have the yarn and pattern for one too. The problem is that it is all in storage.

  13. ooh that poncho is stunning, I love the green with the blue edging - super gorgeous. have a knitty wednesday xx

  14. I love the poncho! It is definitely something that I could be using today!

  15. Great poncho – I especially love the edging. I'm the same with st st. – it's perfect for movies or knitting in church or when you're at a party and would like to still be able to talk to people without having to have silence while you count out a lace chart! Other than that, it's pure boredom.

  16. I love seeing you in that fabulous poncho!!!

  17. I love your poncho! Great job, Tracey.

  18. what a lovely poncho! I have the leaves on the grass and I see a lot of people working on it. It is inspiring! Happy Knitting!

  19. Oh my dear sweet woman! That poncho rocks! I think it's going in the queue. If we just lived a wee bit closer, we would have an awesome closet together ;)

  20. I love that poncho it is beautiful. I know what you mean about mindless knitting, one of my projects is like that perfect for sitting watching a film and knitting!

  21. Love it! I would wear that so much too. It looks just perfect for the weather we've been having too.
    I love the picture of you smiling!
    Have a wonderful rest of your week, sweet Tracey.

  22. Tracey,

    I found my 9 inch cord at Jo Ann's.. I am sure you can find one online.


  23. oh how wonderful! you and your poncho are so very beautiful! wear it in good health and always your pretty smile.

    and please join if you feel like it still, that circular cast on will probably be getting a little easier now? leanne just joined and many are on the first or second chart only.

  24. I love the colours you chose for your poncho - that green is particularly gorgeous!
    I don't know how I missed the news about this KAL - everyone seems to be at it.

  25. Your clover poncho is simply beautiful! Such pretty pictures!

  26. I love your poncho! I think gray and lavendar will be lovely for it :)

  27. Tracey,
    Your clover poncho looks perfect for you. I think grey and lavender would be a wonderful combo for the next one. :)


    P.S. That green is one of my very favorite colors and I love it paired with that blue!

  28. you look lovely in that poncho! it suits you, tracey :)

  29. You look quite fetching Tracey! Love your new poncho; great colors.

  30. Tracey, the poncho is awesome! It looks like it is warm, cozy and super comfortable! Love it!

  31. Your poncho is gorgeous - the colours are beautiful and that trim perfect.
    Enjoy your grey.

  32. Your poncho looks great ! I am doing the KAL Leaves of Grass and I started late, then almost put it in the trash and now I love it. Go over and see my post at girls in sheep clothing. If I can do it , I know you can;)

  33. Love the green - nice modelling!I am sure the oatmeal shawl will turn out super too.

  34. love the poncho, love the hat and love love love the boots! and seeing you model it all!!!

  35. It is gorgeous Tracey and looks so lovely on you.

  36. Love. Love. Love. I hope you wear it until you wear it out! I never knew there were more than one way to cast on. I've been using the same one I learned when I was 5. I also hope this message doesn't show up a gazillion times...i've been having wireless issues at the hotel so I keep retyping it.

  37. You are absolutely beautiful, Tracey! The poncho looks great and that hat is fantastic on you! I'm so thrilled to see you modelling them - you've got me smiling big. xoxo

  38. Love the poncho, it looks like you are snuggled up in a lovely piece of moss (hope that doesn't sound weird). It looks fantastic on you with the hat and boots. You take the nicest photos of your knitting projects.

  39. You look Stunning Tracey. I love it! Great knitting, friend!

  40. Awesome photography! And I really love how that Pi shawl is shaping up, it's going to be gorgeous

  41. Your poncho is such a great green. It looks cozy and protective from the elements.

  42. Love the poncho!

    Have a lovely day!

  43. omg I LOVE these images of you..they made me so happy I had to do a little dance in my chair :)