Wednesday, December 12, 2012

YARN ALONG: 12-12-12

We listen too much to the telephone
and we listen too little to nature.
The wind is one of my sounds. A
lonely sound, perhaps, but soothing.
Everybody should have his personal
sounds to listen for—sounds that
will make him exhilarated and alive,
or quiet and calm... As a matter of fact,
one of the greatest sounds of them all
—and to me it is a sound—is utter,
complete silence. 

~André Kostelanetz

 All the hustle and
bustle that comes
from along with this
time of year has me
retreating, taking my
needles and wool, along
with my book, to
the quiet of the woods
were the only sounds
come from nature, to
the quiet that soothes
my soul and wraps me
in comfort.

I have completed another
check on my to do list,
a pair of fingerless mitts
and a hat for a young man
who is like one of my
own babies, I think he
will like them.

I am now working on
a pair of knee warmers
for my mil. I received
a phone call early Monday
morning asking if I could
knit a pair of knee warmers
since her knees have been
so cold and bothering her.
Why yes I can, and I even
found the perfect pattern
so I don't have to wing it.

My reading this week is a
book I've read before,
Hundred Dollar Holiday and
truthfully it is a book I wish
everyone would read. While
I don't shop on Black Friday
I have seen and heard of how
shoppers behaved and it makes
me sad. I need to comfort my
heart and this book helps.

What have you been up to this
week? I can't wait to see.


  1. I took a different route home from my daughter's school this morning - along a disused Victorian railway through a wild area near our house. It was so invigorating, and your quote at the top of this post makes me think of it; instead of rushing off to do chores, make calls, fill in forms, I pushed the pram through the frosty morning - it was LOVELY :-)

  2. You amaze me with your knitting skills. I think everyone is going to LOVE their gifts!! That book is something that I would love to read, I will keep a look out for it when I'm in B & N.

  3. I agree with Karen - you are a one woman knitting machine! cute snowman!

  4. That book sounds like a good one. So glad you have the time to make meaningful gifts for loved ones. I am starting earlier next year. I have made some things for my daughters and their families, but youngest son only wants video games and I haven't figured out how to crochet those. Trying to make a hat for my hubby with my knitting loom, but running into a learning curve with that. Will try to post some pictures later. I agree with your quote about silence. Sometimes I just need no noise at all! Enjoy your Wednesday!

  5. Hi, little snowman, friend!!!!! I've got some of your buddies sitting right next to me!!!! Must find that book----sounds like the perfect holiday read. That hat and mitt set is awesome...he's going to love it, and then love it even more because you made it for him.

  6. Wonderful quote! And so needed at this moment! I haven't heard of that book, but it sounds like something I would enjoy!

  7. I totally understand your heart needing the quiet. Ree & I both have been a little on edge lately & I couldn't figure out why. It's the bustle of the season I finally realized. We've taken a few days at home & she's better. Yesterday though I was still very much on edge and antsy. I think it's because my mind keeps going of all the things that "need to get done!!!" before Christmas. I need to let that go and enjoy the magic of the season with my little one. I'm having a hard time finding the peace right now. Your knits are gorgeous as always. You amaze me!

  8. I love today's quote. I, also, am a person that loves (and needs) the sound of silence.

  9. Everyone in your family is so very lucky to have you. (:

  10. I do love those little moments when we get to escape from the craziness that comes with the holidays. Love all your warm woolies!

  11. I'm sure the young man will love his hand knits! I am intrigued by the book and will check to see if the library has it. It's crazy how the holiday has stressed so many people.

  12. Your knitted items are very nice, and I agree with you about the commercialism of Christmas. We don't buy Christmas gifts but celebrate other aspects of Christmas. It's not for every family but it works for us. Your woodsy pictures are so beautiful and peaceful.

  13. Thanks for your beautiful quote this morning.....a must needed read for me. Your knits are wonderful and the recipients will truly be blessed by them. as always your pictures are lovely.
    Have wish listed the book also....thanks for the recommend.

  14. Definitely a book for all. So much consumerism. Every morning my inbox is inundated even though I unsubscribe all the time. Your mil is lucky to have such a talented dil. I am sure the knee-warmers will be perfect.

  15. knee warmers... that is a new one for me, what a great idea. that book sounds really interesting, yet another to add to my ever growing list. you know, i think i should make an amazon wish list just for yarn along books. lol

  16. Think I'll pick that book up today! The busyness for us this year is a tad too much, hoping this book lends a comforting read :)

  17. That hat and fingerless gloves look so comfy and warm.

  18. lovely knits! I have read a few by McKibbon, but not that one- I will have to give it a look.

  19. knee warmers are excellent idea! I love all kinds of warmers - leg, hand and knee too - it's cute little knit project which brings a lot of love (and warmth) to the person :) ...too bad my friends/family don't knit and I have to knit knitted presents for myself :D
    lovely photos :)

  20. Oh - so beautiful. We went for a lovely frosty walk too - different to yours - no trees :-)
    How lovely that your mother in law appreciates your talents - knee warmers are such a good idea xx

  21. All of your projects are lovely!! Lucky recipients they are...and so wonderful that they appreciate them Tricia @ crunchycatholicmomma.blogspot

  22. Oooh, the snowman is SO CUTE!! The hat and mitts look so wonderfully cozy, I wish I could feel them! Happy to have found your blog through the YA. ~Mackenzie

  23. I've never seen a pattern for knee warmers and am now fascinated by them!

  24. You always have the prettiest photographs! I love how the earth tones of your knitting blend in with the surroundings. The little snowman is adorable!

  25. I love the quote about silence, Tracey. Knitting in nature sounds wonderful. Just reading your words and seeing your photos makes me feel so relaxed.

    I just put the Hundred Dollar Holiday on my Amazon wish list. It sounds like such a good book.

    Stacy xxoo

  26. I love love love the quote! Thank you for sharing it!

    Your knitting is coming along nicely... good luck as you finish up!

  27. Loving all your knits Tracey. And beautiful photos.

  28. Beautiful pictures as always. Lovely hat and mitts you have created.
    Sounds like a fabulous book.

    Enjoy your woods.

  29. I love your knee warmers. Knitting that will be so very useful to the recipient is the very best kind of knitting, I think.

  30. Knee warmers...what a clever idea!

  31. I love that snowman! And I agree with your quote. The silence of nature is so soothing to me, and I'm conveying that to my 6-year-old. To feel safe in the quiet of nature.
    I love the knee warmers you darling little knitter!

  32. I forgot to add my sound is that of the sea lapping on the shore particularly in the winter, when there are few people on the beach and it is lovely to just throw the stick for the dog. A time to reflect. I have not come across this book, but you have enticed me to source it.

  33. I cannot stand long lines and crowded places. I'd rather pay the extra. This year is about gift cards tho.
    Volunteering 3x a week is really keeping me busy this semester. This week was knitting group, a ballet lesson, laundry, grocery shopping, and chaperoning a field trip.