Saturday, December 8, 2012


Yes we are [friends] and I do like
to pass the day with you in serious
and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't
mind washing up beside you, dusting
beside you, reading the back half of
We are friends and I would miss you,
do miss you and think of you very often. 
I don't want to lose this happy space
where I have found someone who is
smart and easy and doesn't bother
to check her diary when we arrange
to meet. 

~Jeanette Winterson

Another small token to
just say Happy Holiday's!
Leave a comment telling
me your favorite treat to
eat or bake during the
holiday season and
I'll randomly pick a name
next Saturday for a tin
angel to hang on your
tree. Good luck!


  1. Love the tin angel! There are so many lovely treats during the holiday, but this afternoon I am baking bread, so I guess I would have to say that is my favorite. There is nothing like fresh, warm home-made bread with melted butter and homemade strawberry jam. Not just a holiday treat, but I only bake break in the winter because here in Arizona, it is too hot to heat up the kitchen baking when the outside temps are already climbing. Sure hope luck is on my side and I win the tin angel. Thanks for the giveaway! Have a great weekend!

  2. You are just too lovely Tracey. I love that quote and love my time spent in your space :)

    Favourite holiday treat would have to be my healthy turtles - two pecans stuffed inside a pitted date and then dipped in chocolate...yes they are divine.

    Wishing you a most wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Tracey,
    I'm just catching up reading all your posts I've missed over the last few days. I've really missed reading it. Your Annabels wow...what a good feeling it must be to have such lovely gifts. That colour knitting book looks amazing...I've managed to do a bit of colour fairisle myself this week. I had to giggle at the comment on The Panopticon, oh and thanks for the advise about the rose-hip syrup, it's something I always intend to make but somehow never get around to.
    Happy days...

    Oh and a giveaway...the angel is so cute, but I know I may be too far for her fly away to. But my treat has to be Christmas morning breakfast...smoked salmon with scrambled eggs...yummy...

  4. well it all depends... i LOVE LOVE LOVE fudge, homemade yummy good fudge (which i will be making tomorrow). christmas breakfast is always monkey bread, wich the kids and i make the night before so it is all ready to do a last rise in the morning. i think the best part of the monkey bread is doing it with the kids. <3

  5. I love love love to bake gingerbread christmas tree cookies and decorate them to the hilt! Such a beautiful little ornament. I know just where she would go on our tree!

  6. Tracey, you are so sweet! What a beautiful angel! During the holidays there are so many treats that we don't have year round. One of our very favorites is "Saint Lucia Saffron Rolls". Praying you and your family have a very blessed Christmas! Gail

  7. That is lovely - we spent the day decorating out tree yesterday, and I always make traditional mince pies with thick cream on that occasion. It is the start of Christmas for us xx

  8. My mom makes peppernuts (pfeffernusse) every year at Christmas. It's a German/Mennonite recipe from her family from a gazillion years ago. It makes a HUGE bowl and takes 10 cups of flour.

  9. Oh Tracey, I love this tin angel, she is beautiful!
    I love to bake mince pies with my mom-in-law's recipe.
    Have a peaceful Sunday

  10. Oh she is beautiful, but not sure you would want to post her to Australia. My favorite is shortbread - an old family recipe.

  11. Hi Tracey,
    Such a lovely angel...
    Happy Christmas to

  12. you have some wonderful stores to shop in.....what a great little angel!!! (the bird was pretty awesome as well!!)
    my favorite.....are those chocolate cookies (hope you all liked them as much as we do....I saw you made them!!!!!)

  13. I might have to say my favourite is all of them! But I do love making and enjoying Nuts and Bolts!
    Such a beautiful angel! You are such a thoughtful friend, Tracey! xoxo

  14. It's beautiful and I would love to have it adorn our tree. Thanks Tracey for your generosity, 2 giveaways in a row!!!

    My favorite thing to bake in the past few years is Peppermint bark :). Okay, I guess it's not really baking but I love to do it!!!


  15. Cream Cheese Cookies. 'Nuff said.

  16. Your tree is going to be empty if you keep this up! My fav is my Aunt's seven layer cookies...pure decadence. It's a good thing I don't have the recipe or I'd be big as a house!

  17. This is a beautiful ornament! My favorite holiday treat to bake are Joanna Pruess' Molasses Spice Cookies. They are like really tasty Gingersnaps with crisp edges and chewy middles and they're just sooooo good.

  18. I love to make pumpkin bread as gifts. On the top I put a little ornament I've made. (This year it's the cork gnome people!) For as long as I can remember my mom has made cookie trays as gifts. She makes about 100 dozen cookies of about 25 kinds each year. I miss living in her house at this time of year & getting cast offs and tastes! This year I'm hoping to make peppermint bark for the first time!

  19. It is lovely!
    so many favourite treats here, probably Christmas cake being the most favourite though, since I can pretend there are good reasons for my other favs during the year!

  20. Such a pretty angel! You are a very generous friend, Tracey!

    I think my favorite treat are rum balls. My Gram used to make them and when she deemed me old enough to try one, I was hooked on the holiday goodie. My stepmom makes some that are just so potent! You just need to eat one and I swear they cure everything. ;)