Sunday, November 11, 2012


I can enjoy society in a room;
but out of doors, nature is
company enough for me. 

~William Hazlitt

 A quiet weekend,
everyone off either
at work or play so
it's been just me.

There has been no
cooking, I am on
Day 19 of the Whole30
eating plan [the
vegetarian version] so
have been enjoying
juicing and huge salads,
and walking back into
a clean kitchen throughout
the day. Is it only in
my home  or do dishes
always magically appear
in your sink too?

The weather has been
perfect, in the mid-70's
so I have spent most
of my time outside,
sitting by the fall garden
knitting, knitting, knitting.
I have discovered the joy
of Audiobooks and am
listening to Gone Girl
as I knit. I can't believe
it took me so long to
discover this wonderful
addition to knitting!

My crew is expected by
this evening, along with
the cooking, dishes, laundry,
laughter, and noise, so for
now I am headed back
outside to enjoy this day.
Happy Martinmas Day.
Joining with Amanda


  1. What a riot of colour in your photographs Tracey! Beautiful!

    I love to listen to audio while I knit, but these days I'm a tired mama who falls asleep... haha!

    Fair isle isn't hard... just takes concentration. Which, sad to say, is a rarity around here. I'm hoping to get back to this cover tonight, but it all depends on a certain too cute for words three year old!

  2. Oh, my!
    Our temps were close to 80 yesterday and it's still 70 this morning.
    Such gorgeous weather.
    However, temps are forecasted to fall throughout the day with rain and perhaps even some snow overnight.
    gotta love the changing of the seasons here in the mid-west

  3. how lovely and quiet.
    our dishes multiply in the sink.

    just adore, because i relate to, that first quote.

  4. Wow; mid-70s? We are having a cold spell right now in the 50s. It's cold in our apt. as we have big windows.
    I admire you're doing a vegetarian month. I have found my system has changed since getting older. I'm eating more vegetables and feel so much better eating more of those than meat. I'm drinking a green smoothie recipe I had found on Pinterest every day: 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 c of pineapple, 1 c of water, 1 c of yogurt, and 2 bananas. I love it. My 5 year old tried it and she actually liked it.

  5. It is cool and we have already had a bit of snow, your pictures look so warm and sunny...I miss summer. I must read "Gone Girl" soon, I've heard it's very good.

  6. your weekend sounds much like mine tracey, wishing so we were neighbors. oh but we did go on a date last night! tried to see james bond, but the line was a mile long so went to dinner instead. enjoy your gardens and always your knitting! p.s. if i could help at all with fair isle...there is really nothing to it, you can do it.

  7. your weekend sounds so very calm and soothing.......and those pictures once again......oh, my!!!!

  8. That yellow is amazing and the weekend sounds perfect...I must get into audio books too...I get frustrated that I can't read and knit lovely things at once.

    Hope the evening was good...sounded like fun...

  9. I listen to knitting podcasts while I knit. I love hearing what other people are knitting. Great yellows in your photos, all of our yellow-ness dropped from the trees and bushes with the storm.

  10. Your weekend sounds just lovely Tracey, so peaceful.

  11. It's amazing how fast the dishes appear! As always, beautiful pictures.

  12. Magically appearing dirty the sink, on the table, in the den...everywhere. And I know they aren't mine because I'm not a big chicken wing eater...hmmm. Are they coming from your house? Are you getting mine? :)

  13. it warmed up over the weekend here as well and now today we're back in the low 60s (thankfully).

    and yes, dishes. as soon as i get them washed and or put away, there are more. pet peeve, too.