Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I thank you God for this most amazing day,
for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and
for the blue dream of sky and for everything
which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. 

~e.e. cummings

michelle gd gratitude 2012                                                                 


I am grateful for:

-This place I call home.

-Pine trees Mike and I
planted together almost
eighteen years ago.

-Learning to knit,
although I really think
I was a knitter in a past
life ;)

-The body of one
Annabel almost complete,

-and the casting on of
the last one which
will complete almost
half of my Christmas

-Project Stash: KAL
and many pairs of
mittens and fingerless
gloves off the needles,

-and another pair just
taking shape.

-Audible books. I am really
enjoying Gone Girl's story
line even with the garbage
mouth language. I wish
people would realize there
are so many lovely words
that could be used instead
of trash.

-Yarn Along each week,
which keeps me motivated
and inspired.


  1. Gorgeous photos as always. Audible books are something I need to investigate!

  2. Tracey, I hope you are well your quotes inspire me. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lovely! You are cruising along with your gifts! Love your projects in the basket.

  4. Loving your beautiful photos and words this morning! Thank you for the e e cummings quote :)

  5. I love your images, breathtaking and very creative.
    Those pine-trees are something!

  6. Lovely pictures, lovely projects. So much to be grateful for. You are an inspiration!

  7. Wow, half way through your christmas list! good work!

  8. Oh my, memories of my childhood home, we had pines like that all over the property.

    Lovely knitting as always. Very impressed by your progress. Lovely basket of goodies gathered there.
    Enjoy your week.

  9. Beautiful photos!!
    I love pinecones too! I just collected a few for spray painting for the holidays!
    Thank you for visiting me!

  10. I so agree with potty language. The more there is in a book the more turned off I am. Love your poem today-YES! Today I am going to relish the wonderfulness of today :) Oh and I love your knitting and you amaze me with all the sweaters you've made. And I think you were a knitter in a past life too.

  11. Aaaah, your photos are sublime! As ever!

  12. Oh my, so much knitted goodness. The fingerless gloves are fantastic and the stitch markers you are using are beautiful. Do you mind sharing where you got them from?

  13. such beautiful are really getting loads of knitting done!! Love your projects!!

  14. I can tell you are loving autumn in South Carolina!!!! Look at those photos!!!!! You are moving right along on that Christmas list....what an inspiration. I better get my needles clacking!

  15. I do so love that you and Mike planted those trees together.

  16. And kudos on your gift giving list!

  17. Your Christmas knitting is coming along nicely.

    I find that listening to books is what's keeping me going on mine, too.

  18. love that quote.
    and the yarn and needles resting among pine needles...all the textures make me giddy.

    love, love, love that you and mike planted pine trees together and that you've seen them grow.

    {gratitude for you joining in this week with me. xo}

  19. how lovely that you planted the trees yourselves. that's the advantage of staying put, growing roots – literally :)

  20. OK, as a self professed potty mouth, I probably wouldn't notice but I do know how awful it sounds. I tell my boys that foul language shows a lack of forethought and intelligence. That comment hasn't come back to bite me....yet. I'm sure it will. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love the basket full of woolens!

  21. I'm with you, i love the Yarn Along on WE. I think it keeps me (slowly) knitting along. i like the markers in your sweater. They are much more fun than the just plain rubber rings I've got going on.

  22. I love your gratitude list. I just love hand made Christmas presents.

  23. as always such stunning photographs, and a beautiful list. you are going to have some very grateful gift receivers, all those lovely annebels. :)

  24. Your pictures are wonderful and your gratitude list is a good reminder for me too.
    Annabel looks lovely.

  25. Beautiful knitting, Tracey! Knitting really is a peaceful and calming gift. Congratulations on being about half through your Christmas list!

  26. I thought I spotted the family mittens in amongst your pictures, and I love the stitch markers you have there.
    Half of your Christmas knitting... I am so jealous!

    1. Love your knitting and that you planted those trees together 18yrs ago. I haven't started my Christmas gifts yet. Probably in the next week.

  27. A lovely list of gratefulness!

  28. I love how you take all your knitting photos outside. It would not work were I live it is grey and wet here most of the time now!

  29. I love how you and your mike planted those trees together. Wonderful Christmas knitting Tracey, oh what a holiday this is going to be!

  30. Pretty yarn, pretty pictures, beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

  31. I love how your Annabel just blend so seamlessly with the scenery in your photos. Almost like it's natural habitat!

  32. Wonderful list :) And I totally agree that Yarn Along keeps me motivated.

  33. Such a nice list and beautiful photos. Looks like you've got many lovely woolens completed as of late - they look great!

  34. Lovely lady, that was a wonderful list.
    Rosie is feeling ok thank you, so long as she doesn't do too much! My other daughter Izzy is revising for exams (I try to encourage to do as little revision as possible because she gets herself in a pickle(and then she gets a migraine) if she does too much!). The weather is quite mild for November. No need for vests, hats or scarves just yet.
    Much love to you.

  35. So much to be thankful for! Knitting most definitely included!