Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Normal day, let me be aware
of the treasure you are. Let
me learn from you, love you,
bless you before you depart. 
Let me not pass you by in quest
of some rare and perfect tomorrow. 
Let me hold you while I may, for
it may not always be so. 
~Mary Jean Iron

I finally finished Annabel the Third
[It just needs buttons which I am not
sure about, maybe black oyster shell]
and have now cast on A Pink Annabel.
I hope to have this one completed by
next week and then that only leaves
me two more to complete my sweater
Christmas list. I was a little worried
I had 'bitten off more than I could
chew', but I am feeling much better
about my decision to give my daughter,
daughter in-laws, and one girl
friend a sweater. Since there is so
much garter stitch with the
Annabel Cardigan I needed a
little something different to work
every once in awhile, I cast on a
simple pair of mittens to match
the Bluebird Sweater I knit for
the wee one.
Having so much to do for my son's
rehearsal dinner and wedding there
has been very limited reading, but
I did manage to read a few stories
from Tales of the South Carolina Low Country
which may not have been my smartest
move since I live here although it's
perfect for this time of year;)


  1. What a knitter you are. Beautiful Annabel and love the pink yarn.

  2. You're becoming an Annabel machine, Tracey! ;-) Looks wonderful!

    And hooray for mittens!

  3. Wonderful knits. And scenery! I love how your knits seem to grow so organically from Nature herself.

  4. Wow! you are gifting sweaters?!?! I am so impressed and I know that they will be loved immensely! Can't wait to see what buttons get paired to the cardigan.

  5. Beautiful knits! And as always gorgeous pictures.

  6. Oh Tracey, your quote bought tears to my eyes! So beautiful. I love the teal colour of your finished Annabel. The other colour looks pretty too. I hope there are some intriguing tales in your book. Jacinta

  7. What lovely colours you're working with, and an amazing pace you are keeping up!! Great photos too :)

  8. Thank you for the quote! I love it. I'm printing it out to remind me each day to cherish the normal days! The sweaters are gorgeous. What treasured gifts they will be!

  9. Tracey your sweaters are beautiful!! I wish I could knit as fast as you..Great job!!


  10. You are quite the knitting machine...If I was knitting that much, I wouldn't have time for the reading side of things...but again, you're probably much faster than I am at knitting! And the!

  11. I love your color choices! Beautiful knits. :)

  12. You are cranking out those sweaters at an amazing rate!!!! And each is absolutely perfect!!! And with the wedding and all squeezed in there, too. I'm exhausted just reading about all that!!! (are those scary tales????)

  13. The sweater is beautiful! Hope you can slow down and relax a bit now that the dinner and wedding are happy memories! Great pictures.

  14. I'm so impressed with your hard work in making all these sweaters as gifts! You're really cranking them out!

  15. You've been very busy... Great knitted Christmas presents!

  16. Your Anabel looks lovely! You chose a great color for the garter stitch pattern.

  17. Ohhh!! Ghost stories! I love how we are riddled with them here in the south. Your Annabels are so gorgeous...the recipients are very lucky ladies. I so wish you could spend your weekend with us. I think it would do your heart so much good....thinking of you!!!

  18. Wow. I know I keep saying this, but your knits are beautiful.
    I think that sweater looks great without buttons! Maybe just one at the top!

  19. I love the shots you took! Your knitting looks fabulous; I know you will make it and the gifts will be well-loved! Thanks for the encouraging words today too Sweetie!

  20. your annabel is beautiful. i have been toying with making the mittens from taproot as well.

  21. So much handsome knitting! Are you enjoying the family mittens pattern from taproot? Been thinking of making them. Truly, your WIPs are really beautiful.

  22. oh my goodness tracey, gifting your handknit sweaters! it really doesn't get any more special than that! i hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

  23. You photos are beautiful as is all your knitting. Hope you get it all finished in time.

  24. That pink yarn is GORGEOUS! Your photos are amazing as usual. I'm sure everyone will love their sweaters.

  25. I always enjoy your photos so much. Lovely knits.

  26. Love your photos and your Annabell

  27. Pretty knits!...pretty skies...

    I have that book too!...such a nice reminder of our days in SC...and fun to have out this time of year...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  28. beautiful photos tracey! and that last photo - wow! do tell, what is it?

  29. beautiful work and great photos.

  30. The sweater is besutiful. I may just have to put that one in the queue too!

  31. What a generous knitter you are, to be knitting sweaters for everyone! I am sure they will love them!

  32. Beautiful sweater knitting - how lucky are those Ladies.
    Love the pictures you share.
    Now I'm intrigued about your stories.

  33. Beautiful knits Tracey, and lovely colours.

  34. looks like you also have some gorgeous weather like we do right now!
    the yarn colors are very pretty, especially the blueish/teal tones. i think they are within the range i'm looking to buy my next yarn in.

  35. We always look forward to seeing what you are reading and knitting... it all looks so wonderful. Thank you for that lovely quote... a perfect reminder :)

  36. You are so generous to knit such big items for your family and friends, I'm sure they will be valued highly. It'll be a little bit like having a hug from you every time they were their anabelle.

    I haven't had any issues of Taproot yet but have put it on my birthday present list so hopefully I'll be joining you on that one soon too.

    The cloud photograph is beautiful...almost unreal.

    Happy pink and blue knitting.

  37. Those mittens are so much fun to knit!

  38. You are just speeding through those cardigans. I think you'll get them done with plenty of time to spare (and make a lot of women feel very special). (:

  39. I am really loving your poems more and more. Don't ask me where you get the time to knit and read!

  40. You have such beautiful photographs that you take! I think you are so cool to be able to find a quote that suits your mood/post.