Sunday, October 14, 2012


The aim of life is to live,
and to live means to be
aware, joyously, drunkenly,
serenely, divinely aware. 

~Henry Miller

This has been a weekend
of paying attention, taking
the time to really notice
and enjoy each moment.
There has been:

- early morning bike rides
to watch the sun rise

-browsing around the
 flea market and only
spending a dollar on
a tin coffee canister
handmade in Oaxaca.

- taking advantage of
the fact my Mother in-law
owns a laundry mat and
washing all the blankets
and comforters in the house;
the temperature maybe in
the 80's, but I am counting
on cooler weather to arrive-

- Using the last of this seasons
tomatoes to make salsa

-and the first of the winter
squash to make soup
[I used coconut milk in
place of half and half, and
vegetable stock instead of

-Trying to pick up all the
pecans I can before the
squirrels eat them all. I
have watched from my kitchen
window as the little critters
have been enjoying themselves
on my pecans and am getting
tired of running outside every
few minutes to scare them off.
They are on my 'bad list'!

- And of course there has been
knitting, lots and lots of knitting!

How has your weekend been?
Joining with Amanda.


  1. I wish we had some sunshine this week :-( Just lots and lots of rain, and the days are getting shorter and shorter. It's tough to be back in this climate!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I can't wait to have a bike with a basket! I'm waiting until Ree is old enough to ride her own.

  3. We finally got some rain yesterday and overnight.
    TWO INCHES ! ! ! that's the most we've had in months.

    Temps are cooling down so sweaters, fingerless mitts and knit scarf or two are making they appearance.

    Knitting's been top pasttime yesterday and last evening while Hubby and I listened to an audiobook on e-loan from our local library.

    A few holdhouse tasks this afternoon and perhaps more knitting while we listen to the next couple of chapters of our audiobook.


  4. Knitting and washing and bike riding and pecan saving! Sounds delightful!

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend, especially the bike riding. Enjoy your week Tracey.

  6. Pecans!

    Love your bike basket!

  7. Your photos paint a most enjoyable picture. Sounds like the perfect weekend. A little bit of work, a little bit of exercise, a little bit of this and that and a whole lot of fun I'm guessing. ,

  8. I do love fall. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! The flea market sounds like fun. Wish we had one around here. I love the color or your latest knitting project. Enjoy the week ahead.

  9. What a productive weekend! And, there's just something I've always loved about laundromats. Good job washing all the bed linens -- way to ready for the snuggling season.

  10. Such a lovely post Tracey, I love the little tin, it's beautiful. The colour of your yarn is stunning, I am looking forward to seeing the finished project.
    Have a wonderful week

  11. It sounds kind of weekend. Love the canister...what a great find. Love all your photos.

  12. The image of your vying for the pecans is priceless. I bet you have your countdown to the "big" day going in your head and checking off all the things to do. I'm thinking about you :D

  13. Lovely photos! Looks like a wonderful weekend! That coffee tin is awesome and I'm still in love with your basket and bike.

  14. Your photos are lovely. I like the idea of going on an early morning bike ride to see the sun rise.

  15. Once again the best photos! Buffett and Henley would love to help you out with your squirrel problem! I think that is why we had so many plums this year was because the dogs gave chase!

  16. I love the quote and bike picture! My weekend was quiet, with a bit of eating, knitting, and a trip to a craft fair.

  17. love your weekend!!! and that bike *swoon*

  18. did you fill that wonderful basket full of nature's treasures?? I can never keep myself from collecting seeds and pods and leaves!! so relaxing----lovely!

  19. honestly, that picture of the flea market has me drooling.
    That you made it away only spending a buck is beyond me!

  20. I love that bicycle basket picture! I so need to zip down that path right now and take a deep breath! Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful!

  21. such a sweet weekend tracey, i hope you have a wonderful (and cooler) week ahead!

  22. I think it sounds like a lovely weekend, a bit of everything!

  23. Looks like a lovely weekend, that soup sounds amazing. Ya know I didn't can ANY salsa this year, words cannot describe how disappointed I am in myself...the summer seamed to go so quickly. I finally started getting into the knitting groove this weekend. finally.

  24. such yummy photos.
    what a sweet weekend :)

  25. Up here I fight squirrels over pumpkins. I wish I had a pecan tree!