Monday, September 17, 2012


"Always have a little
 sweater with you".

~ Laura McDowell

When the world seems
so unkind, so hard, and
I just want to hide, I have

learned that knitting [at
least for me] is a great
stress reliever. During
the past week I have
found myself drawn to
my favorite rocking chair
and my knitting basket
where with just a little
wool and two sticks I
can knit and rock my worries
away. I finished my
Annabel Cardigan  and
love the pattern so much
I have already cast on
another one. 
I have been knitting

quite a few swatches
and practicing Lori's
afterthought pocket.
It took me four times, but
I finally got it!  I really, really,
really want to add pockets
to this cardigan [in  a very
bright Christmas red]
to just work up enough
nerve to actually CUT into
my cardigan!


  1. Your cardigan is beautiful! I have a weakness for orange. (:

    Sending you love and hugs!

  2. Wow, it is beautiful Tracey. Glad to hear knitting can soothe those worries. Hang in there, hugs.

  3. Goodness, Tracey. It is lovely. And those red pockets are wonderful.

  4. What a beautiful piece of work! I have lost my knitting mojo a bit, but the rocking chair - oh yes.... Sending a hug to you xxx

  5. The cardi is gorgeous...and definitely go ahead with the Julia would say...'what could happen?...'

    Peace be with you...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. It's beautiful! I know what you mean about knitting the worries away. That's happened here many times. Sending you warm thoughts!

  7. Gorgeous!!!! I do believe you are a master knitter :) I love the color and gosh it must be a good pattern if you are starting another :)

  8. Tracey, your sweater puts a smile in my Heart.
    Here's a sweater that easily become a long time friend.

    I followed your pocket link. I must add this technique to my growing knitting experience.

    Now if I could only get a sweater to fit to my satisfaction.

    Have been on the look-out for fresh figs. No luck, yet.


  9. oh tracey, i love your annabel! congrats on a beautiful handknit you'll be able to wear over and over :)

  10. Love it, for so many reasons! Love your own buttons on it and love the beautiful splash of color in the pockets. So neat. Then, of course, the maker is what makes it the best. So talented!

  11. Beautiful! Praying prayers of peace for you!

  12. I remember Lori's post thinking I could never do that...I think she suggested some form of alcohol to steady your hands. I've had the pattern for ages and still not got round to making one. Yours looks lovely...I must get a riddle on and make mine. But I think I might knit my pocket in...I'm sure it will all unravel if I cut it...

    Hope things remain calm and unstressful for you. Sending good thoughts.

  13. The sweater is beautiful and I love the colour! (I also find there's something about knitting that soothes the soul). Peace.

  14. Annabel is fabulous!!!! (with or without pockets!) Nice job. (Missed you!!!)

  15. beautiful tracey! i love this pattern, i bet it's something you'll wear and wear. good luck with the pockets, i'm very sure you'll do brilliantly!

  16. It's really pretty, Tracey! Love that gold color and your homemade buttons. I hope your storm passes soon.

  17. This cardigan is so beautiful Tracey. I love the colors, and your stitch works looks so perfect. Funny how knitting takes the sting out of life some days. I share the same feelings, the need to come to the needles when life is overwhelming, tiring, or stressful. I hope that the days are a bit brighter soon :).

  18. Love it. I agree with the soothing aspect of knitting. It really keeps my mind collected and my heart pure. Love the sweater - so quick you are becoming!. I still need sleeves for my pseudo Annabel. I am hoping to add a pocket ala lori as well. Be brave :)

  19. I have been away on a road trip for the last 25 days and just finished reading over all your blogs I missed. I just had to comment on this one as the sweater is so lovely. The buttons go beautifully with the color.