Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It is beautiful when it rains
far away in the distance, the
bright sun shining on the
mound on which you stand,
and only a few guerilla drops
heralding the approach of the
shower towards you.
~John Richard Vernon,

"The Beauty of Rain," 1863

Traveling over 1300 miles
while on my adventure
gave me a lot of time to
knit, and  it was pure
bliss. I finished my
Pebble Tank and found
this pattern to be so
easy to knit that I am
now casting on another
one, this time in a green

I have a little book problem
and no matter how high my
'to be read' stack is if I am
in a book store I am not
leaving until I find at least
one book to leave with me.
I was browsing the displays
of a bookstore the other day
and happened upon their
recommended school stand
where they were showcasing
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
I am not sure how, but I have
never read anything by Sylvia
Plath until now which is really
a shame. The Bell Jar is a gripping
tale of a young woman's slow
spiral into depression that
stays with you even when you
close the book for the night
to try and go to sleep.
Joining with Ginny.


  1. Now I have to read that book. Your sweater is stunning. I love the clean lines and the drape. I would have immediately cast on another. I am the older sister just like you!!

  2. Your tank turned out great. I really like the change in texture for the top. Drive time knitting is my favorite.

  3. Love the simple stye of your tank Tracey. It'll be really useful.

    I have the same problem in book stores...I'm like a child in a sweetshop.

    I haven't read any Sylvia Plath either. Knowing about her sad life I think I've always been worried it will be a bit too melancholy for me. One of my sisters has used her work as inspiration for her paintings and they are pretty dark. I really should give her a go though.

    Enjoy your new knitting project...I'm really in a green mood at the moment so look forward to seeing the end results.

    Happy knitting,

  4. Your tank looks gorgeous Tracey. With travelling that many miles, I can certainly see how you got a lot of knitting time in. I haven't read anything by Sylvia Plath either. Can't wait to see your green tank. Jacinta

  5. That's some serious reading you've got there. I studied Sylia Plath at high school (100 or so years ago) and I remember it feeling very weighty. Perhaps I should go dig out my copy of The Bell Jar. x

  6. Gorgeous tank! I haven't read any Plath either, I saw a film based on her life recently though, and a fascinating life it was, must add her to my list!

  7. That tank looks like a quick and satisfying knit.
    I haven't ever read Sylvia Plath either, I'll check that one out.

  8. Your tank worked out really well - do you have a pattern link? I'd like to give it a go.
    I haven't read any Sylvia Plath, either.

  9. Your tank is beautiful Tracey!! I am not sure if I will able to read your book due to the fact that I had severe depression myself at one time...I am not sure I can read about it...too sad!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!!


  10. I have the same book problem :) There are just too many good books in the world.
    Your tank looks great!

  11. what a great looking tank! (you might just need it in EVErycolor!!!) Sylvia excaped me, too; hard not to turn to some of these "classics" sometimes!
    still looking for some rain around here! send me some?????

  12. Oh, Sylvia Path. I haven't read her for years and years. Disturbing and sooo, sooo real. I am reading Wuthering Heights in paper and Pride & Prejudice on Nook...very confusing going back and forth! :o
    Lovely tank! And I love, love your photos...skies like that can almost be refreshing in the summer, don't you think?

  13. What beautiful pictures! And a GORGEOUS tank!! So pretty. I may need to make one for myself!!

  14. Gorgeous tank! And beautiful pictures. Adding it to by "to knit" list :)

  15. Wow! I made a pebble vest for a friend's son once. I never thought there was a grown up twist to it. I think.. I think I may have to knit one! Yours looks *amazing!*

  16. I like the tank and the book sounds very interesting. I think I have the same book problem you do. :-)

  17. Lovely photos, lovely tank. I'm not big on Sylvia Plath. She is amazingly talented, but I have a tendency to get a little down in the dumps after reading her stuff.

  18. Beautiful pictures as always. Love your sweater tank. Green will be amazing.

  19. What a nice project to take on a trip and love the photography. I have to stay away from meaty reads like that one, I am very easily influenced!! Right now in my last trimester, I am too emotional anyway. thanks for sharing!!

  20. Your pebble tank is beautiful - it is always a joy to visit here.

  21. Your tank is gorgeous!! And I have never read anything by Sylvia Plath either...thinking this sounds like a good one to start with!

  22. Tracey,
    That pebble tank is beautiful!!

  23. Lovely sweater! And, as always, great photos. I remember reading the bell jar in high school, and I remember how depressing her works were, but I don't remember specifics.... one day I will have to re-visit.

  24. Very pretty tank, Tracey!

    Though Sylvia Plath was not required reading for me during high school, I'm somewhat familiar with her as an author. The fact that the book is about depression doesn't surprise me. I believe she, too, suffered from depression and eventually commited suicide. Very sad. :-(

  25. oh dear tracey your tank is beautiful! your knitting is just so pretty, i'm sure you'll get alot of wear out of this.
    i am the same as you in bookstores, but i am more a jane goodall kind of girl, give me nature, travel and adventure (non fiction) and i'm in heaven. like the book you sent me!

  26. Tracey that top is just lovely, very wearable. Whenever I think of Plath I think of melancholy but I think I will need to take another look at it. Yvonne xx

  27. love your pullover! and plath is a fave of mine ;-)

  28. Sylvia Plath was such a gifted writer. Her poetry is so striking and stark.
    Your pebble tank is simply perfect :)

  29. Pretty tank....also like the color. That sounds like a good book. I was at the library today and didn't get one single book for myself. I was so focused on the kids. I'll make sure to get books for myself first next time.

  30. beautiful photos :) the pebble tank! nice yarn choice :)

  31. I am afraid I also have your book problem. I can sure buy books faster than I can read them. I haven't read anything by Sylvia Plath either...maybe I will get this book. I wonder, do you find reading about depression depressing? Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  32. That is a wonderful tank!

    I remember reading The Bell Jar way back in the day. It may be worth re-reading!

  33. Gorgeous knitting as always.
    Love the book store, though lately I have been content with buying presents.
    Enjoy the reading.

  34. Lovely lovely photos! Stunning tank! I so wish I could have you teach me! I need someone to practically hold my hands!

  35. Oh, The Bell Jar is such a great book. I love her poetry as well.

    Gorgeous photos and a stunning sweater!

  36. The land is so beautiful, and I am a huge fan of stormy skies. Your knitting is beautiful as always.

  37. I love the tank! It is so hot where I live that I immediately marked it in my Favorites on Ravelry.

  38. I am having trouble finding the time to read a book at the moment. But it is always good to read something recommended - I haven't read anything by Sylvia Plath either although I hope its not too depressing. Nice knitting.

  39. Hi Tracey

    Thank you for visiting my blog - lovely to 'meet' you. I hope your daughter likes the book.

    What lovely images and knitting! I've always wanted to read The Bell Jar - I will add it to my queue of books...

    Happy knitting :)

  40. The pebble tank is fantastic, I've added it straight away to my favourites - for when I fit into regular clothes again :) I'm looking forward to seeing your green version!

  41. Beautiful atmospheric photos. I absolutely love that tank top too :)

  42. I love the tank! LOVE! Did it actually rain? Your photos of those clouds are stunning!

  43. Oh, those clouds are beautiful. And your vest is beautiful. And 'The Bell Jar' is one of my favorites. So basically, I love this whole post! xo