Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I will be the gladdest thing
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.

~Edna St. Vincent Millay

Next month the wee one
will be turning four so I
am busily knitting away
on a Lovey Dovey put
out by Spud & Chloe. I
am not using the recommended
yarn, instead I am going
with Cascade's Ultra Pima
in Periwinkle and Sunshine.
Since my daughter and her
family will be stationed in
southern Georgia, I thought
something out of cotton
would get more wear than
something from wool.

I am reading and thoroughly
enjoying several books
Amanda recommended not
long ago, Cherry which I
am in the middle of at the
moment, The Liars' Club
which I just finished, and
next up is lit. Mary Karr 
has fast become one of my
favorite authors and I have
been telling everyone I know
to read her.
Joining Ginny for this week's
Yarn along.


  1. I am going to have to unearth these books if the library has them. Lovely photos and I agree that switching the yarn from wool to cotton was a great idea. Love the colors!!!

  2. I love the sunny colours in your pictures, we are distinctly lacking in sun around here so colourful knitting is a must.

  3. The books look great! As do the sunflowers :-) And that yarn looks oh so soft! Perfect for 4!

  4. I love the sunshine looks the colour of new straw...perfect...
    Happy knitting

  5. What a cute little top/tunic. Cotton would get more use I agree. Karr's Liars' Club is in my library pile. Must set some time aside to read.

  6. What beautiful photos of one of our favorite flowers! I love how they echo your yarn colors! Can't wait to see your finished Lovey Dovey!

  7. Pima is great to knit slip-- very slippery so try not to let the stitches slip too far near the end of the needle. What a cute tunic. I love seeing seed stitch. It looks so nice knitted up.As always your photos are lovely. The colors are so virbrant and I feel like I could reach out and touch those sunflowers and pima!

  8. Gorgeous top photo. Are all those sunflowers on your property or nearby? I'm sure the cotton sweater will definitely be appreciated in Georgia weather. How many hours away will they be?

  9. Oh how I love sunflowers!!! These are gorgeous photos and the yarn is wonderful!! I can't wait to see the finished sweater!

  10. I love how your sunflower photos match your yarn! Beautiful.
    Thanks for the author rec, I'll have to check the library :)

  11. I love Spud and Chloe patterns...they're the cutest. And I see this one in our future for my Lena! Smart choice about going with cotton. She will love it!

  12. Sunflowers are my (not so) secret love, you know. The one and only time my husband bought me flowers, that's what he chose. I may have been right there directing him, but we'll ignore that. (:

  13. GREAT photos--once again!!! New (to me) author---always love finding a new one. Thanks for the suggestions. And that "lovey dovey"!!! Lucky Emerson!!!

  14. Your sunflower photos are gorgeous. We are in the depths of winter, so it is lovely to see those gorgeous sunny faces of those beautiful flowers. Can't wait to see the finished knit for your sweet grand daughter. Jacinta

  15. The Sunflower photos are gorgeous!!
    I am going to have to look into some Mary Karr books at the library.
    And that Lovey Dovey is adorable. Heading over to purchase the pattern now for my girls! :)

  16. I love how your blue and yellow yarn echos the colors in your sunflower photos. Just gorgeous!

  17. Pure summer goodness...the sunflowers, the yarn ( yellow & blue)....all so pretty and inspiring, I bet you are enjoying it. What a field of sun Tracey...beautifully captured.

  18. Beautiful pictures as always! I really like periwinkle (one of my favorite colors) and sunshine. Can't wait to see the finished project. With such beautiful colors it will be amazing.

  19. I love the color of your project and you can see how lovely and soft that yarn is! I will start looking for books by Mary Karr. I am always looking for suggestions of good authors! Thanks for inspiring your readers and enjoy your day!

  20. Goodness. Those sunflowers are like people in a crowd. Love that picture. And Cascade blows me away with color, texture. Your selection is beautiful, and you've captured your summer view in your basket.

  21. As always your photos are lovely Tracey. The cotton is beautiful and I love the little pattern. it's precious.
    Take care

  22. That little dress will be so cute! What a great colour choice too. Cotton would be my go to for a dress like that. Much cooler, indeed! Happy reading!

  23. The Mary Karr book looks wonderful, thanks for the recomendation!
    Those yarn colours go so perfectly together.
    Like sunflowers and blue skies :)

  24. I think I know where you got that Lovey Dovey pattern from....right? Glad you are getting to it! Love the sunflowers. I just planted a few seeds of the mammoths....

  25. Love those colors together! That is such a cute pattern.

  26. Love the blue and yellow together. And those sunflowers...gorgeous!

  27. Would you believe I have never knit with cotton?? I don't love the feel of it but I suspect I could get used to it if I bought some decent yarn. What an adorable pattern - I can't wait to see how it turns out! xo

  28. We have a sunflower field about 40 miles from us that we love to visit! Such a beautiful sight, isn't it!?! Love the blue and yellow together for the little Georgia peach. :)

  29. oh be still my heart, that FIELD! It is stunning.

  30. Those sunflowers are amazing and I love how you tied them into your yarn. How beautiful. That yarn is gorgeous!

  31. your sunflower pictures remind me of the giant sunflowers i saw on wednesday. i wish i would've not been in a rush since they were so huge i feel that i had to stand under them to truly enjoy them. now i don't think i would even find them again. but if i do, i will have to stop and take pictures!

  32. Lovey Dovey, in UP
    how a combination.

    And, in the end a practical gift in gorgeous colors.


  33. Your yarn so perfectly echoes those sunflowers against that striking blue sky. Summer embodied.