Sunday, July 15, 2012


A verb

A weekend of:

Dinner out with just the nineteen year old
lots of laughs and great California rolls.
Downtown visit to the local yarn store
Lots of tourist in town for The Water Festival
Almost finishing Lovely Dovey and am
now hoping it fits, oh that gauge!
Making this and loving it on eggs.
Feeling well enough to start running again
Melting in the heat and humidity by
afternoon, oh summer in the south.
Swinging in the hammock and cloud watching.
A birthday for a daughter in love.
Them telling me it's a great cake.
A sister surprising me with new flip flops
Joining with Amanda.


  1. RUNNING????????!!!!!!!!!!! Are you CRAZY????????? I'm barely walking in this heat!!!! You are a much better woman than I!!!!! (it's never too late to make muffins!!) :) Hugs!

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to run. Great exercise! Sounds like lovely weekend...we love California rolls! Yum! Have a good week.

  3. happy birthday to your dil! what a gorgeous cloud tracey, we have ones that looks a bit similar over the mountains, thunderheads, is this one? so beautiful.
    i've gotten back to running too! wish we were neighbors, i would love a running partner! take good care dear.

  4. It's wonderful that you are feeling better Tracey.

    Have a lovely week


  5. Love that cloud formation - what do you mean running - look after yourself.

  6. I have not been running much. I find it too hot even inside on the treadmill here. This humidity is a funny thing for a desert dweller. Glad you were able to have such fun times this weekend.

  7. wow! flip flops, rolls, birthday cake, and back to running! I think you win the best weekend ever :) Glad you are feeling much better and you can resume your activities!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love the cloud picture. Are the flip flops comfortable? I need new ones. I love them but this summer they have been causing me hip problems. I think I need a better pair!

  9. Stunning shot- just beautiful. You go! That is awesome that you will be running,I know you will feel so good-
    Have a lovely week and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  10. i have been making lots of chimichuri, too! putting it on everything and now eggs...thanx for the tip! the water festival looks like fun! and hooray for running again!

    and tracey, in utter seriousness, you need to get out here! know that you have an open invitation in durango. in fact, we will be gone for most of august and you are welcome to our home for you and yours. it’s humble but accomodating! seriously. i offered it to ko too, so you two can duke it out, but it’s a serious offer, if you could swing an impromptu getaway to the mountains!
    have a lovely, my dear!

  11. What a fun weekend Tracey!! Those flip flops are adorable and that cake!!!!!! The picture is absolutely gorgeous...

  12. What a wonderful weekend. A neighbor has those flip flops... are they comfy?

  13. What a wonderful weekend and that cloud picture it ah-ma-zing!

  14. A wonderful weekend. Glad to hear you are feeling well again.

  15. Interesting Flip Flops - love that the toes are covered/protected.
    Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful time with family, Tracey

  16. You are insane! I don't know what the weather is like down your way, but I have a pretty good idea and I hope to heavens you are running in the EARLY morning...Holy Cow! Are trying to have heat stroke? OK...sorry about that. Drink plenty of water. Is that better :) Enjoy yourself!

  17. I'm PMS-ing and I WANT THAT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!
    well, I hope that lovey dovey turns out a better fit than mine did. but you know that already. mine can wear it in another year or so. : /

  18. i have several pair of keens and looove them! your weekend sounds great...must consider the cake :)

  19. Any weekend with time spent in a hammock is a good weekend, indeed. I've been coveting a pair of Keens for awhile glad that you like yours!

  20. Your weekend sounds absolutely lovely!

  21. Ooh, so lovely. Sounds just scrumptious! I love the suprise from your sister - always so nice to receive love. Katie x

  22. That sauce sounds lovely...I wouldn't have thought ot pairing it with eggs...Mind you I do love eggs with spinach and yoghurt...mmm...

  23. That is an impressive cloud. And the Lovey Dovey pattern looks ADORABLE!

  24. I am so glad you are feeling better. I haven't been around the interwebs but you have been in my thoughts daily!