Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The dragonfly, in almost every part
 of the world symbolizes change
and change in the perspective of
 self realization; and the kind of
change that has its source in
 mental and emotional maturity
 and the understanding of the
deeper meaning of life.

 Over the last week I have
been knitting quite a bit, but
most of my knitting is for
gift giving so I decided not
to photograph it.  Besides all
my 'secret' knitting, I have been
working on a doll to give to
the wee one. I do not have an
exact pattern, instead just
going by mood and seeing what
comes off my needles. I am trying
to write everything down so if it
turns out and anyone would like
the pattern I can share.
Yesterday my Amazon order came
in and I have been slowing turning
the pages of 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters
A guide to Holistic knitting, yarn and life.
I feel I must have already learned something

because as I was taking pictures I had a
dragonfly who decided to join me and
hang out for awhile, that shows I'm
pretty laid back, right? The book shows
you that knitting isn't just a product, but
a process. That being said, the patterns,
[and there are 27] are amazing. From a
camisole, to a scarf, to socks and tunics, it
has patterns that I can't wait to knit along
with inspiring tips for a whole world of
knitters that I want to learn. 
What have you been up to this week?
Joining Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.


  1. That dragonfly is fantastic. Look at you making a doll without a pattern. Pretty amazing.

  2. That book looks fantastic - thanks for sharing - and how wonderful that it attracted a dragonfly! They are such strange looking creatures, aren't they.

    Can't wait to see the doll.

  3. Oh! Secret knitting :) Now I want to know all the secrets. The doll is a great idea for your granddaughter. I bet she is going to love it to pieces! Can't wait to see your pattern.

  4. WOW that it one magnificent dragonfly! I love those critters - had them all over my wedding stationery, and just bought myself a tshirt adorned with them!

  5. I have recently started following your blog and I knew there was a reason Why... Thanks for the intro to this perfect sounding book, even the animal life can recognise it as a good one!

  6. I love secret knitting! And your little friend there is adorable. I'm going to look for the book this week. It sounds like a good one to get into!

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos... can't wait to see the wee one's doll, it will be filled with so much love.

  8. Secret knitting is the ebst knitting. That dragonfly is amazing-how wonderful you were able to capture the moment. Your photos are always so lovely--what camera do you use?

  9. How dear is that dragonfly! He looks as if he is smiling for the camera. Aren't their colours just amazing. Enjoy your new read. Jacinta

  10. Looking forward to that dolly pattern. Stay well!

  11. Lovely shots of the dragonfly!
    Secret knitting is tricky to blog about, isn't it? I used to be anonymous on the internet but in the last 2 years all of my family have come to read and last Christmas I had to sit on my hands about what I was up to!
    Your book looks really interesting - thank you for sharing - I'm going to put it on my wishlist :o)

  12. ...never underestimate a Beautiful Tracey.I need to check this book out.
    Have a lovely day.

  13. Very cute! What a beautiful dragonfly!

  14. amazing pictures-----AGAIN!!! That dragonfly!! WOW. I must check out that book, too; I've always been a process knitter which is why I think I always go back to knitting even though I do most all kinds of crafts. With others----gotta get DONE, with knitting who cares???

  15. Oh that book looks really good! I am always wanting to look at new patterns...not that I end up knitting them, but I still love to look :-)

  16. "Slowly" opening the book is very appropriate for a laid-back knitter! :) The book will be put on my library request form today. Thanks for the recommendation. And the little doll's deep smile is so sweet. Are the striped areas her legs?

  17. Those pictures are SO COOL! I don't know how many times I've picked that book up. I've put it back because it's one of those things that I know I want to have the time to savor and enjoy it. Can't wait to see how your doll turns out.

  18. I have a facination with dragonflies and now I know why! I copied and pasted your quote into my favorites. I am constantly photographing them and always wondering what draws me to do so! Love the mitten ~ so adorable, snuggley and soft looking...and the smiley face tops it off! I hope you are feeling least you are churning out many works of art and the book looks wonderful. I am going to have to order it...but first I must get myself back into knitting. I wish you lived nearby so we could have a knitting club...I need someone to keep me inspired!

  19. Lovely photos of your little visitor! How fantastic, that book sound like such fun!

  20. I bet your doll will be cherished! Thanks for the book recommendation -- got to put that one on my list.

  21. What a fun little guy! Keep knitting, Tracey, I can't wait to see the finished product!

  22. Great pictures, Tracey!

    That book sounds promising. Maybe my library will get it in.

  23. I love your dragonfly friend. The book sounds interesting. Good luck with all of your projects.

  24. What outstanding pictures!!! I cant get over the dragonfly on the book :) perfect timing! Cant wait to see all the projects :)

  25. What a great book! I'll be looking it up!
    Dragonflies always seem a little mystical to me.
    What a lovely experience to have one of these beautiful, elusive creatures choose to hang out with you for a while:)

  26. you little knitter, you.
    love that dragonfly picture.
    I have a song called "dragonfly." they are special creatures and so are you!

  27. Sounds like a great book! I'll be adding that to my (ever expanding) list :)
    And I can't wait to see how the doll turns out. What a fun project.

  28. Love all your pictures. The Doll beginnings are fun - glad she has a big smile.
    The book sounds interesting, oh and some play items too.
    Enjoy the pages and stitches.

  29. Great catch! I love taking pictures of nature. Good luck with all your secret projects : )

  30. The book looks great, and love that happy face. Great pic of the dragonfly, too!

  31. That looks like a big dragonfly...I love them. My father used to have one on the wall in his study. It just landed there one day and died and so he pinned it up somehow. He always taught us to respect insects and animals and would spend hours with a match box or jam jar rescuing insects in the house and then freeing them rather than killing them. I saw two little red dragonflies in the garden yesterday. I think they were mating so I suspect we may have some more! But it's rainy this morning so I don't think I'll see any today, but I spent ten or fifteen minutes at dawn picking up slugs and snails from my courgette plant and relocating them to other green vegetation!

    It's lovely to have lots of patterns in mind to knit. I recently found a website (fibrefarm) with some lovely free ones. I may have to keep them until Autumn but it's nice to have something to look forward to making.

    I love the dragonfly photo oh and of course the clover...very fitting for your blog...

    Happy knitting...

  32. Beautiful photos of that dragonfly! I think the little guy was attracted by your calm aura for sure. On another note...if we could afford another ticket, I'd send it your way and you could eat all the guava & mangos you wanted in exchange for childcare! Thankfully, my mom, who lives on Maui (40 min. plane ride away) is coming to help us settle in on Kauai. Thank goodness for moms/grandmas! Would anything get done without them? I think not.

  33. Love your yarn basket, such pretty colors. That's a nice shot of the dragon fly. It almost doesn't look real!
    I'm going to see if I can find it. Sounds like a good read.

  34. Beautiful basket! Secret knitting is bittersweet - so much fun but hard to hide!
    Much love to you, dear Tracey!

  35. That's so neat that a dragonfly landed on the book! I love that book, too. Found it very inspiring.

    Can't wait to see your knit doll.

  36. oh so sweet secret knitting! i bet you are knitting with a smile :)
    have fun dear friend.

    p.s. i am going to look for that book too!

  37. Oh what fun to just sit and knit.I was hoping that my winter would slow down some so that I could just sit and knit but it hasn't happened yet. I shouldn't complain though as the nights are so long now that I get a fair bit done at night. Look forward to seeing the doll. xx

  38. I love the pictures you got of the dragonfly on the book! So cool! :)

  39. That book sounds fantastic and I can't wait to see the finished doll! What a lucky visit from such a wee dragonfly friend.

  40. As you may know I'm participating in The Loopy Ewe's Camp Loopy.
    Each Project we are assigned to a specific 'camp' group"
    This Project, I'm in the Dragonflies group.
    I will take to heart the words of today's intro, Tracey.

    Here;s to more knitting time.


  41. I'm just catching up! I can't believe you didn't have a pattern for Willow! Simply amazing T.