Sunday, June 10, 2012


Health is a large word. 
It embraces not the
 body only, but the
 mind and spirit as
 well;... and not
today's pain or
 pleasure alone,
but the whole
being and outlook
 of a [wo]man. 

~James H. West

This has been a weekend of
being kind to myself...

 ::long, slow walks with no regard
for time, just enjoying my surroundings

::considering revisiting this book

::having four inches cut from
my hair and having it styled for
the first time in years

::starting and ripping out a knit
project three times and not crying

:: loving coconut mango ice cream
oh my!

::going to sleep before nine each
night so at least I have had four
hours of sleep instead of the two
I usually have

:: trying not to be anxious as I
wait for a Monday phone call
concerning my health

:: asking if you wouldn't mind
sending a little prayer my way

::realizing this aging thing is hard,
but knowing I am strong.

Joining with Amanda for Weekending.


  1. Sending big hugs your way, along with the prayers :-)

  2. prayers have been offfered up my dear. will keep you on the list! much love!

  3. Tracey, yes, prayers are being offered for you from your blogger friend here is Arizona. Be at peace and continue to care for yourself.

  4. Thinking of you...and hoping your phone call brings good news.

  5. Oh Tracey, I am thinking of you and sending love and light your way!
    xo xo

  6. Hugs hugs hugs! Tracey, I am sending all of my best and healthiest thoughts your way!

  7. oh tracey, will keep you in my prayers. sending love my friend.

  8. Two hours! Oh, Tracey, I am so glad you are taking care of yourself this weekend. I hope it carries over into the weeks to come. Thinking of you and hoping for a clean call on Monday.

  9. I will definitely be adding you to my prayers. I hope all is well soon... I send love and light my friend!

  10. Oh dear Tracey, thinking of you and sending you warm and loving prayers my friend.
    ps. will we get to see your new do? I hope you enjoyed your haircut and love the results!!

  11. You are in my thoughts and prayers sweet friend. I hope you hear good news.
    Beautiful words and image today.
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Thinking of you Tracey and sending lots of love a big hug and a prayer. I know exactly what it's like to be at the end of that phone line. There are lots of good thoughts going over the ether to you.

    Keep strong

    Lots of love,

  13. I'm so glad you are having a weekend where you take care of you! I'll be praying for you as you await your phone call.

  14. Oh my! I am praying right now. Please know you are not alone.

  15. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way. :)

  16. You are definitely in my prayers! *hug*

  17. Oh Tracey, I've been there. Waiting for a phone call. Hoping all goes well and keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you xxx

  18. Waiting is often the hardest part....
    Visiting from Amanda's this rainy morning.
    Ronnie xo

  19. That photo is gorgeous, Tracey. I want to play in the waves. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sending a prayer for you. Please let us know.

  20. Thinking of you Tracey! And so glad to hear that you have been treating yourself well this weekend; You certainly deserve it. Please keep us in the loop on this;otherwise I will wonder and worry about you.

  21. yay for getting your hair styled, and for long walks with no regard to time, sounds heavenly.
    yes, my due date is coming sunday!! you are right it's hard to get rest, but i am so lucky my parents live just 20 minutes away, so they are a great help!
    have a lovely monday too! xx

  22. Let's see the new hair cut then!
    God bless and my prayers are with you.

  23. Praying for you!! So glad you were kind to yourself this weekend, that is usually the last thing on our lists, isnt it? Please show us the new cut!!! Have a wonderful, strong, lively, full of joy week!

  24. Sounds like you are doing lots of good things to take care of yourself.
    Holding you in the Light.

  25. You are in my thoughts, Tracey. Hope that you receive good news. :)

  26. Mango Coconut ice cream... sound so delicious.
    Thinking of you today. Hoping for good news for you.

  27. Hoping that the phone call was good news Tracey... I really do.
    Much love and hugs to you.

  28. Oh sweet Tracey. I am thinking of you, wishing I could give you a big hug in person. Sending you prayers and peaceful thoughts! I am so glad you were able to take care of yourself this weekend!

  29. I will absolutely send good thoughts your way. New hair cut and long walks sounds like the first two steps towards wellness to me. But, just to be sure, I'll send well wishes tonight. xoxo

  30. Oh dear. Dittoing everyone's comments, because they've all said it so well.

    You are in my thoughts.