Thursday, June 7, 2012


Trees are your best antiques. 
~Alexander Smith

I was flipping through a magazine
not long ago and came across
a lovely photo of a room decorated
in a very eclectic-organic style which
is a style I adore. One of the items
in the room was an elm stump...and
then I saw the price...$199.99!!!
I don't have elm growing here, but
I do have some red cedar stumps
that were left over from cutting wood
this past winter that I thought would
make awesome stools.
I rolled one to the back deck and
am now in the process of lightly
sanding it, then I am going to rub
bees wax all over it for a light sheen.
I will need to talk one of my guys
into carrying it up the stairs for
me as it's very heavy, but with just
a little elbow grease and some already
bought bees wax I will have a stool
that will last a life time so I think
that's pretty thrifty don't you?
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  1. I love this idea! And also your quote today!

  2. Tracey, what a labor of love! I know it's going to look beautiful and be worth more than the catalog ones because it's from your property! Great find :)

  3. We were going to do that with a oak piece we "borrowed" from the curb when my elderly neighbor had a tree cut down. After I peeled the bark off and discovered all the bugs it never made it inside. Also, it was too darn heavy to pick up - we roll it everywhere. It lives outside where the kids use it as a table. (:

  4. It sounds perfect...I love natural wood.

  5. Very. I know a few people who have done the same thing. Much better price tag I would say.

  6. Great idea! My brother just did this to make small nightstands. We have the rough version in a circle around our fire-pit in the back yard; the rough version sanding or beeswax; just leftovers logs! Actually, Joe did woodburn the girls' initials into their stools and they liked that. If you were really good with the wood burner I bet you could do a very beautiful design on your stool.

  7. Love this! What a great frugal project. Hope you will share pictures of the finished stool. ~ Blessings Elizabeth

  8. That is a great idea! Can't wait to see it.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. Very thrifty, indeed! It'll be nice to have a little bit of outdoors inside, too. (I saw a cute article one time and they made toadstools out of stumps, that were still in the ground, with round pizza pans that had been painted red with polka-dots and a sealer. They would be a cute idea for kids/grandkids for little seats outdoors!! Just an idea! ;)

  11. Loveit. We have tree stumps as side tables- I love the natural look.

  12. love it too, we have them also! enjoy your beautiful piece tracey!

  13. What an incredible idea -- beeswax and am elm stump. I've often wanted to stain and shellac some driftwood. I wonder what would happen.
    Cheers on being thrifty.

  14. Not only thrifty, Tracey, but very innovative.
    You're an on-the-edge kinda gal. Creative and talented.

  15. My hubby is an artist who works with reclaimed wood. He creates furniture, artistic pieces, etc. We are always amazed at the prices of reclaimed wood furniture, simple things, like your stool at crazy prices.

    So happy you made your own, you will treasure it forever I am sure.

    On a side note when we redid our bathroom last year Justin made the entire vanity out of hydro poles that had been taken down on our country road. He simply cleaned it up and created a lovely vanity. People are amazed when they see it.

  16. another brilliant idea from you Tracey!
    Can you believe that darn West Elm? I saw those a few years ago and laughed.

  17. Oh I look forward to seeing what that looks like. I once saw a lovely little children s play area with little stools and table made form logs.

  18. What an awesome idea! Can't wait to see it finished!

  19. I love the way that you're using what you have and, with just a bit of work, transforming it into something really spectacular. Can't wait to see it in its final home!

  20. Very thrifty and VERY cool! Fabulous idea. I have to say that the most comfortable seat at the campfire is not the lawn chair but the stump. And oh how much more cozy with a sanded, bees waxed finish!

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. You have such great ideas Tracey, can't wait to see it finished!!!

  22. That is going to be GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to see it finished and in place!

  23. that's a perfect piece for the home! it's most certainly a one-of-a-kind treasure.
    i've had part of a tree in my room growing up, it was one of my favorite pieces of decor. when i moved i couldn't take it with me of course.

  24. We got one of those free! When we cut down our trees out front (they were dying), we took a slice from one of them. It stayed on the floor, but it is really pretty! Good luck with fixing yours up.

  25. What a lovely idea. Hope you post a pic when all the shining and hauling is done!

  26. I love this idea!! So rustic and earthy. And a MUCH better price!! $199 - ouch.

  27. I did this too, my husband keeps threatening to put it in the fire instead of walk to the wood pile in the cold.. it took some sanding- I like your blog, it's sweety sweet sweet, I will follow along, if you don't mind.

  28. LOVE the idea! Can't wait to see it.