Thursday, May 3, 2012


"We make ourselves rich
 by making our wants few.”

 — Henry David Thoreau

Last Saturday Mike and I made
a very quick stop at a flea market,
he was checking to see if there
were any produce sellers and I
was just scanning the tables, not
really looking for anything because
lets be honest, I need to keep
decluttering and not bring anything
else in. I really do have few wants,
something to read, something to
knit, good coffee, fresh healthy
food and I'm happy. But....there
is always a But, I saw this
scale, well, under all the nasty
grease I saw what could be a
great scale. I kept walking since
I didn't really need a scale, I already
own a lovely electronic one that
works just fine, but then I went
back and ask the scary man how
much, when he said $1.00 I
was already pulling a bill out of
my pocket. A dollar, along with a good
scrubbing and I now have a great
scale for weighing produce outside
and since I didn't have a scale
outside is was a needed purchase
right? ;)
Joining with Cory once again for
her Thrifty Thursday posts.


  1. What a bargain. I think you did very well!

  2. For a $1 it seems to hard to refuse. An outdoor scale is perfect and a business expense.

  3. Nice scale. I'm going yardsaling this weekend-hope I find a bargain like that.

  4. I would say you got a very good deal!

  5. Much needed purchase I would say :)

  6. Wow what a great find!!! I'd say it was needed! :-)

  7. Love the quote!
    That scale is awesome and for a buck?

  8. Now, THAT was a great deal!!!! I'm wishing I had a second scale.....I use my little kitchen scale to weigh yarn ( to make sure I have "enough" to finish projects---that sort of thing), and apparently, last time I used it, I put it in a "better" place (I sort of remember doing this), so I'd have it handy always. WHOSH. GONE. Things are sometimes hiding in plain site around here, but I'll be darned if I can find it.

  9. Yeah, for $1, I couldn't pass that up, either. Now I can see how de-cluttering would get hard, though! :-)

  10. You really do need a scale outside to weigh's a MUST. And you were so thrifty with it and on top of that, it's so cool!...There, I've justified it for you :)

  11. Awesome outside scale!

    Have a lovely day!

  12. a true find! truly in the spirit of good open-minded thrifting (meaning, you were not technically looking for something, it found you!) ! nice job mama!
    I could use one of those too!

  13. Completely necessary and a lovely find to boot! When I was little I picked up a vintage baby scale from an old hospital. I think my mom got rid of it, but I think it would be really cool to have now!

  14. I am stunned by the price! You definitely found a treasure and how nice to have an outdoor one with all the gardening you do!!

  15. this is exactly the kind of shopping my hubby and i do :) a dollar can go a long way if you know how and where to shop!

  16. WoW ! ! GREAT PURCHASE ! ! and practical, too.


  17. I have a scale kind of like this in my basement. It is old but still works great!!

    Happy you liked my Silver bullet..... I use my blender so much more now.

  18. Love it; we used to have a scale just like it. Then I got an electronic one, but it broke too soon and now I'm back to the old fashioned kind - not nearly as nice as this one though!

  19. It looks wonderful and what a price!!

  20. What a wonderful quote and what an awesome find! And for a dollar!?!? Wow!

  21. One almost always finds the greatest treasures when not purposely looking. Great find!! And a fantastic price, too.

    I love Thoreau, one of my favorites. :)

  22. Great thrift find, Tracey! I love it.

  23. The scary man? Funny. Oh how I would like to visit the flea market with you, Tracey. I don't 'need' anything other than decluttering like you...but flea markets, tag sales, thrift stores? It's like a treasure hunt.

  24. So totally needed! It was a great find too!

  25. What a great buy! And perfect for outside.. you so needed this.