Sunday, April 29, 2012


“Shake the hand
 that feeds you.”

~ Michael Pollan

Saturday was picking fresh
vegetables from the fields,
a crowded farmers market,
introducing people to one
of my favorite vegetables
seeing old friends and making
new ones, listening to the
band play, being surprised
at how many pets people bring
to the market, enjoying
a loaf of fresh sour dough
bread from a new vendor
and missing vendors from
years past. There was a
quick stop at the flea market
and only spending a dollar
[more about that on Thursday],
some weeding in the herb
bed and having to put down
pepper flakes to keep the
puppies from digging up all
my plants. Staying up way too
late trying to knit a rope basket
and realizing my hands may
not be strong enough to get
it as tight as I want.
Sunday has started off slow and
quiet with a hot cup of coffee,
a silent home and no plans, just
letting the day unfold as it sees
Joining up with the lovely Amanda


  1. SO lovely - Tracey - a beautiful day here today - lovely party at neighbours last night, and a surprise too! (Later) xxx

  2. Wow! I am jealous of your farmers market offerings!

  3. It looks so fun! Beautiful lush greens and so much sunlight.
    ....I think I'll have to visit one day.
    I love the quote- so perfect with todays post.

  4. a quiet day, letting it unfold. that right there is the best kind of day.

    so red pepper flakes? the kind you might put on pizza? keeps dogs out...i learned something new from you!

    ps: emailed you this a.m. if you have other questions, you know how to find me :)

  5. what a great weekend for being out and about! the produce looks delicious!

    thanks so much for offering to send me a sand dollar! that's super sweet of you! i ended up buying one at a local shell store while we were at the beach. although now i'm thinking of how the one i bought might have been farmed just for the purpose of selling it... :( do you find yours at beaches near you?

  6. What a great weekend! I am jealous of your wonderful farmer's market! We have one, but it doesn't look like that... Love, Erin

  7. Hmmm, my Sunday has been very similar. No plans, just waiting to see where the day takes me.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I am so envious of your farmers market!! I can't find one around here that sells more then flowers and honey!

  9. wow! what a farmer's market!!! we had one vendor and our Amish friends when I picked up my CSA box this week. It'll pick up a little as the summer progresses, but we're lucky to have 8-10 tables! We do have a beekeeper supplying us with honey all summer! Tell me more about your veggie--never heard of that one!! Wonder where I could find such a thing.

  10. Your farm looks like it is doing well!

    Our farmer's market will start this Tuesday and I can't wait! I know the first few weeks in May are always slow up here, but seeing the offerings you have.. I am so looking forward to home grown produce!

    Have a beautiful week, Tracey!

  11. Lovely farmer's market. Ours are so tiny.... Bummer that the rope knitting hurts. It was a really good idea! Lovely weekend Tracey!!

  12. Love it ! What a great farmer's market. Ours hasn't started yet. I can hardly wait.

  13. is that what you call a crowded farmers market?
    oh jeez. come to mine. it has made me grow my own veggies just to stay away. ; )

    excited to hear about your $1 find!
    big love to you Tracey girl! Get your hubby to help you on those baskets!

  14. Your local farmer's market looks wonderful!

  15. i didn't realize farmers markets were seasonal tracey. here they are year round and so abundant, veggies, fruit, flowers, honey, goat cheese, walnuts, olive much (the only problem is it can be expensive). pets aren't allowed at our markets, shame, owen would love it!

  16. I would love to see you at the market and just chat for awhile. I noticed the large amount of dogs at the market in AZ.

  17. Sounds lovely and everything looks so lush!

  18. Wow, sounds wonderful. Just look at the gorgeous green crops, and all those lovely trees.

  19. That wiener dog is the cutest little thing ever. I want a dog like that now.