Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

I am so very close to finishing
my Abigail cardi! I just finished
knitting the ribbing and am
binding off the body. Once that
task is complete all that remains
are the sleeves and the collar.
My fingers are crossed that by
next week's Yarn Along I will
be showing you a completed
This weekend I did take a little
side trip, casting on a Ruffly Scarf
for my daughter. Her 8th
wedding anniversary was
yesterday and with her husband
being in boot camp I really
wanted her to have a little
something to unwrap and I
know she has admired this
type of scarf. I changed the
pattern just a wee bit, using
a size 10 1/2 circular needle
and cast on 150 stitched to make
it longer. I wish I had gotten
a picture of her unwrapping it
and then wearing it, it's perfect
for her and she was so surprised.

I know I'm a little slow as everyone
was talking about this book last year, 
but I finally picked up ICE POP JOY
and am loving it! Since we didn't
have a winter and spring has seen
temperatures in the mid 80's, I
am a little concerned about
summer. If the temperatures
become too unbearable I may
just live off of popsicles until
fall and with this book I have
found some recipes that I
could do that.
Now, what have you been up
to this week?


  1. I cannot wait to see your cardigan!!! I bet it is fabulous :) Tell your daughter and SIL happy anniversary! Lovely little scarf that you knitted.

  2. Love the photography in the first two pictures! The transition from one to the next was really eye catching! Great job knitting. It looks very lovely.
    Ps. Do you want any of our lingering snow???

  3. Good for you. Almost finished. I'm looking forward to seeing it next week. No pressure! I've not heard of the ice pop joy book. Must have been hiding under a stone.

  4. Beautiful scarf. And just what I don't need-another book I want to buy.

  5. The scarf is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your cardi! I'm concerned about the summer too, being due in July - that looks like it might be just the book for me too.

  6. I love the excitement that comes when the body of a sweater is completed and the sleeves and collar are left.

    Very pretty colors for the ruffly scarf!

  7. Oh, Tracey--only you!!! posing Abigail with the grindstone was just amazing!!! And you are becoming a knitting dervish--Abigail is no quick knit!!! Lovely summery colors for the scarf--lucky daughter! (Luckier mom, huh?)
    I've bypassed that book a bunches of times--thinking I would get it when I bought the little pop machine; the out of town grands come in about a month (for a 2 day visit)--how many pops could we make in 48 hours????????

  8. Very pretty scarf! I think I would like to try that pattern. It looks like something my mom would really like :-)

  9. How exciting, can't wait to see your finished cardigan. The scarf made such a lovely present, I'm sure it cheered your daughter up!

  10. Love the scarf, the colours are delicious. And your book looks like it might have some delicious recipes, will have to check it out.

    Can't wait to see your finished cardi.

  11. Oh, you are moving along so much better than I am. I'm in stockinette hell....back and forth, back and forth...yawn. S l o w l y getting there :) I love the colors in your daughter's scarf. They are so vivid! I'm with you, I'm afraid that we are going to have a popsicle summer...Ugh.

  12. Ice Pop Joy just may be the go-to book this summer.
    Yesterday temps in mid-70s
    You daughter must have be thrilled to bits with her unexpected gift from Mom.

  13. I can't wait to see the finished cardi and I LOVE the ruffled scarf.

  14. Our family enjoyed quite a few popsicles from that book last summer. Enough that I am thinking of taking my molds with us on our trip!

    The colors you choose are so beautiful, and I am sure fit the recipients so well.

  15. You know...I forget from one week to the next how fantastic your photos are. And then I get an "oooh" moment as soon as I see them. Thank you so much for sharing. Now, as soon as the weather gets nicer, I am going to try my hand at taking some better photos.

  16. Woo hoo! You're in the home stretch. Can't wait to see the finished cardigan.

    A friend of mine tried out that book and found the recipes to be very easy and delicious.

  17. Can't wait to see your finished cardigan next week!

  18. Your cardigan is going to be fantastic!! Can't wait to see it. What a lovely gift too-you are so sweet. The 80's already?! I think I would simply melt. Living off of ice pops seems like a perfect solution. I hope you share some photos of what you make.

  19. your knitting looks great!
    and the Popsicle idea is great for summer. i might make my own this year as well, it's going to be a hot summer i think!

  20. Love the scarf for your daughter Tracey - it is so darn cute! Congrats on being so close to finishing the cardi - cannot wait to see it finished. I was laughing as I read about the popsicles - even though we have had a warmer than usual winter, we are so NOT close to having popsicles!

  21. I must be ridiculously out of the loop. I've never heard of Ice Pop Joy... but I can so imagine the goodness within.

    Your knits are beautiful and oh how I wish you could pull a wheel up along side me and we could sip iced tea (that's because you're hot... we're still deciding) and spin the day away...

    Blessings, Debbie

  22. Is that an old mill wheel grinder stone? I used to work as a weaver in a grist mill and when those stones were grinding it was SO LOUD. And vibraty as we weavers were up in the attic.

  23. Love the curly scarf. Such a nice surprise for your daughter! Have never heard of the book, will keep an eye out for it, maybe for next summer. Really our summer has been thankfully quite mild.

  24. is that the jane austen curley scarf? what yarn did you use, obviously not lace !;)
    it looks wonderful !

  25. Love the ruffly scarf and can't wait to see your finished cardi next week! So pretty, Tracey!

  26. Your scarf turned our great! Thanks for your love yesterday... Hugs!!

  27. I love that ruffled scarf, Tracey! That is going on my list of projects. Wonderful to read you've made so much progress on your cardi-- can't wait to see the finished product.

  28. lLove the ruffy scarf what a lovely colour. I haven't seen Ice Pop Joy will have to look for it on Amazon.

  29. can't wait to see the finish project next Wednesday!
    and that ruffy scarf looks like a fun knit. I haven't heard of Ice Pop Joy- so I'm slower yet. :)

  30. I thought the recipes in Ice Pop Joy looked yummy even for adults! Your granddaughter will love some of those. Is that a paver stone or an actual old mill stone?

  31. oooh! so exciting! how do you find the time? your sweater is almost done! and i still don't know how you whiz through yarnalong so quickly.

    today was so much fun, i truly appreciate your email this morning tracey. gave me needed confidence. thank you! xxx

  32. loving that scarf! My mom made one for me for christmas and I love it. your daughter must look wonderful in's gorgeous! Great yarn!

  33. I love how your first two photos mirror each other!