Sunday, March 18, 2012


" We need to give each
   other the space to grow,
   to be ourselves, to exercise
   our diversity. We need to
   give each other space so
   that we may both give and
   receive such beautiful things
   as ideas, openness, dignity,
   joy, healing and inclusion."

~ Max de Pree

Weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments. Joining up with Amanda for her
weekending posts.

A very quiet weekend with just
me here alone with the animals.
There has been:

1. Gardening work and even
    though I am still not complete,
    I did get  the French Lavender
    in the ground. It will only last two
    years because of my coastal climate,
    but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

2. Almost finishing the collar and edging
    of my cardigan only to rip it all out
    and start over. I don't know why I
    thought it would look better if I just
    kept going, but silly me, I did.

3.  Hanging out with the ducks waiting
     for the snake I think has been visiting.
     Didn't see the snake, but enjoyed watching
     the ducks swim.

4. Thankful for that the thunderstorm didn't
    miss this time even though I sat without
    power for several hours.

5. Way too much time rabbit grooming!

6.  Enjoying the wonderful giveaway I won
     from Laura Emily and browsing her Etsy
     shop. She is having a 30% off spring sale
     from now until the 21st. I love all of her
     products, but the Lavender Tincture has
     become a fast favorite.


  1. your photos Tracey.
    I love

  2. With that comes fur. right?

    You could always to up spinning. :*)


    thanks for visiting my blog
    Hubby loves getting & wearing hand-knit sox.

  3. Gorgeous bunny! Bummer about your sweater. I'm still slogging away at mine too, so you've got company!

  4. Sounds and Looks like you're having a very nice and relaxing spring weekend!

  5. love your bunny! do you raise them or just have the one?

    1. We have just the one, Tallulah Cotton. I have looked for a male angora, but so far no luck.

  6. The bunnies are very cute and fluffy! Rain here too this Sunday. So nice for this desert dweller. I keep wanting to buy from her shop. Perhaps today. So sorry about the sweater. I often become deluded that it will all work out.

  7. The snakes were so active this weekend! I hope you catch yours soon. Love the bunny photo :)

  8. A lovely weekend. Don't you love Laura Emily's packages!

  9. Is that the Easter bunny????? So pretty!

    So sorry Abigail isn't behaving--but you'll have a treasure when it's done!!! Love your determination and stamina!!!

  10. Such beautiful photos. Trying to decide which one I like best, but no I can't just love them all. Good luck with the cardi. I've done similar before- kept going thinking I could live with that , but no I couldn't so had to unpick a lot instead of a little. Congrats. on the wonderful giveaway you won. Looks simply divine.

  11. hello my friend,
    i am so happy to read about your weekend. i love all the photos, especially the cute bunny.

  12. Lucky you, those lavender products look wonderful. I have a small spray bottle of lavender oil and water on my nightstand. The scent is so soothing.

    Why do you think a snake has been visiting? Did you just want to see it?

    Is that an angora rabbit? I am reading a knitting memoir and the author writes about spinning yarn from angora fur while the rabbits sit calmly on her lap.

  13. oh dear your sweater. i hope your back on track now tracey. sounds like a lovely peaceful weekend, i would love to hang out with ducks and bunnies! have a wonderful week ahead. xxx lori

  14. a weekend to yourself, with knitting and the company of ducks?? sounds like a dream to me! glad you enjoyed the quiet! and hope your allergies are better! have a good start to this new week!

  15. I love your photos. The duck is fabulous. We have a park near us that has ducks but none as pretty as yours! I love Laura Emily's blog & store. I need to get over there and place an order! Congratulations on winning her giveaway!!

  16. Your post definitely shows spring is in the air! yay!

  17. Beautiful images...loving the little bunny.
    Can I ask you what pattern you are knitting? I am totally uninspired these days and need a pattern for a cardi or a sweater. I also want to thank you for your support and kind words.
    Happy Monday.

  18. Your bunny is so adorable! I've been wanting a pet bunny, and I've heard they're easy to train to use a litter box? Is yours an indoor pet? Just wondering . . .

  19. aw, thank you for the shout out! Glad you love the lavender tincture.

    and that rabbit! Goodness. I want to cuddle something now.

  20. Wow. I was loving the bunny in the photo, with a middle lady deep in bunny love, just wondering if it took a lot of care with it's fluffyness. So, thanks for telling me you spent way too much time making it look that lovely. Sorry you were without power for a bit. I know how that goes...