Sunday, March 4, 2012


Beginning today, treat everyone
you meet as if they were going
 to be dead by midnight. Extend
 to them all the care, kindness
 and understanding you can
 muster, and do it with no
 thought of any reward.
 Your life will never be
 the same again.

~Og Mandino
weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments. Joining up with Amanda.

Saturday brought rain,
six inches of rain in just
24 hours. I for one am
very thankful, even if
my long dirt road is now
a swamp. At least with
all this rain I won't
have to worry as much
about my well running
The fourteen year old
and I decided to have
a school day and now
we are one day closer
to our required 180 days.
We rented Tower Heist
and I would have been
better off just throwing
my money in the trash can!
I was so disappointed to
hear the "N" word being
used and couldn't even
finish watching. I thought
that time had long passed.
Sunday was spent with
family and friends in
Savannah,Ga., . We had
fun browsing around,
eating a great lunch,
laughing with each other
and  there is a promise
to not to let so much
time pass before we
all get together again.
I hope each of you has
had a lovely weekend
filled with love and


  1. Beautiful Tracey, glad your weekend was great. Sorry to hear about your film - it's a good reminder how not to be I'm sure. Thank you my weekend was filled with love and kindness and I hope the same for your week ahead. Love Katie xxx

  2. good times with family always makes for a good weekend!!!

  3. Og has it right.

    Rain is good. Six inches is a bit overboard for such a short span of time. But always welcome.

    Savannah, I think would be an interesting destination.


  4. Glad you had rain and your well is full - we had rain most of last week on Saturday all day and all night. Not the best day to have had a 2 year old birthday party outside with jumping castle ect. Sunday was hot and steamy and today is pleasant. Other parts of Australia are experiencing sever flooding poor things.

  5. Yes, we also got a ton of rain, that was a huge storm!
    I'm glad we're not the only ones turning off movies for bad language. It can ruin an otherwise good movie.
    Hope your week will be just as good as your weekend was!

  6. amen to your quote tracey dear. it is just beautiful. hurray for your rain, filling up the well is a good thing. i love when time spent with family and friends is so lovely that the question 'why don't we do this more often?' comes up. isn't that the best? :)
    much love and kindness here too!

    xxx lori
    p.s. have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  7. Thank you for that beautiful quote Tracey, I am going to share it with my children today. It's lovely that you had rain this weekend. We spent Sunday mountain bike racing with our children.
    Have a wonderful week.
    xo xo

  8. Love, love, love the quote...
    We have had a lot of rain here, I am so happy about that for the land needs it so much...wind and rain today, but I am happy.
    Much love.

  9. We saw that movie Saturday night and it was a waste of time and money. Such a shame because there were some talented actors in it.

  10. A school day on the weekend!? I bet summer is arriving faster than usual. We had some rain and we had some flakes yesterday!! This weather is just nuts.

  11. I get so discouraged trying to find movies worth seeing anymore. Often its just the waste of a perfectly good rainy day! Of course a school day on the weekend to make up for the lost school weekdays is often seen around here...

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Savannah is such a lovely place! Glad you had a good weekend!

  13. Yes, after writing my post about the lovely weather, we had a monster storm that night! And now it's chilly. *sigh* Your weekend sounds lovely, minus the movie.

  14. Sounds like a lovely weekend, except the movie :( Love your quote, such a good reminder, and a wonderful way to go about living life.

    We had a laid back weekend, I was rocking the elderberry syrup trying to fight off a head cold, I think I won, as today I am feeling much better :)

    Have a lovely day.

  15. i saw the preview for that movie last's the one with eddie murphy, right? in which case, may i say it doesn't surprise me?

    sounds like you had a lovely time in ga!

  16. I love your quote! Perfect!

    I was thinking about renting the same movie, but the language would be a major issue. Ah well.

    Oh Savannah.. *happy sigh*

  17. Your weekend sounds wonderful despite the messed-up movie. Ugh. But anyway, awesome that you got some rain and your well is filling up again. Savannah is such a special city. Thanks for sharing your weekend sweet Tracey!

  18. I'm so happy to hear of your rain filled saturday-it brings me hope that we'll be seeing some spring rain soon as well!! We're still experiencing the flaky variety around here, but I long for the sweet smell of rain.

  19. Yeah for rain but yuck for road. Tracey, what a beautiful photograph!

  20. What a beautiful quote Tracey. Sorry I haven't been by as often. Computer time has been limited as we are settling into our new digs at my parent's house for a while. Busy busy... and trying not to hide away from too much going on. HUGS!!

  21. Gosh, I envy you all of that rain. We have been getting a few light showers about once a week but need so much more. Plus I personally love rainy days. My weekend was all about naps, browsing in boutiques, and babysitting Lily.

  22. Ditto on the movie. I lasted twelve minutes. Six inches? Holy car wash! Hope the sun shines your way now.