Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?  Joining with Ginny.

So much can happen in
just seven short days.
I finished Star Crossed Slouchy Beret
and had my daughter
model it for you.
I like that you can wear
it up and show the pattern,
or tuck your hair in and
wear it slouchy. It's two
hats in one! :)
I found it to be a fun
knit and would love to
knit a few more.

We had a cold front come
in over the weekend and
while all the fruit trees look
okay, my poor tulip tree didn't
fair so well and lost all of
it's early blooms. Also
lost this week was my
Abigail Cardigan.  It seems
I can't read a pattern
properly and ended up
with a yoke 26 inches instead
of the required 13 inches.
I had thought my gauge was
correct, but upon closer
inspection I messed that
up too. I sent my husband
to the LYS while he was
in town for a set of
larger needles [they carry
Hiya-Hiya] so before
this cardigan is complete
I will have a good idea of
what needles I like. I have
finished rewinding all
my yarn and later on today
will cast on once again.
I love this yarn and the

look of the cardigan
so I am not giving
up. Even if the temperature
is 100 degrees by the time
I finally cast off I am going
to wear this cardigan and
I promise to show a
photo to prove it!

I am still reading Coop,
but it's usually late at
night so it's going a
little slower than usual.

What have you been
up to this week?


  1. Oh, Tracey your daughter is lovely - so like you, I think. What a fantastic pattern on the back of the beret, and beautiful colours.
    I am struggling a bit with one of my reads this week too. xxx

  2. Your daughter looks beautiful in the hat. I have had to rip many a project on account of poor gauge. Hope it all comes together for you this time.

  3. The hat is gorgeous (and so is your daughter!)

  4. Your daughter is pretty and boy the hat is just adorable!! I hope you get gauge and can power through the yoke of the cardi again!!

  5. The hat is beautiful. Good luck with the cardigan. I love your willingness to wear it in 100 degrees if need be!


  6. I love the colours in the yarn of the hat, it is so very pretty. I wish I had such a photogenic model I could use to show off my knitting. Lucky!

  7. lovely hat and beautiful daughter Tracey.

  8. Such beautiful pictures of your daughter modelling the hat!

  9. Your daughter is beautiful!!! (as is your hat!!!)

    (Can you believe, I ended up frogging my sweater yesterday, too!? I read my pattern wrong--it was given in French sizes and that 36 just wasn't going to cut it!!!!) Keep me posted on Abby's progress!

  10. Nice job and your daughter is beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous hat! Good luck with your cardigan

  12. I love the hat... and by the way it looks great on your daughter!! I am looking forward to your post with you wearing your

    I am also praying for you dear friend....


  13. What a beautiful daughter, Tracey! She looks a lot like you. The slouchy hat is wonderful! So vibrant. Sorry about the snafus with the sweater.

  14. So sorry about ripping that sweater out! It really is best sometimes, especially when you have great love for that particular yarn. :) So which needles do you like the best so far?

  15. Oh too bad about Abigail, I am sure it will all work out. How awesome you can send your hubby to the LYS! Love the beret. I thought that was you at first. She is so beautiful-just like mama!

  16. love the beret! and your daughter is so pretty!

  17. Oh...poor tree...your beret is lovely though!...we have a magnolia tree as well...someone hacked it up pretty badly trying to trim it so I'm not sure it will make it...

    Have a great day!

  18. So sorry to hear about your sweater-but if you love the yarn it will be absolutely worth it!
    Your daughter is beautiful, and so is the hat! I love the colours in it:)

  19. Hi Tracey, that hat turned out great and your daughter is very beautiful (but i didn't expect anything else!!)
    as for the Abigail cardigan, well, such is a knitter's life, isn't it. next time things will work out! hugs, xx

  20. Your hat is lovely and your daughter is beautiful.

    Sorry about your sweater, I am sure when you are wearing it, it will all be worth it.

    Have a great day!

  21. Beautiful hat! Your model is very lovely.

    Sorry to hear about the cardi! Good luck casting on again.

  22. oh tracey, your daughter is so beautiful, she looks so much like her mama. your knitting looks lovely and i'm so sorry about your cardigan. if there is anything i can help with? it was sweet of your husband to help out. you will make the abigale, and i can't wait for the photo!

  23. Bummer about having to rip! It happens to the best of us - keeps us humble, I guess!

    I also picked up Coop on your recommendation, and I'm really enjoying it. I do the same thing though - I read in bed late at night, so I usually only make it through a paragraph or two before I fall asleep! It takes me forever to finish a book, unless I make time during the day to read!

  24. That hat is very cool! Just the thing for a bad hair day (which I have all the time) Books take me a while to get through too : )

  25. Your daughter and the hat is gorgeous.
    Hope your Tulip tree is ok...
    Much love

  26. oooo LOVE the hat! I HAVE to make one for myself! I have lots of bad hair days now as I'm growing out my hair and it's in that awkward stage of not short not long ...duh...
    beautiful colors and great pattern, I'd love to have one just like that!
    thanks for inspiration :)

  27. I love the hat! Gauge is always so hard. I can;t wait to hear which needles you like the best! Have you tried knitpicks yet?

  28. Great colors on the hat. A slouchy cardigan would be a great compliment to it! But after you finish your current stuff, of course... ha ha!

  29. Beautiful hat and daughter! I'm working on a cardigan as well and I am in stockinette hell....back and forth, back and forth....testing my patience.

  30. Gorgeous model (the hat isn't too bad either). I am sorry about your cardigan. I really hate that! Gauge drives me crazy. Part of my problem may be that I tend to ignore it. Ooops.

  31. Beautiful! The photo of your daughter reminds me of "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Vermeer; only, your daughter is prettier.

  32. Your daughter is gorgeous! Just like her mama. Very cool hat, love those yarn colors.

  33. Wow! I knitted that same pattern, and our hats look nothing alike! Yours is pretty though:)

    P.S. I think your blog modifications were not letting me comment with my typepad account. It's been doing that with a lot of blogger blogs lately...

  34. Your slouchy hat is just beautiful... could have something to do with the model? Nope. It's the pattern and the yarn AND the model!

    I recognized the ramen noodles. I've made a few of them myself. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  35. Your daughter is beautiful, Tracey. The last picture of her reminds me so much of Girl with Pearl Earring.

    The slouchy hat is fabulous! I love the color, I love the function. It looks like it was a really fun knit.

    Sorry about your tulips, but thank goodness your fruit trees are okay.

  36. What a fun hat and such a lovely young model. What a bummer about the cardigan. You're a trooper, though! I would probably stash the whole thing at the bottom of my basket for a month or two before I could get the courage to try again.

    Looking forward to hearing how you like Coop. It's one of my favorites!

  37. Ouch on the cardigan troubles....You are inspiring - jump right back on that horse! :)
    The beret is beautiful - as is the lovely model!

  38. love love love that beret! So darned cute. And that daughter of yours, so gorgeous! Good luck with the cardi, such a frustrating thing sometimes. I recently took out about 10 inches of a sweater I was making for myself, in the end I wanted to be able to put the sweater on and think "I love this" so it will be worth it I'm sure.

  39. that hat is amazing and your daughter is lovely too!
    sorry the cardigan is being bad.
    I have been so out of the knitting loop. now picking up a forgotten project thanks to your pretty hat inspiring me!

  40. My daughter made that pattern for herself this winter! It looks great, friend!

  41. Tracey! That hat is beautiful! And so is your daughter :) I know you'll get your sweater done eventually, 100 degrees or not. Praying for your friend, also.

  42. your daughter is beautiful, i'm sure all your family is :)
    and the hat is wonderful!
    we're working on putting hard wood floors down in the living room so i don't think i'll get to craft within the next week or two.

  43. I like the beret very much! It's just perfect for your daughter!

  44. Enjoy the Hiya's. They are my favourite!

  45. sorry to hear about the tulip tree and sweater. But I do love that hat, it looks gorgeous. I've ripped out many sweaters- never completing one. Patterns and I just don't mix. I just want to knit and forget all about the numbers. :)

  46. Your daughter is Gorgeous ! ! !

    Tulip Trees in our area haven't even thought about blooming yet.

    Sorry to hear your sweater woes.