Sunday, February 26, 2012


Anyone can carry his burden,
 however hard, until nightfall.
 Anyone can do his work,
 however hard, for one day.
 Anyone can live sweetly,
patiently, lovingly, purely,
till the sun goes down.
 And this is all life really

~Robert Louis Stevenson

 weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments. Joining up with Amanda.

1. Spent a few hours in the local hardware store and can't wait to go back,
    it was a great experience and they carry everything!

2. Loving this. The only change I made was to serve it on spinach.

3. Trying to adjust going from 83 degrees to 60 degrees in just two days.

4. Using a Neti Pot for the first time and hoping it helps with what is already
    shaping up to be a horrid allergy season.

5. Finally got to watch my all time favorite episode on The Lucy-Desi show.
    I'm not sure why 'they' never air it, it's great, Darling!

6. Wondering about cutting half my hair off as 25 inches maybe too long for
    someone my age. What do you think?

7. There has been lots of knitting, knitting, knitting , but that's okay, I
    admit I have a slight addiction.

8. Spent an enjoyable hour talking on the phone with a friend and it was a

9.  Drank about a gallon of my new favorite tea.

10. Enjoying all these moments in my days that make up a life!


  1. If you cut your hair it will grow back. I just took off four inches, but mine was icky straggly looking. I admire your bravery with the neti pot. I just cannot bridge that action.

  2. What a perfect quote. Some days we need that reminder more than others!

    The hair dilemma....I think you more than qualify for Locks of Love. That might make the decision easier--and of course, Karen is so right--it WILL grow back! (My daughter is an inch away from the locks of love length--and the scissors!)

  3. Love the salad Tracey! I have had a neti pot for years and it is the best; consistency is the key. Roobios is by far my favourite tea - amazing flavour and no caffeine.

    Go for the cut! I took a whack off of my hair (like 6 inches) and I have never looked back. If you don't love, although I bet you will, it will grow back.

  4. Mom says "Don't do it!" and this is coming from a lady with hair down past her waist. But if you were to cut and donate, it would probably be easier to part with.

    I love my neti pot -- I hope yours helps.

    Sounds like an all around good weekend!

  5. I nearly made that salad dressing last night but opted for a simple vinaigrette instead (as per post).
    I love that tea too!
    If I had lovely hair like you I wouldn't cut it - on the other hand sometimes we need a change.

  6. wow, this is such a beautiful tree!

    i "chopped off" my hair and never regretted it yet. but that's just me... i went from almost to the waist to pixie short which is pretty drastic i think. :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hair dilemmas! I am one of those people who grows my hair long, then gets it cut short. I'm currently growing it out. So I am of no help. Although I do love your long hair. Jacinta x

  8. Lovely weekend. That salad sounds lovely. I'm debating getting mine chopped off today...but it's nothing like as long as yours. They say a change is as good as a rest...

  9. Hair dilemma? I say, do what you want and forget your 'age'. If you want a change, try it but not because you think you can't have long hair as a mature woman. :) Hope your allergies are not too bad this season. The salad recipe sounds wonderful. Sounds like you did have a good weekend.

  10. Hair grows, but there is no such thing as your age. Do what you like and what you feel good in.

    My dad works at the local hardware store. Love that place. I still look for the oldest man in there to ask for help. As a youth when my dad sent me that was always his advice.

    I do think the neti pot helps. Odd but effective.

  11. Ha! I have really long hair as well and I know it's time to cut it because when I wear it up (which is quite a lot because there is so much of it) if I don't place the pony tail in just the right place, I get a raging headache. Also, keep using the neti pot, it will help. I swear by mine.

  12. I say if long hair suits you, then leave it long. I don't believe only "younger" women can wear long hair.

    We had a freaky cold snap, too. Sigh. Where is spring??

  13. Oh your weekend sounds wonderful. What a glorious photo too! Leave your hair long if you like it-it's your head! I think you look great.
    Sorry about the allergies. I know the pain of those.
    A weekend wouldn't be complete without knitting. And yes local hardware stores rule!

  14. sounds like a great weekend! if you do cut your hair, donate it to locks of love. the red bean has donated twice and it's such a wonderful cause.

    ps: sometimes the saline solution can be a bit drying in your neti pot so you might add 2-3 drops of calendula tincture. you can work your way up to 5 drops but start small first!

  15. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I agree with Angela... it's your hair!

  16. I always debate cutting off my hair too.... but then I get nervous!

  17. i just pulled all my kids sundresses out of storage and today it's in the 50's.

  18. p.s. neti pots are GREAT for prevention but don't use them if you get sick!

  19. Crazy weather this year, that's for sure! You're beautiful with long hair and would be just as beautiful with shorter hair, so the balls in your court on that one :) Happy Monday, Tracey!

  20. I think that is the same as redbush tea...I love it too!
    I like your hair...I wish I had long hair.
    Much love

  21. So many inside-weather, cozy doings. I look forward to you finished knitting projects. Enjoy making them. -heather

  22. thank you for a peaceful quote and post. i am pondering the meaning of life for some time now. for both old and young. i am wondering about sending my son to a public school he does not enjoy. i am wondering why there is no recycling here. i am wondering about the people i am friends with. values. belongings. habits.

  23. A great weekend...I love my long hair. I say, keep it long. :)

  24. A wonderful weekend!! I am a short hair girl and love it, but it is not for everyone :) Can't wait to see what you decide.

  25. dear tracey,
    how i love r.l.s. i have a vintage collection of his books, and we had a poem read of his at our wedding (we even took our honeymoon to samoa, and one of the reasons was to see his home and final resting place.)
    and i LOVE rooibos tea. i first discovered it 12 years ago on my first trip to africa. we were in the area (in south africa) where the red bush grows, supposedly its the only place on earth where it does. we ate rooibos bisquits, and drank a sort of rooibos soda as well as lots of tea. we brought back bags with us since at the time it wasn't availible here. luckily you can buy it everywhere now. it's theraputic properties are even greater than green tea and there's no tannins!
    i think if your thinking of cutting your hair, you might be in the mood for a change. i cut and donated mine 3 years ago (and blogged about it!) and it grew back so quickly. i used to worry about long hair and my age, but chuck loves it and so do my girls, so i'm leaving it.
    i hope your allergies aren't too bad! i've never used a neti pot, too much of a chicken. :)

  26. Tracey - I love hardware shops - so many fabulous things. We have one or two on the island and (sshhh - my daughter is currently dating the son of the owner of the best one!! - ridiculously exciting)
    I have always had long hair all my life, but two years ago i had this burning need to cut it really short - pixie style. I went to my hairdresser and she didn't want to - she said it was too drastic a change, so i let her do a chin length bob, then the next day i went somewhere else and had the job completed. it was as if i couldn't rest until this was done. I liked it wel l enough, and it suited me, but I have grown it right back. Now it is as long as it ever was and i am happy to have got it out of my system. In fact, i went to the salon for trim last week, and John and I were talking about my short cut. he couldn't remember what it was like, so we looked back the blog and there it was - so not me. i do think you would look great though, if you went for it. maybe it is an age thing - right of passage :)
    Sending you healing thoughts. xxx

  27. Go short! It's always nice to have a change every now and then. I'm getting ready to have mine chopped. Getting ready for Spring and a new look!

  28. I get the need to cut my hair off every now and then - and then I can't be bothered to go to the hairdresser's for a few years and it's long again. :) That's the good thing, it always grows back, no?
    I hope allergies are not bothering you too much - have a good week!

  29. Haircuts are a fun way to spruce things up a bit and it can always grow back ;o)
    I love your quote, i will keep it in my list .
    Wishing you a wonderful week after such a lovely weekend