Sunday, February 12, 2012


One of the most tragic
things I know about human
nature is that all of us tend
 to put off living. We are all
 dreaming of some magical
 rose garden over the horizon
 - instead of enjoying the
roses that are blooming
outside our windows today.

~Dale Carnegie

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments.  Joining with Amanda.

I am listening to
this non stop and still
trying to wrap my head
and heart around the news
that my friend, a friend I
have had for more than
twenty years, will not
be on this earth much
longer- Cancer-terminal-
it all seems so unfair!
I have spent each moment
since I heard the news
 really paying attention
to my world, my surroundings
and how I am living each
moment. I have cleaned
my house from top to
bottom, because that
is what I do when I'm
stressed, I clean. I have
baked bread and made
soup. I have knit, read,
walked is the early morning
cold. Last week we were 79
degrees and today it was
27 when I went outside.
This afternoon I will make
chocolate turtles for my
guys because I promised,
I will call my friend and
talk, I will cry and then
I will continue to live, but
from now on it  will be a
life lived a little more aware
of how short  it is and how
quickly it can change.


  1. ph tracey i am sooo sorry. i cannot even begin to imagine how painful this must be. keeping both you and your friend in my prayers.

  2. dear tracey, i am sorry....that’s so hard. like amanda, i will keep you both in my prayers.

  3. beautiful words to just a hard situation..may everything turns into good..

  4. I am so sorry to hear this news. May God be with your friend....and with you.

  5. Oh, Tracey, My heart goes out to you and your friend.
    I know you will be a tremendous blessing and comfort to her. Sending you both my prayers, love, and a hug.

  6. Oh Tracey, I am so sorry to hear about your friend....all my love to

  7. So sorry to hear that sad news. So much tragedy lately. Is it our age do you think?. We must be more aware of our precious life, I agree!. Love and hugs to you dear Tracey xxx

  8. Oh Tracey - sending healing wishes and prayers to your dear friend, and strength and love to you. Your quote is so - so true. xxx

  9. I am sorry and you just keep cleaning (I do that too!). I will keep your friend and you in my prayers.

  10. So sorry - I know just how you feel and a post you made last year that was so true and said just how I felt about my friend who died of cancer - Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life, 1859 (see

  11. I'm so sorry you are going through this. The worst part is the helplessness. But know that you really aren't helpless, but helpful. Your friendship and support means more to your friend than you could ever know. Chin up...sending love and support

  12. I am so sorry Tracey. I send you hugs from Michigan. Wish I were closer so we could clean and knit and drink tea and walk together. You and your friend are in my prayers.

  13. Oh Tracey.. I am so sorry.. I am praying for your friend and her family and also for you.

    (I also clean when stressed!)

  14. I am sorry about your friend, Tracey. Sending you and your friend hugs and love.

  15. i'm sending you a big, big hug! sorry to hear that, i know how emotionally stressful this is. good for you that you clean when you're stressed, when i'm down i have a very hard time keeping up with household chores.

  16. My heart breaks for your friend, and for you Tracey. I am so sorry. May the time she has left be filled with love, and be surrounded by people that love her. Much love and peace ...

  17. Dear Tracey,
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend, this is so sad... Sending you and your friend love and light.

  18. oh... sorry for the sad news....sending warm thoughts your friend's way.

  19. Oh this is heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your dear friend and for you. Everything is temporary. That is so hard to really know and accept. I know I haven't. I hope you are able to share much time, love, laughter and peace together during these last few moments. Many hugs and kisses to you.

  20. So sorry to hear your sad news. Your friend will be in my thoughts.
    Enjoy all this time with those boys of yours eating up chocolate turtles.

  21. So sorry to hear your sad news. Sending hugs xo

  22. Very sorry to hear about your friend. I find Psalm 46 comforting when I'm distressed. Hope it helps you in your stressful time. Yes, life is precious. Will pray for you and your friend.

  23. Tracey - so very sorry to hear about your friend. Keeping you in my prayers as you deal with this. Hard to imagine why these things happen, and comforting to be in His presence when muddling through them.

  24. So very sorry to hear about your friend. Your friend is in my thoughts. Love the quote you shared at the top of your post, lovely.

  25. I'm so sorry to hear this news. :-( I can't even imagine...try and find some peace, whatever way you can. It sounds like you're trying. {{{hugs}}}

  26. Oh, I am sorry, Tracey. Sending much love to you and your friend, prayers for healing, prayers for peace. xoR

  27. Oh. My heart goes out to you. Sending love and light...

  28. oh, tracey.
    I just now read this.
    life is so crazy hard and weird and unfair seeming.
    I think you and I are like souls in a few ways or more.
    I wish I understood more of WHY things are the way they are and then I could soothe you.
    In the meantime, I send my love along with all the other sweet commenters.

  29. Tracey, so sorry to be reading this. You sound like the kind of person someone would be very blessed to have as a friend. I'm sure you will be a comfort to your dear friend. Hugs from Oz. Jacinta xx