Sunday, February 5, 2012


“Ten times a day something
 happens to me like this -
some strengthening throb
 of amazement - some good
 sweet empathic ping and swell.
This is the first, the wildest
 and the wisest thing I know:
that the soul exists and is
 built entirely out of attentiveness.”
Mary Oliver

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments.
Joining with Amanda.

Saturday I spent the whole day
doing just what I wanted to do,
not anything I really needed to
do, but a day just puttering from
one thing to another...
Sitting on the back steps drinking
coffee and watching the sun glisten
off the beautiful art work a spider
constructed in the apple tree.
Taking my daily walk and noticing
more signs of spring no matter what
that groundhog said. Working on
a St. Valentine's gift that I hope
turns out. Finally starting a book
that has been on my nightstand
for months. Making a batch of
yogurt and getting a jar of kimchi
prepared. And of course there
was knitting.
Today there will be digging in
the dirt as my herb bed seems
to be taken over by weeds, new
recipes to try and hopefully a
cool sea breeze as we are suppose
to be 79 degree today.
I hope you weekend is everything
you wanted and you are having
the best time!


  1. Sounds wonderful...i am looking forward to digging at my allotment, but at the moment the ground is frozen.
    We have had snow today...and so I got to do some knitting.
    Much love

  2. that is such a pretty web! i love that you sat and rested and watched it. i'm glad your saturday was so nice tracey, mine was similar, except we had that baby shower to go to (chuck ended up having a great time!)
    today he's going off to watch the superbowl and i will have the house to myself. i took my walk this morning so today i could enjoy being home the rest of the day, soup making, reading, knitting, ahhh. :)

  3. wow, you're warmer than us today! was in the low 70s last few days but today back down to the 60s thankfully.

    i do hope you enjoy coop - i loved it!

  4. It is quite warm where you are! No wonder things are sprouting up and about. My Saturday was lazy like yours.

  5. The photo of the spider web is gorgeous with those tiny drop of moisure. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend, Tracey. I popped in to a couple yarn shops yesterday looking for inspiration (found it!) and took myself out to lunch. Today I am relaxing at home, still unsure what the day will bring.

  6. I love those type of weekends. Full of things you want to do not need to do is the best type. I did a little pottering around watering the garden and painting furniture and frames. Too hot to do much else. Beautiful photo.

  7. 79 degrees......that's summer in my book. :)

  8. I love your photo! It's truly magical. Coop is such a great book, enjoy! Puttering is so wonderful. Sounds like the best kind of day.

  9. Mmmmmm...kimchi. I will take some, please! And you photo is simply divine.

  10. oh, my--you've hopped almost to summer! 79 degrees???!!!
    what a wonderful photo!! sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  11. crazy groundhog. we've got flowers popping up over here. digging in the dirt sounds divine. it's just about that time of year over here.

  12. That book looks fantastic. I have seen it before on other blogs and have been inspired to read it . Have looked in our local library but they don't have it. Our city is very conservative. Maybe I need to shake them up a bit, or buy the book, read it and then donate it to the library! It's funny that at the start of autumn we are getting spider webs that look like yours at the beginning of spring.

  13. Amazing snapshot Tracey. Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Here's to another great week! xx-SB

  14. What a great picture, and a lovely weekend.

  15. sounds like a very enjoyable weekend. We had rain which I loved and I did a whole lot of nothing which was great. However, it means that my house is now a wreck and today will have to be cleaning day :-( I need to think about that on Sundays...

  16. Sounds like a simply perfect weekend Tracey. I was at work. While working all weekend is no fun (being away from my sweet family) I was witness and helper to some amazing women as they brought their new babies into the world! Such an amazing job I am blessed with.

  17. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Tracey, I love discovering spider webs laden with dew, they are so beautiful. I must have a look at this book, Coop, thanks for the link. I have just received my Knitter's Life List book, I think you linked to it here, it is wonderful, thank you so much:) Thanks for popping my my blog today, spinning on a wheel for me is much easier than a spindle, I am sure you will love it.
    Take care

  18. You eat kimchi?? My mom is Korean so this is really interesting to me. I guess more and more Americans are catching on. :-)

  19. Kimchi....sounds interesting but I can't say I've had it before. I love "puttering about" whenever I get rare moments of free time. It reminds me of all the projects I have on my mind to do! 79 - wow! It has been gorgeous here, too, up North. I'm still wishing for a good snow, but I also love to see the kids play outside. Have a great week!

  20. What a beautiful web. What a great weekend!

  21. 79 degrees?! Wow. That photo and the web are spectacular. It sounds like a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  22. I could not get past the writing with that book and I put it down.
    I'm curious to see what you think.
    I love kimchi!!!!

  23. OH will you please please share your recipe of kimchee with me?!!! It is one of my favorites!!! And I am so disappointed with this heat. I thought Phil said 6 more weeks!!! I did more knitting too, so much so that my thumb muscles are sore--but that's a good thing :).

  24. One thing for certain, Tracey.
    You are living life to it's very best.