Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with  Ginny

I can not believe I
am going to say this,
but I have four, FOUR
projects going at one
time. I'm not if I
should be happy with
myself, or hiding in
the corner in shame!
Really though, everything
has a purpose for being
on my needles.

The top photo shows a
pair of knit 3, purl 1 socks
on size 6 needles using
brown fisherman's wool.
These socks must be
done by January 22 for
a son's birthday. They
are going super quick and
I think I will have time
to knit a pair of fingerless
gloves to go along with them.

The second picture is another
pair of socks in the same
pattern, just on size 0 needles.
These are for my only daughter's
birthday which isn't until April.
April may still be too soon for
these as on size 0 it's slow going.
They may get pushed to Christmas
if it looks like I won't make it.
They are a surprise so she will not
be disappointed if I don't finish
in time.

The third photo shows a little
bag I carry in my purse. If I am traveling
or waiting too long in a slow line, I
knit. This time it's a hat for the wee one
for Valentine's Day. I have little
applique' hearts to sew on the side.
Once this is complete, I will start
something else that is easy to pick
up and knit no matter where I am.
Does anyone else carry a project
where ever they go?

And the last photo is something
to knit just for me!  It is the
Abigail Cardi I told you about a
few weeks ago. I must thank
Lori for all her help and her
encouragement in getting me
started. I know it doesn't look
like much yet, but it will! The yarn,
Tern, from Quince & Co. is a
dream to knit with and the pattern,
if you read ALL the pages and
not just a few [just saying] is really
very easy to follow. I am so excited
about this knit so it is my 'treat'
to knit once my day's work is
complete. I think it's even better
than chocolate! My only problem
is my needles, I am using bamboo
and am thinking I need  a sharper
tip, any suggestions on what to

I have been reading for at least
an hour every night just to relax in
bed and unwind. It's one of those
things I use to do, then quit
and am now trying to reestablish. 
I downloaded Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's
newest book, All Wound Up and
once again she has not let me
down, I am loving her!

What do you have on your needles
this week?


  1. I admit I use the cheap boye circulars a lot when I need a steel needle, but the addi turbos are lovely too :) I say take a look at all the needles and pick one you like!
    I DO carry my knitting around with me, but usually just my latest project. I took my cardi out today- because I have 4.5 inches of 1x1 rib on size 2's... it is taking a while :)
    Your projects all look wonderful- happy knitting!

  2. i am always impressed with people who can knit more then one project at a time. i just can't seem to focus on more then one thing at a time. lol

  3. Wow, can you say over achiever lol!! I love having lots of projects going at the same time but I don't think I have had that many. I love to take my projects with me but can only do it with crochet. I have only been knitting for a few months so unless it is mindless knitting I lose my place and make mistakes that I have no idea how to fix : ) Thanks for sharing.

  4. dear tracey, i remember when you would say you were a beginner, not anymore! how fun all your knits are! i'm so happy to know your knitting for you too now. there is so much joy in making for others, but theres just as much in making for yourself!
    and addi lace. my absoulte favorite. i use them for everything, not just lace. LOVE them. you won't believe the difference they make in your knitting.

  5. I am doing socks on size 6 too. So quick, that it is making me think I am a better knitter than I really am. Love all your knits and yarns. I do keep knitting in my husbands truck - usually dishcloth projects. xxx

  6. nothing wrong with a bit of veriety:) All your projects are looking great and you have lots of choice each time you sit down to knit

  7. Hurray for knitting something nice for yourself! I am always in favor of that.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  8. Good luck with all your projects! And yay for knitting for you :)

  9. I think it's great that you have multiple projects in progress. I think it's good to have a variety so that you don't get worn out by just one. The socks for your daughter are similar in color to my favorite wristers!

    I like to have portable knitting with me. It's always nice to have something on hand when waiting in line, or at a restaurant.

    Happy knitting!

  10. I would get so bored if I didn't have at least two projects going at once.

  11. I used to have multiple projects going at once until it got so bad that I had almost all my needles in use and couldn't cast on for another project until a few had been finished! Now I try to limit it to one...although many times its at least 2: one that needs my attention and another that I can pick up & knit wherever and not have to worry about losing my spot if I put it down! I love the yarns you've chosen for everything!

  12. I think you should hang your head in shame for having only four projects going on. :-) I got a few more at the moment and they are all left over from last year when my mojo ran off with the circus. But I will finish them, I will finish them,...
    BTW, you would be way too late for getting one of my cuties, they are all MINE now (picture Bilbo's crazy look here when he wants the ring back).
    Have a wonderful day and have fun with your projects.

  13. I am loving it that you have four projects!!! Go you! My favorite needles are the knitpicks options in nickel plate. I love metal needles immensely!! Good luck with the cardigan, it's going to look fantastic!

  14. Knitting on the go? Definitely. Sometimes it's the only way I can get work done on a project. Yesterday, I took it with me to the dentist's office as I waited for my son to finish - knit a few rows on my scarf. (I even took it with me to one of my dental appointments - waiting for novocain to take effect - the only thing is the novocain gave me a jolt and my hands shook! Rats!) Love all the projects - especially that Quince yarn one. I like bamboo needles, but I really like Addis - very smooth knitting.

  15. Love your projects! I like to have more than one project going at a time, but I do hit a point every frew months where I go on a finishing spree and get down to just one or two WIPs.I always take something with me to knit in case I get a few moments. I have a strong preference for Addi Turbos.... I never thought I'd prefer metal needles, but I really like the way these pick up the yarn and how smooth the knitting is.

  16. Doesn't everyone have car knitting???!! There is a funny EZ story about that--she was picking up a child at school--road was very congested--with parents waiting to pick up kids, cars parked on both sides of the street, so only one lane; a man pulled out of a parking lot, heading straight at her, and wasn't going to back up for her. (Such a man thing.) She pulled out her knitting--so he could see above her steering wheel and just knit away. (He backed up.)
    Love all the projects!!!
    My favorite needles, too, are the addi lace. and of course, the signature stillettos are amazing, but I don't have many of them!!! I understand though that some knit picks also have some nice pointy points and are very reasonably priced.
    Happy knitting!!!!!

  17. I have to have multiple projects going, not every situation is right for every project.
    Sometimes I want to think and sometimes I want to veg out and just knit.
    You're totally justified in your fun pile of projects.

  18. yay to knitting for yourself! I've started a sweater for myself recently as well! Never knit for myself...feeling a bit guilty about that, but now about the several projects I have going at once:)

  19. I have quite a few projects started this week also. What fun to have a project for you in there. I love Quince &Co yarn. I thought about making that cardi, but I am trying to really work on the stash :) I found the knitpicks has good sharp needles for a reasonable price.

  20. You are SO good....ALL of your projects are beautiful! And yay for knitting something for yourself...I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  21. I often have too many projects going on at once as well - knitting in bed while listening to an audio book - sounds wonderful!

  22. oh i can't wait to see your finished cardi, Tracey! yay for knitting something for yourself!!!

  23. So many wonderful projects on the go, and so happy to hear there is something for you. I just finished a new scarf for myself, so nice to knit for yourself.

    My needles are busy with a little project for my little man's room - a variation of a bunting banner, but knit instead. Having fun with it, should be done soon. Also on the go a little something for my husband, he requested a neck warmer so I am happy to oblige.

    So many projects, love it.

    Sounds like you have found the perfect balance with your knitting and reading, happy for you :)

  24. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog.
    The Italian cast on and bind off are done a couple of different ways, but the end result is a pattern that continues on around to the back and you can't tell where it starts or stops. Pretty cool - but it takes a ton of concentration when first starting it!
    Ps. The youtube videos aren't very accurate. Best if someone shows you in person. (I've got my husband to show me each time! Ha!)

  25. I cast on a new project this morning, a simple watchman's cap. I needed something super simple with no thinking involved. :)

  26. I love that you have more than one project going at once right now! They all look great! I, for a change, have NOTHING on my needles... all is not right with the world... haha!

    PS... are you still having trouble accessing Wild Whispers? I miss you!

  27. I am so excited for all of your projects. That cardi will be awesome. Isn't Lori just wonderful! Hey I am thinking that if you have more than one project on the needles you are doing something right!

  28. no wonder you and i get along so well. ; )

  29. Now that's what I call a Cardi.
    Variety is good.
    FOs are even better.

  30. You are ambitious! But all of your projects look lovely. I'm sure that cardi is going to be gorgeous!