Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am thankful for the mess
 to clean after a party because
it means I have been surrounded
 by friends.  [and family]

~Nancie J. Carmody

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments. Linking with Amanda

Saturday brought a continuation
of spring like temperatures and
a lovely walk around the marsh,
then it was back to the kitchen
to prepare for my son in-law's
going away party [he leaves
next Monday for boot camp].
There was a lot of laughter,
warm hugs, good food and
seeing some faces I haven't
seen since my daughter's
wedding almost eight years
ago. Thank goodness for covered
tents as we had a terrible
thunderstorm that brought
lightening and a lot of much
needed rain. After everyone
was home and the clean up
was complete, I could not
sleep so it gave me a good
chance to cast on my abigail
cardigan and knit the wee
dark hours away.

Today I have a birthday cake
cooling and lasagna sauce simmering
on the stove. Tonight just the
immediate family with gather
to celebrate my eldest son's
27th birthday. I have said he
was 25 all year and then it
dawned on my yesterday
that he was going to be 27!
I thought I was just 27!
Time is traveling by at a speed
way too quickly for me
sometimes and I am trying
very hard to live in each
moment and love all the
experiences this life is offering.


  1. Happy 27th to your son! My daughter is 17 today and we're having a family dinner tonight too (ham, potato salad, homemade rolls, veggie tray and coconut cream pie!)

  2. dearest tracey,
    happiest birthday to your son, and to you too mama. this day is so special for you too isn't it? i lose track too now that all my children are in their twenties. and ask myself all the time where did it go? just like they say, in a blink.

    i hope you have a lovely warm family gathering tonight, will all your babies be there? maybe you can try for a family portrait. that's always my goal when all mine gather.

    i'm so glad you have knitting now, in it's meditative peaceful way, sometimes it feels to me that i can slow down time just a little. congratulations on casting on for your first cardigan. :)

    xxx lori

  3. Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like a lovely gathering is planned. And lots of luck and strength for your son-in-law and your daughter as he takes a new path in his life.

  4. How sad to say goodbye to your sil.....What a party that must have been and all those people :) Happy birthday to your oldest!! I forget how old my kids are too. I am still in my teens in my mind-seems like yesterday for me. Love the cardigan you chose!!!!

  5. Love and blessings to you and your dear family, Tracey. My nephew recently passed out from basic training - he just loves the whole lifestyle. I always have to think about my daughter's age now she is in her 30s - and me still 25 too - lol. xxx

  6. Happy Birthing day to you (and happy birthday to your son). Even though my kiddos are still small, I am amazed all the time how quickly it goes. Like you I still feel much younger, so how can they be getting older!

    I have had the abigail cardigan in my queue for some time. I may just need to make ti this year. Let me know how it goes.

    Also, I am hoping your SIL remains safe and is home soon.

  7. Happy birthday to your son! And the celebration of lasagne and cake sounds divine.

    I read your email the other and feel like I need to reply alas, I don't know what to say. Just know I'm thinking of you. xo

  8. Sounds lovely....happy birthday to your

  9. Congrats on your SIL joining the military, there is such a waiting list to get in now-a-days, I hear.

    I haven't had cake or lasagne in ages - yum!

  10. A full weekend indeed. Glad you had time for abigail :). And happy birthday to your eldest!! I smiled when you said it felt like you were just 25, where does the time go!! I hope it was a wonderful celebration and that you were able to enjoy each moment just as you wish :).

  11. Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like you were surrounded by lots of goodness over the weekend; lasagne is a favourite of mine.

  12. The older I get, the faster time moves. I think that is a law of physics!!! What a great fun filled family weekend! Happy birthday to your boy! :)

    steph @ woolythyme (blogger hates me)

  13. Hope you were able to live fully in the moment -- I'm sure you were!

    Happy birthday to your son! 27 seems far away for me, but I know my kids will be there before I know it.

  14. oh tracey, that all sounds so lovely, and you absolutely ARE 27. I am always amazed at how I feel no different inside than my 27 year old self felt....just a bit wiser. If i look closely I see those grays and my daughter grabbed my neck the other day and wagged it, but....oh well, i wouldn’t change a thing ....happy week to you, friend.

  15. beautiful. I often struggle with the passing of time. But, it passes whether or not I struggle with it, so best to just enjoy.

  16. Such a lovely quote! I may have to borrow that one for the chalkboard wall. Still can't believe you have grown up babies! it's so hard:)

  17. Happy Birthday to your son! I hope you have a great time celebrating tonight!

  18. Happy Birthday to your son!
    I always get confused about my own age and feel very embarrassed when I realise I've told someone wrong. Kaya's is still a little easier to keep track of.

  19. So nice for you to be surrounded by family this weekend!
    Well, I even forget my own age... It's even harder to keep track of everybody else's. :)

  20. Happy Birthday to your oldest! Wow! Yes, you were just 27 and you blinked too many times. :)

  21. We are all 27! Sounds like a lovely weekend. I am sending you, your daughter and son-in-law some extra cyber hugs!

  22. Our weather continues unseasonl
    chilly days followed by balmy days
    hand-knits worn sporadically

    children do have a way of growing up at a very fast rate after a certain age

    my gals are already middle-aged :*)