Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny
Even with all the knitting I have
done, especially for the
Christmas season, I have
never kept anything for
myself except a few dish cloths.
On Christmas night I decided
I would knit myself a little
something before I begin
my Christmas knitting for
2012, which I will start on
January 1. I cast on an Elizabeth
Cowl, from Wendy's Knit Lace
book, using a lovely
shade of lavender. I have no
idea what kind of yarn I
am using as it was a gift
without a wrapper, but I
do love how soft it feels
and since I don't own anything
in purple, or a cowl for that
matter, I thought this would
be fun.

One of my son's received
The Book of Awesome
as a gift and since it was
on the table I picked it up
and began reading. It
reminds me of Ann
counting 1000 gifts, like
how awesome it is when
a cashier opens a new
line at the market or when
you get the milk to cereal
ratio just right. Sometimes
it's just nice to read something
easy [and happy] especially
when it's school break.


  1. You definitely deserve your own handknit. I must admit to being a selfish knitter most times. Sounds like a nice reminder read.

  2. I think Mommas deserve to make something for ourselves...I will have to try that! Its only fair : )

  3. Enjoy your new project, the purple color looks great! I hope we get to see how it progresses, I always like that!

  4. I always recommend making something for yourself periodically. It just heightens the joy of crafting that much more.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  5. i do like that purple. i have yet to knit anything for myself yet, i think i just haven't found the right yarn. enjoy your lovely purpleness.

  6. What a beautiful colour yarn, it looks so soft.

  7. Wow! You start your holiday knits at the beginning of the year? I so admire that!! Might have to give it a try myself ;)

  8. Love it! I do my spring knitting starting in January, and my Christmas knitting in June--which explains why I am always rushing to get done!

  9. You're starting Christmas knitting on Jan. 1? Wow, you are dedicated. I can take some lessons from you since I fail at this every year! And you definitely deserve something for yourself.

  10. So good you are knitting something for yourself- a beautiful color purple. I will need to check out that book- it sounds "awesome"...teehee.

  11. That color is beautiful and will go so nicely with your dark hair. Love the title of that book - I think if it weren't for the yarn along, I'd still be stuck in homeschooling books only mode. (okay, maybe craft books too) - I'm going to check that one out. A little light humor and encouragement is a good thing.

    You are one smart & prepared woman! Starting gifts on January 1st for the end of next year?

  12. The color on that cowl is lovely! And that book sounds great. I may have to see if the library has it and assign it for homeschool reading for my perennially negative Teenager to read!

  13. Last year I actually did start holiday knitting very very early--and it paid off!!! (I'm going to try to do it again this year... maybe we will all need a support group!)
    Book of awesome sounds fun! (Love that milk to cereal ration!!!)

  14. Love the color of that yarn. My Christmas 2012 knitting should probably start Jan. 1 too. :)

  15. That sounds like my kind of book! I am loving purple a lot and that project of yours is singing to me. You can come over anytime for cookbook reading and knitting :D

  16. Good for you for concluding the holiday gift knitting with a project just for you -- and such a pretty color! I knitted myself a pair of fingerless gloves last year and they are such a treat!

  17. that book sounds good. i need an easy read! and you totally deserve to knit something for yourself Tracey, after all that giftmaking you've done! actually purple hasn't really been my colour but for some reason i've added quite a few purple items to my collection in the past months... I'm sure that cowl will turn out great!

  18. Thanks for the inspiration-I think i'll make myself a little something just for fun, for a change! Now I just have to decide what....
    I love the purple!

  19. I love the yarn you are using. It looks very similar to one I am knitting with right now.

  20. Beautiful lavender yarn! It will make a wonderful cowl. Love that you start your Holiday knitting at the beginning of the year too :-)

  21. Yes..sometimes it certainly is nice to read something easy and happy.

  22. I'm happy that you're doing something nice for yourself. Good for you, Tracey!

  23. Well done knitting something for yourself; it looks like such a gorgeous yarn. And reading something light and happy alongside it - even better!

  24. Great shot....for some reason I really, really like this photograph!

  25. I fall into the same trap of giving away everything I knit. So glad you had such beautiful yarn to make an indulgence for yourself!

  26. Your Elizabeth must be finished by now
    I'm so far behind in my blog reading
    Had a busy, family-filled holiday