Wednesday, November 2, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny.

I was so close to having another
pair of completed socks to show
you this week and then I went
to ripping them apart. I am happy
that I finished the other pair of
socks , but the toes have really
bothered me. The pattern calls for
a toe that is a little pointy and
it's really not my taste. I want
a sock that is more rounded, not 
pointy.  Are there any sock
knitters that can give me some

I started reading The Hangman's Daughter
over the weekend, and while
it is OK, I really would like to
read a little more before I voice my
opinion. I did pick up Autumn
 by Susan Branch that I read every
year. I adore her writing and
the illustrations she uses.

What have you been up to
this week?


  1. My sock knitting is fairly new still, but I know there are quite a lot of short row toes that are non-pointy. I have also heard mention of a "star toe", but I honestly have no idea what that is!

    My toes always seem a little wedge shaped but they work ok once they're on so I just go with it ;)

  2. I haven't ventured into the sock making world as yet so can't offer any advice, I'm sorry. Thanks for your lovely comment over on my post and yes I'm doing quite well thanks, there is sadness of course but that's OK.

  3. I've had a hard time finding just the right toe too. I need to try toe up socks so I can rip them out early on if they don't look right.

  4. I, too, started Hangman's Daughter (on my kindle) and once I put it down, I really didn't have much desire to pick it back up. I probably will sometime--just not right now.

    I don't like pointy toe socks, either. I usually do my socks top down, so when I get to the toe, I decrease until I have 20 or 24 stitches left and then kitchener 10 to 10 or 12 to 12. This seems to work for me. For some reason, many patterns have you decreasing to 16 sts and that just doesn't look right to me.

    Don't you just LOVE Susan Branch's illustrations? I can't believe I don't have her Autumn book (but I have a bunch of her other ones!)

  5. Can't offer any suggestions on socks since I'm still a new sock knitter, but the color of the yarn is wonderfully royal!

  6. well the socks you have on your needles look really lovely tracey. i am an old school knitter and learned top down so i end like steph does, i like the control it brings.

    i LOVE susan branch and have a collection of her books too. i think it was two years ago i met her at her farm about an hour north of me. she was hosting a flea market, book signing on the property, with sharon lovejoy, another favorite of mine. they were both so lovely!

  7. Love your sock!! Here is my toe: decrease knit three rows, decrese knit two rows (three times). Decrease, knit one row (three times) decrease every single row until there are 16 stitches left-eight for the top of toe and eight for the back of toe. You will be decreasing four stitches on the decreasing rows.

  8. My preference is a rounded toe, too. I have collected favorite parts of different vanilla socks I've knit over the years and put them into my own pattern for my husband and me. It's at the top of my blog and has my favorite toe if you want to take a look. I know you wish you had a finished sock for today but I don't think you will regret frogging to have a toe that fits your foot. Everyone's toes are different so it is worth it to find one that fits your toe-sies. I almost always modify toes and heels on patterns to my own personal preferences. Your sock is looking great!

  9. I hope you'll find your perfect toes - the colour of your yarn is so yummy!

  10. I really love the colorway of those socks you are knitting. Susan Branch's, _Autumn_ is a perennial favorite of mine, too :-)

  11. I just peeked over at your finished socks. They're fabulous! Is that a ribbed pattern? I hope you're able to find a method that works for your toes.

  12. Hmmmm...there are lots of toe options. Do you know the name of the toe method you used on the last pair? I'm thinking you should check out some Nancy Bush...maybe Knitting Vintage Socks as I seem to remember it featuring several different toe options, as well Priscilla Gibson Roberts is also a sock goddess. There is some good info over here as well...linking directly to the toe bit as that what you're concerned with but do look at the entirety of their database!

  13. I don't know anything about sock knitting but I love that wool! Good luck and cozy toes!

  14. Oo the dreaded pointy toe sock! I have seen that far too often recently on sock patterns which leads me to avoiding those patterns all together.

    Love your yarn color! Mom is intrigued with the idea of you knitting both socks at the same time.

  15. The colors in those socks are wonderful! You know me and socks... so I am not going to offer advice. I am, however, going to look at Amanda's link! Thanks Amanda!

  16. Thanks so much for your encouragement and suggestion on my knitting success & snafu! :-) What a fabulous book you have there! And she has one for every season/occasion! I must order some right away!! xoxo

  17. Tracey, here's the url for a video of Cat Bordhi showing Judy Becker's toe up.
    This version that Cat is doing makes a rounded toe.
    It's a great way to begin sox.


  18. Sorry to hear about the ripping, and I agree with you, rounded better than pointy toes, but that's as much as I can offer in the sock department--sorry! The socks you have in your photo are quite a lovely colorway! And I love the sun bouncing off those needles!!

  19. I just ripped out a knitting project today. My daughter can never understand why on earth I would do that, but I just wasn't liking it. I was knitting a gnome hat in a much different yarn then the pattern called for. It just wasn't speaking to me, so rather then having it hogging up my needles...I ripped it off. Now I am ready to start something new. Hope you are doing well!


  20. Hey there! Are the socks cuff-down or toe-up? For cuff-down, you can knit less decrease rows and have more leftover stitches to graft at the end. I've found that toe-up socks naturally have less pointy toes.

  21. That's to bad you ended up ripping your sock. I can't remember-- have you tried knitting them toe-up with circulars? You get a nice rounded edge.

    I recently started reading The Marriage Plot and am enjoying it.

  22. Do you have a toe you like? I switch out the toes if I don't like them to one I do. Usually I just alternate decrease rows and kitchener when it seems rounded enough.

  23. yeah, i also can't stand the pointy toe. socks must have the perfect fit for me or i go crazy wearing them.

  24. I'm with Kelly's advice for a less pointy toe.

  25. do you know i don't own, one susan branch book. that must change. ; ) i do love her.